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Thousand years of Brihadeeswara Temple - An architectural wonder


One thousand years ago, the great emperor of Chola dynasty, Raja Raja-I built a majestic temple for Lord Shiva in Thanjavur (Tanjore), Tamil Nadu. Called Peruvuidayar Kovil, or Brihadeeswarar Temple, or sometimes Rajarajeswaram it is on rolls of the UNESCO heritage sites as part of the circuit called "Great Living Chola Temples". The Tamil Nadu government recently organised a grand function, spanning over five days, to celebrate the millennium of its consecration. A scintillating Bharatnatyam recital by 1,000 artistes, led by eminent danseuse Padma Subrahmanyam, took the cream of the cake. A host of events including exhibitions, cultural shows, seminars and deliberations were also organised to mark the occasion.

Tamil Nadu remains as the wonderful resort of classical India whether it is temple architecture, dance, vocal or instrumental music. It hosts the oldest living temples in India, which remained unaffected by iconoclasm of Turks, Mughals and Bahmani invaders. Temples in ancient India were not merely centres of religion, but also art, culture, literature and vocational training. The Brihadeeswarar Temple stands as a reminder to our great culture, art, architecture, religion and language. It is also a symbol of the great wealth and prowess of Chola dynasty, which expanded its empire on Indian Ocean.


The Brihadeeswara temple

One thousand years ago, the great emperor of Chola dynasty, Raja Raja-I built a majestic temple for Lord Shiva in Thanjavur (Tanjore), Tamil Nadu.

(image source: wikipedia.org).

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The construction of this ‘Big Temple’ begun in 1003 AD and was completed in six years before being consecrated in 1010 AD. The unique archaeological feature of the temple is its Vimana (temple tower) standing 216 feet tall. The summit stone weighing about eighty tons was dragged on to the top through a slope path from a distant Village, called ‘Sarapallam’. It rises over the sanctum, on a square base about a hundred feet, dominates the whole structure. Its shadow never falls on the ground.

The valiant king Raja Raja-I, who reigned between 985 and 1014 AD, was renowned for land and naval conquests. He found peace at the feet of Lord Shiva. The construction of Brihadeeshwara temple coincides with a visible shift in his policies from military expansion to internal administration. But here is a lesson for us. Neither he, nor his illustrious son Rajendra I (who built the famous Shiva temple at Gangaikonda Cholapuram similar in design to Brihadeeshwara temple) neglected external and internal security unlike some people, who weakened the martial spirit of India through.

The distinct feature of Brihadeeshwara temple is magnificent monolith Nandi bull, the mount of Lord Shiva, facing the temple tower. The shrine of goddess Brihanayaki, Ganapati, Subrmanya, Dakshinamurty, Nataraja are finely carved. The corridor surrounding the sanctum is a treasure chest of Chola painting and sculpture. The walls of this cave-like corridor were plastered with lime and used as a large canvas for the paintings.

The paintings, which have survived time and a seventeenth century coat of paint, are very beautiful in detail and colour and accuracy. The story of Sundaramurthy Nayanar reaching Kailash on a white elephant is depicted on another wall. Karuvur Thevar, the Guru of Raja Raja is portrayed in an impressive manner. While the sculptures of Shiva in this corridor are imposing and colossal, the series of eighty one dance poses are superb illustrations of the Natya Sastra.

Raja Raja Chola, though a worshiper of Shiva, at the same time, was tolerant to other religions. He endowed and built temple of Maha Vishnu. He granted a village to the Buddhist Vihara at Nagappattinam. The Brihadeeswara temple was not an act of royal fancy. It is iconic of the glory of Tamil Saiva Siddhanta. Amongst two principal schools of Bhakti cult prevalent in South India, Saivism has a larger following.

In Tamil districts of Sri Lanka Saivism holds unchallenged sway.

Raja Raja Chola’s period was one of height of Saivism. This had been made possible by the surge of Shiva devotion brought by Nayanar saints in previous centuries. The heart melting hymns (Devaram) to Lord Shiva by Sambandar, Appar and Sundaramurthy as well as Manikkavasagar in the 9th century who wrote Tiruvasagam are worth hearing. They, in reality, were the pioneers of Bhakti movement that later swept across other parts of India in the medieval age. He was an extra ordinarily powerful king and a grand monrch of southern India. His army crossed the ocean by ships and conquered many islands. His was a versatile personality. It is a matter of pride that Tanjore temple attracted the appreciation of UNESCO for its art and architecture.

Brihadeeswara Temple, is the shining jewel in the crown of Bharatmata. No doubt, it is, Tamil Nadu’s contribution to the pride of India. Let us all celebrate this one thousand years architectural wonder.

(source: Thousand years of Brihadeeswara Temple - By V Shanmuganathan - organiser.org). Refer to chapter on Hindu Art

China finances restoration of Lord Shiva temple in Angkor wat complex

A US-based Hindu group has applauded China for reportedly financing the restoration of deteriorating Ta Keo Hindu temple in Cambodia's UNESCO World Heritage Site Angkor temple complex, which began on November 27. Restoration will take about six million dollars and eight years to complete.

People's Republic of China also assisted in the restoration (2000-2008) of 12th century Hindu temple in Angkor named Chausay Tevada, costing about two million dollars, reports suggest. 

Said to be built entirely of sandstones by Kings Jayavarman V and Suryavarman I in late 10-early 11th century, Ta Keo (Preah Keo) is a pyramid of five levels.  Fragments of pedestals and lingas are found in/around its towers. Its primary deity is said to be Shiva. At the foot of the eastern stairways, there is a statue of kneeling Nandi, which indicates that Ta Keo was a Shaivite temple.

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) on Monday said: "More needed to be done to safeguard the Angkor temple complex and its surroundings and deteriorating bas-reliefs; save it from vandalism and looting; put some controls on unchecked tourism; check the demand for water table which could undermine the stability of sandy soils under the temples."

Rajan Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, also urged UNESCO World Heritage Convention and Cambodia government to provide more funding for the upkeep of the temple complex and spend more than half the ticket revenue on the temples. He commended China for bankrolling the restoration of historic Hindu temples.

Angkor Archaeological Park contains magnificent remains of over 1000 temples going back to ninth century, spread over about 400 square kilometers, and receives about three million visitors annually.

(source: China finances restoration of Lord Shiva temple - newkerala.com). Refer to chapter on Sacred Angkor wat and The Myth of a New Asian Century: Why it is Western not Asian - By Janaka Goonetilleke - vijayvaani.com

India to renovate 11th century Lord Shiva Temple in Laos

India has agreed to renovate the Vat Phou or Wat Phou temple complex in southern Laos as part of deepening cultural and historical ties which have existed between the two countries for more than 2000 years.

Wat Phou is a ruined Khmer temple complex in southern Laos. It is located at the base of Mount Phu Kao near the Mekong river in Champasak province. There was a temple on the site as early as the sixth century.

The summit of Phu Kao is like Linga, the symbol of Shiva, thus giving it the more popular name, Lingaparvat.

"It is an ongoing restoration project which started in 2009. The work restarts again after the end of rainy season in Lao. It will take seven years for completion of the project. It will also help us to understand common cultural heritage of Lao," Secretary (East) in the Ministry of External Affairs, Vijaya Latha Reddy.

The inscriptions found in the area suggest that the ancient city itself was founded around the middle of 5th century. In the 12 century, Wat Phou and Angkor Vat formed the axis of Khmer Empire which also were linked by a 200 km long ancient road between the two heritage sites.

The Archaeological survey of India team arrived in June 2009 at Vat Phou and conducted studies of foundations, drainage problems, super structural elements as well as did the documentation, recording, survey work etc. for the Northern Quadrangle of temple complex. By Praful Kumar Singh.

(source: India to renovate 11th century Shiva Temple in Laos  - haindavakeralam.org). Refer to chapter on Suvarnabhumi and Glimpses XVIII and Sacred Angkor.

Pandavas' last stop

Mana is the sweetest little Himalayan village. Such is the last Indian village dotting the border with Tibet. Mana lies 3 kilometres from the Himalayan dham of Badrinath in Uttarakhand. The legend goes that the Pandavas passed this very village on their way to Heaven and that it was here too that Veda Vyasa compiled and wrote the Mahabharata and organised the Vedas.



Sage Ved Vyasa and the Mahabharata War.

Mana, the last village on the Indian border with Tibet, where the Pandava brothers from the Mahabharata are believed to have passed through before their final ascent to Heaven.

Refer to chapters on Hindu Scriptures and Dwaraka.


Quaint Village

It is still early in the morning and the sun is just cresting the snow-clad peaks to my left making each of them brilliantly white, as if they have been laced with royal icing. I am on a highway that twists and turns; all along it are signboards announcing that the geographical boundaries of India are ending. This is what one of them says: 'Mana Gaon, last village in Indian territory. After an hour, a large archway appears, signalling the entry to Mana. From here, a paved pathway runs through the village.  A little way down this pathway, I come to a fork with a signboard that indicates local landmarks, some from the Mahabharata: Vyasa Gufa 100 yards; Ganesha Gufa 50 yards; Bhim Pul 100 yards; Vasudhara Falls 4 kilometres.

Epic in a cave

The Pandavas' last journey through Mana actually starts with the place where the epic was organised and written. The story goes that thousands of years ago, Vyasa came here having already worked out the story of the Mahabharata. He needed a way to reveal it to humanity and appealed to Brahma for help.

Responding to his request, Brahma sent the divine scribe Lord Ganesha down; but even before he began his task, Ganesha laid down a condition for the telling of the story. "You should not stop dictating the story," he told Vyasa: "If you do, I will return." Vyasa agreed but said, "First you must grasp the meaning of what I say." Ganesha agreed and thus began the writing of the epic in the two caves towards which I was now heading.


Responding to Ved Vyas's request, Brahma sent the divine scribe Lord Ganesha down to the earth.


From the signboard, the pathway rises in sharp hairpins, till it reaches the cave where Vyasa reportedly stayed many months, putting the great epic together. Inside the cave, which must be just about 7 feet square, is a statue of the sage. Next to the statue, a priest sits in darkness, doling out prasadam to pilgrims. The cave is petrified in layers so thin that it looks like the pages of an open book. These - as I learn later - supposedly represents the pages of the epic. From here, the path twists and turns downhill to another small cave called the Ganesha Gufa, where Ganesha actually sat while Vyasa recited the epic, stanza by stanza. After a few minutes here, I return to the fork and now take the path going left.

Down, down, down goes the path, until it finally reaches the Saraswati river that falls as a torrent of white foam through the gorge in front. "It's too much for me," cried Draupadi when she saw the river. "I can't cross this". On hearing her, Bhima had kicked a rock across. The rock he kicked now fords the river and is named Bhim Pul. It is an ideal place to linger, and look at the towering peaks around.

Way to heaven

Swargarohini is a mountain massif in the Bandarpunch Range in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. According to legends, the Swargarohini peak leads up to Heaven. The Pandavas, Draupadi and their dog took this path to go to heaven. There have been many attempts to scale the mountain, but it is said that only those who have not sinned can conquer its peaks. The snow-clad peaks are the source of the Tons river.

Narasimha Temple

Joshimath lies between Rishikesh and Badrinath. Adi Shankaracharya attained enlightenment and established a math called Jyotimath, popularly known as Joshimath. Among the important temples here are the Narasimha and Durga temples. When Badrinath closes during the winter, the priests move to Joshimath to continue with the worship of Lord Narasimha, installed in the form of a saligram shila. Sankaracharya is believed to have installed the Narasimha saligram.

(source: Pandavas' last stop Arun Ganapathy - timesofindia.com).

1200-Year-Old Sculpture Found

Rohtak, India: A rare 1200-year-old sandstone sclpture of a Hindu Goddess has been discovered from an archeological site near Kaleshwar temple in Kurukhsetra. According to historians, the sculpture signifies the prevalence of worship of female Gods during the Pratihar and pre-Pratihar era.

The 66 lb. sandstone sculpture of Goddess Shakti could be from the Shakti peetha of Savitri or the Bhadrakali of Thanesar in Kurukshetra. Thanesar is known for Shaktism, worship of the divine in the form of the Supreme Mother of the universe.

Rajesh Purohit, deputy director and curator of the Shrikrishna Museum, spotted the sculpture near the banks of Saraswati pond in Kaleshwar temple in Thanesar recently. Purohit who is also an archaeologist, said: This kind of an Deity has never been noticed here before in the history. This is one of the finest early-Pratihar era images found in Haryana.

(source: 1200-Year-Old Sculpture Found - hinduismtoday).

2000-yr-old link ties Ayodhya, South Korea

Ayodhya has a link, dating more than 2,000 years back, with South Korea.

Legend goes that Queen Huh, wife of King Suro who was the founder of Karak kingdom in Korea, was born in Ayodhya. Her father, the then king of Ayodhya, was advised in a dream by supernatural powers that he should marry off his daughter to the Korean king. Subsequently, she was sent there in the middle of the first century AD. In fact, a plaque inscribed at Huh’s monument at the banks of river Saryu narrates this story.

The legend is part of South Korean history and came out in 2001, when the mayors of Ayodhya and Kim-Hae town of South Korea signed a “sister city bond” to commemorate their historical ties. The three-metre-high stone monument weighs more than 7,500 kg. Stone for the monument was brought in from South Korea and it was built according to Korean traditions.

(source: 2000-yr-old link ties Ayodhya, Korea - haindavakeralam.com).

Krishna temple to be built on Moscow outskirts

A new Krishna temple is being planned on the northern outskirts of Russia's capital Moscow, after authorities allocated a plot for it.



Lord Krishna and Rajan Zed

It was important to pass on Hindu spirituality, concepts and traditions to coming generations amidst so many distractions in the consumerist society.


Reports suggest that construction on this temple in Vereskino village on Novoskhodnenskoye Highway will begin by December 31, 2012. This is the outcome of petitioning and efforts by International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and other Hindu community and India Government which began as far back as 1991 and saw many ups and downs. Architectural design has reportedly been already approved and the project will be finalized and construction permission obtained in 2011. Project will reportedly combine classical Indian temple design with modern technologies. Besides a spacious sanctuary for worship, this temple complex is proposed to include an Ayurvedic hospital, center for social programs, auditorium, accommodation for devotees/pilgrims, etc.

Meanwhile, well known Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, applauded efforts of ISKCON and other Hindu community and India Government to realize this wonderful proposed Krishna temple complex. Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, further said that it was important to pass on Hindu spirituality, concepts and traditions to coming generations amidst so many distractions in the consumerist society and hoped that this new temple complex would focus in this direction. He stressed that instead of running after materialism; we should focus on inner search and realization of self and work towards achieving moksh (liberation), which was the goal of Hinduism.

Krishna temple to be built on Moscow outskirts - newkeral.com).

Hinduism/ Dharma is the Vedic Spiritual Library of India

"The real treasures of the East weren't jewels, spices or exotic perfumes – but the amazing treasure house of sacred and universal knowledge. This knowledge, increasingly validated by modern science, is now being embraced by leading edge corporations, professionals and leaders throughout the world."


Jeffrey Armstrong ( ? ) worked as a sales manager with Apple Computer for six years, is married to Sandy Gramah, who shares his passion for all things Indian. The couple, which has founded an educational institute called the Vedic Academy of Science and Arts (VASA), is now working on creating a permanent library of Hindu and Vedic culture in Vancouver.

Jeffrey Armstrong (Kavindra Rishi) with interview with the Daily Bell:

It is my opinion that if one studies most any modern subject with real diligence, they will be led, as I was, to India. India has the largest simultaneously scientific and spiritual 'library' known to exist.

Religion is the wrong word to use for India's teachings. Religion is a word that is more accurately applied to the Middle Eastern Abrahamic cultures. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are religions. The origin of the word religion, from the Latin, is re-legare (a legalistic system of rules given by God) or 'bound by rules.' Re = tied up or connected by, and ligion = legare = ligaments = to tie, bind or bandage. The usual idea is that the practitioner of a religion is bound up in rules or laws. This especially applies to the three Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, whereas the spiritual practices of India are called a Dharma Culture. The main difference is religions generally have one book of rules and stories whereas a Dharma culture has a library of spiritual and material knowledge aimed at understanding who we really are and how to properly use everything around us. The phrase Dharma Culture is a more accurate descriptor for India, as compared to the 'Indian religion' or 'Hindu religion.'

At the core of the Abrahamic Religions is a set of rules given by God that we are told we must follow because a specific vision of God and His prophet said so. That is not the basis of the Vedic Spiritual Library of India. India does not have a single book or an authoritarian/disciplinarian God, it uses an entirely different approach to the question of who we are and it is certainly more philosophical than a Religion, but it also contains many other components. It has a library of self-actualizing sacred knowledge, rather than just one dogmatic book.

My lifelong effort has been to try to find things that are universally true rather than relatively true and I believe that the largest library of that information exists in India in spite of the fact that India is a very fragmented culture right now due in large part to 1200 years of violent colonization by outside invading forces. This library of knowledge stretches back for thousands and thousands of years and is, as far as I know, the largest repository of the universal truth that exists on our planet.

What we now call the West is the outgrowth of a tribal or city/state approach to living on the planet. This means if you take care of your tribe, you are seen as good. So, to all those tribes who were fighting against each other for thousands of years in a series of wars, that essentially meant that as long as the spoils of the wars were brought back and shared amongst the tribe, they were good. Alexander the Great was a prime example of this. He went out to rape, pillage and conquer, and was a monster to the rest of the world, but was considered great by his people, hence the name. He was really great at being a warmonger, and a rapist and a pillager. But he brought his people back the spoils of war. India, on the other hand, is the only culture of its size in the world that has never gone out and tried to spread its beliefs by war. In fact, it has consistently given shelter to anyone from any culture. So, to compare histories, the west is a competitive, war-based civilization and India has been a nurturing, cooperation-based civilization on an epic scale. I am involved in the process of practicing and transferring that cooperative culture of India to the war-based culture of the west at a crucial time when it is needed very much.


India has been a nurturing, cooperation-based civilization on an Epic scale

The rape of Mother India/ Bharat Mata by The Christian Church, The Islamic Jehadis, The Pseudo Secularists and the Communists.

"Ironically, that was actually a weakness when Europeans came in and wanted to conquer India, to rape and pillage her wealth or to religiously convert the population, as with Islam and Christianity. After all, might does not make right."

Refer to Bumping off Hindu Leaders: Conversion mafia behind attacks on Hindu leaders - By Rajeev Srinivasan and  Shariah Shock to Mother India from Bombay Stock Exchange--Prof. C. I. Issac and Evangelical Intrusions, Tripura: A Case Study - By Sandhya Jain and Burning of Bhagavad Gita – the ‘S O S’ from a sinking ship - By Prof. C. I. Issac and Distortion of Indian History for Muslim Appeasement - faithfreedom.org and PIO Hindus: Gateway to White Imperialism – By Radha Rajan - vijayvaani.com

Donate to FACT - India and Hinduism Today and Save Temples

Refer to Breaking India: Western Inventions and Dalit Faultlines - By Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan and Islamists want to conquer India and The Hoax of St. Thomas - By V Sundaram and NCO's and Foreign Funds - vigilonline.com and Deadly Gift from Uncle Sam - indianrealist.wordpress.com and Media Crooks: India's worst Journalist and Video - Democracy in Crisis – Congress : A story of suppression & subjugation


This is one of the most striking things about India. Indians of pre-modern history calculated the age of the universe in trillions of years. This is also the culture that gave us zero, the numerals that we use – so-called Arabic have their roots in India – as do trigonometry and calculus, astronomical calculation and a view that says the universe is not only billions, but trillions of years in age and that we are eternal beings who are simply visiting the material world to have the experience of being here. So, the point is, India holds a massive cosmological view of us – and that humans have existed for trillions of years, in varying stages of existence. And further, over time humans will continue to populate the many universes again and again.

There is a lot of evidence that ancient Indian civilization was global and as I mentioned many were seafaring and using extremely accurate astronomical, heliocentric calculations for both Earth and celestial motions, indicating an understanding that the Sun is at the center of the solar system and that the Earth is round. Elliptical orbits were also calculated for all moving celestial bodies. The findings are remarkable. What India calculated thousands of years ago, for example the wobble of the Earth's axis, which creates the movement called precession of the equinoxes – the slowly changing motion that completes one cycle every 25,920 years – has only recently been validated by modern science.

The cosmology of India describes our universe as having fourteen parallel realities on multiple levels, all existing and intersecting within the material realm in which we are currently living.

Was this knowledge given to them by divine beings as they claim? Was there inter-galactic travel? Did the people in India have contact with beings or knowledge from other planets? We don't know, but what is certain is that they had mathematical/astronomical understanding that is extremely precise and agrees with many of the results of astronomy today. There is no other way to explain why India and these ancient cultures would have such precise knowledge other than the fact that they were in a period of impressive technology and culture beyond our present understanding."

Refer to chapters on India on Pacific Waves and Vimanas Refer to The Christian propaganda in Stephen Hawking’s work - By C K Raju and Multiculturalism has failed in United Kingdom - By Sandhya Jain

There is at least one city (Dwaraka) that was discovered in 2001 in the Bay of Cambay, which is off the west coast of India. In a routine, environmental scan of the bottom of the sea, a city was discovered which turns out to have the largest megalithic stones of any city in ancient times; artifacts were dated to about 10,000 years ago. This find hasn't yet been recognized in mainstream intellectual and academic circles but is nonetheless a momentous discovery which I am sure will eventually contribute to the review of our current theories of the age of human civilization. The city sits in about 150 feet of water, which indicates it was built before the last melting of the polar ice caps, which most geologists date conservatively at about 12,000 years ago. It appears to have had a building format similar to the cities of Harappa and Mohendro Daro (3000-5000 BCE), which were previously thought to be the oldest cities of India (and located in what is now called Pakistan). But this underwater city off the coast of India suggests, conservatively, 15,000 years of sophisticated human history in India.

Watch Video - Underwater Worlds 3 Ancient Aliens - Dwaraka

Sixteenth century India has been described as the wealthiest country in the world, with the best universal educational system – all of which has obviously become seriously damaged. India of today does not accurately represent the ancient culture, but what is amazing is that the India of today, without funding or resources, has spread its knowledge around the world. Today, there are probably as many as 100 million people practicing aspects of yoga – not because India spent a lot of money trying to spread its culture, but because that knowledge is, I would say, innately desired and needed by people all over the world.

The Vedas describe infinitely multiple universes filled with many Earth-like and other diverse planets and many kinds of intelligent beings living in these other dimensions, some in contact with this realm. The closest modern analogs are found in some of the theories of quantum physics, one being string theory, which suggests there are something like eleven parallel realities that are running simultaneously with ours. This idea in physics, of parallel realities crisscrossing, is undeniably reminiscent of the ancient teachings from India.

Finally, beyond these many material realms, the Vedas state that there is an eternal Transcendental realm or abode which, though non-material, makes periodic visits to our physical plane here on Earth. By a definition given in the Vedas, everything within matter changes and is in flux, eternally. Specifically, younger, more physically vital cultures from the cold climates came in with a new power, technology and energy that was able to, let's say, exploit the situation of a diverse and cooperative India that had also become somewhat corrupt and decrepit. Ancient India is probably the poster child for a diverse, complex, cooperative society that by this definition allowed a lot of bio-diversity. Ironically, that was actually a weakness when Europeans came in and wanted to conquer India, to rape and pillage her wealth or to religiously convert the population, as with Islam and Christianity. After all, might does not make right.

Daily Bell: We believe the West is afflicted by money power – a group of wealthy families that want to centralize control over the world and are causing misery. How does your philosophy account for this?

Jeffrey Armstrong: The philosophy of India is very clear. We human beings are here with the ability to utilize our free will and the spectrum is anywhere from enlightened to 'endarkened.' The enlightened end of the spectrum is where the laws of Nature reside, and is called the Deva view. The 'endarkened' view is the philosophy of the so-called Asuras, who are always against the enlightened way of being. We humans can choose to cooperate for the good of all and align ourselves with the Devic view or we can choose to be entirely selfish and only concerned for the personal gain and pleasure of a few. The dark Asuric choice brings fear, destruction, chaos, exploitation and is always imposed by a small uncaring minority, enslaving the masses and farming them like animals to steal their life energy. All the Vedic stories show this human potential for abuse of free will and the problems it can create.

It is well known that Greek advancements in knowledge have affected our world for a couple thousand years. Socrates, the famous Greek philosopher, was the teacher of Plato. Socrates of course claims to have been enlightened by the teachings of Pythagoras who preceded him by 200 years. It is also historically known and should be remembered that Pythagoras studied in India; he was a vegetarian, virtually unheard of anywhere else, and learned the philosophy of India and taught it in Greece.

So if we are to accept the well-known saying in academia that western philosophy is simply footnotes to Plato, it is then logical to say that the knowledge of India has been leaking into our culture for thousands of years. That this is not understood is a shame because it's both extremely exciting and a huge aspect of our human heritage. The Abrahamic religions, however, especially Islam and Christianity, have been very resistant to this idea because of their own institutional agendas.

So knowledge from India that leaked in to other cultures has often remained either hidden or was simply incorporated into western thought without credit to India.

Daily Bell: Why is ancient Hindu knowledge being suppressed, if it is?

In my opinion, the knowledge of India has been and is still being repressed so that certain interests can continue colonizing both India and the planet, and to prevent it being a viable alternative to more aggressive religious and political worldviews.

The deeply spiritual, cooperative message of the Hindu Vedic Dharma Culture would shine light on the various selfish and harmful activities of the powerful interests who are harming the world. The rapid spread of Yoga in recent years shows that previous attitudes of repressing information are not nearly as effective in our current world of global communication. Freedom of speech is a crucial right to defend at this dangerous moment in history.

Daily Bell: Why does the modern power elite not want the world to know about ancient Hindu civilization?

Jeffrey Armstrong:  At the crux of both of the Avatar Epics (Ramayana and Mahabharata) and of the Avatar's descent to Earth is the message that anyone who has power has responsibility. This is the one message that those who are abusing power do not want to hear. The concept of stewardship had its home in India. Anyone who was a ruler in India had the responsibility of caring for every living entity. The intentional degradation of human beings for personal gain is simply wrong – despite its effectiveness as a means of rapidly acquiring wealth.

Refer to Media Crooks in India

It is written that many of the greatest kings and queens and dynasties in India had a rule; that before they ate a meal, they would ring a bell. The bell meant if you are hungry, we have a kitchen open where you can come and eat. We are going to eat now, but we will not eat if you are hungry. Why? Not because of ideology, but because massive wealth and power is generally acquired on the backs of others. So, I would challenge any leaders of the world to ring a bell in your country and if no one is hungry, unsafe or uncared for, then you can have your dinner. You should listen carefully to what the Avatars and honorable ancient leaders have said is your responsibility as a so-called leader.

The Hindu Vedic Dharma says that exploring 'Inner Space' is much more important than exploring 'Outer Space', while always hoping that all may be fed, protected and find peace within and in the world. Hari Om! May this knowledge bless all.

Comments posted:

You would suppose the ancient, submerged city of Dwarka would already have attracted a swarm of scuba-diving archeologists. However, coverage remains sparse in the mainstream press, as does funding. This is evidently yet another secret that the power elite families of the Anglo-American axis want to keep hidden. The current Western model is supposed to be the culmination of civilization, with all its ruin and increasing tyranny. Nothing came before and there was no greatness not directly supported by modern regulatory democracy, which is the best of all possible worlds. The Internet increasingly shows us it is not.

(source: Jeffrey Armstrong on the Mysteries of Indian Culture, the Relevance of Hindu Vedas and the Reality of Ancient Flying Machines - thedailybell.com). Refer to The theft of yoga - By Dr. Aseem Shukla and The Rape of Yoga - By Aseem Shukla /Sheetal Shah.

Civilizations rise, decay and die. Time, as ancient Hinduism says is cyclical


Desert Bloc Religions - Arrogance of Faith

The world’s dominant model today, it has been able to nearly erase competing systems from the collective minds of the ruling elites in the world.

The Desert Bloc extends from west of India, across Middle East, West Asia, extending to Central Asia and Eastern Europe – with its core in a region of 1000 miles radius of Palestine. Inventors of religion, world’s three important religions, (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) were born within 1000 miles radius of Palestine, in the deserts of Middle East. Each of these religions were, so to say, ‘backward compatible’.

Anti-feminist, none of the three religions have female goddesses - unlike Vedic civilizations.

– unlike the two other civilizations specified below. Western Christian world gave women the right to vote, mostly between 1920-1950. Low levels of marital success are institutionalized – and instead prostitution levels are high.

The Desert Bloc depends on extreme competitiveness between its own factions to gain leadership – extending the analogy of survival of the fittest. Some of its defining struggles in the last 1000 years were Islam vs Christianity; Spain vs Portugal; England vs France; USA vs USSR.

Watch movie: Capitalism  a love story - By Michael Moore and Fall in the American Empire - By Judge Napolitano and Half of New Testament forged, Bible scholar says - By John Blake, CNN

Such factions spring up around deified leaders based on a sharp identity – race, tribe, language, region, religion. Significant leadership struggles have broken out between even intra-religious sects – like Catholics and Protestants, Shias vs Sunnis.

A significant marker of the Desert Bloc is concentration of wealth, power and land in the hands of these deified leaders and their inner circle. Unlike the two other civilizational groups, as we will see. This allows Desert Bloc factions to indulge in extremism. Over 90% of the world’s bloodiest wars, genocides, massacres, annihilations, are to the Desert Bloc account.

Refer to Red Cross and the Vatican 'helped thousands of Nazis escape' - By Matthew Day and Nazis On The Run: How Hitler's Henchmen Fled Europe - By Gerald Steinacher and The Great Scandal: Christianity's Role in the Rise of the Nazis - By Gregory S. Paul - christianaggression.org and Exporting the American Gospel: Global Christian Fundamentalism - By Steve Brower, Paul Gifford and Susan D Rose


Save Us, O Lord, from those who want to save us

A Destructive force:  The Intolerance of Monotheism

Spiritual Imperialism - Ambitions of The Desert Bloc religions - Christianity and Islam

Converting the world before the Imaginary Doomsday cometh?

Christian Umma: India - still remains the Unfinished Agenda for Spiritual Conquest

Social work/Human rights/democracy - are a smokescreen for a religious agenda.

10/40 Window - Window of Opportunity or the Resistant Belt for zealous Evangelical Christians including The Vatican.

Refer to Hinduism Under Threat and Christianaggression and Crusadewatch and Video: The fraud, the myth, the unsaintly Mother Teresa – By Christopher Hitchens.  Refer to The Decline of the West - By Oswald Spengler.

Refer to The Vatican Billions and The Vaticans Colossal Wealth and Vatican Wealth 'Truly Astonishing' and Vatican Wealth Valued and The Vatican wealth

Islamic Jehadis still dream of conquering India

Refer to Religion will be cause of World War III - By Dirgha Raj Prasai and Jehad Watch and Islam watch

Refer to the book - Our Moon Has Blood Clots: The Exodus of The Kashmiri Pandits - By Rahul Pandita (Random House India)


The Desert Bloc is differentiated by extensive use of slavery, rule by elites, conspicuous consumption (show piece buildings, spectacular technology) et al.

Driven by ‘at-any-cost’ approach, in the Desert Bloc, everything and everyone is expendable to attain leadership position. Driven more by accelerated creation and destruction, Desert Bloc sub-groups have short life spans (Achaemenid Iran, Greece, Rome, Mongol Empire). Greece, Rome, the Ummayyads, Abbasids, Mongolian Empire, Colonial Spain and Britain best represent the Desert Bloc.

Refer to The Decline of the West - By Oswald Spengler. Refer to The Aboriginal “intervention” in Australia: four years on

Can different factions of the Desert Bloc, like the Christian West and Islam collaborate? The Islāmic Ottoman Empire and the Christian European powers could not get around to colluding with each other. Even the collusion between the Christian European colonizers was  difficult.  Unless it was over carving the spoils, dividing areas for exploitation – like Papal Bulls (between Spain and Portugal) or the Berlin Conference which triggered the ‘scramble for Africa.’

(source:  Desert Bloc Religions - 2ndlook.wordpress.com). Refer to Militant Christianity - Evangelical Christianity: Devils in high places - christianaggression.org.  Refer to Sonia Gandhi’s Night of Shame – By Radha Rajan

Hindu terrorism fabricated US Church organisations

The accusation of Hindu terrorism has not been fabricated cynically as some have hastily concluded. It originates with US church organisations, supported by their European counterparts. I understand the UNHCR has been consulted. What they regard as terrorism, defined broadly, is attempts to curb Christian evangelism and return converts to their previous Hindus faith.

The Communal Violence Bill is being supported strongly in private by the US embassy because it will be used to attack the activities of Sangh affiliates when they oppose religious conversion by church organisations. The critique of alleged caste oppression and legal measures to ban it abroad (in the UK and the EU) are part of the orchestrated manoeuvres afoot.

My own observation is that its imperative to bear in mind the Church and its leftists allies in India regard the entire historic past of India, including its epics and religious faith, as the product of Brahmminical caste (racist and class as well) oppression. This must, in the end, in their view, all be erased to make a new beginning. Of course it is not a classless society that will emerge since that has failed everywhere, but one which will be Christian, docile and sensitive to the interests of the 400 families who own half of all US wealth. They of course assume, in severe distress and facing no option, Hindus will choose Christianity and the tutelage of the West in preference to the other alternative of Islam.

Refer to Michael Moore says 400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined and The obscene division of wealth in America – alternet.org

(source: Hindu terrorism fabricated US Church organisations - By Gautam Sen). Refer to The decline and fall of America - dailypioneer.com and When will America Collapse? .....answers from Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Gerald Celente and others - youtube.com and Census: US poverty rate rises to 15.1 per cent; number of uninsured hits high of 49.9 million


India in the clash of Civilizations

“It is not that India was never an independent country. The point is that she once lost the independence she had. Will she lose it a second time? It is this thought which makes me most anxious for the future. What perturbs me greatly is the fact that not only India has once before lost her independence, but she lost it by the infidelity and treachery of some of her own peopleWill history repeat itself?” …We must be determined to defend our independence with the last drop of our blood/”

                             - Dr B R Ambedkar’s concluding speech at the Constituent Assembly of India, 25 November 1949.

In modern times, three civilization powers are competing for global expansion and each is invested in co-opting and nurturing the divisive forces of India.

These are: Maoists/Marxists aligned with China, Christian evangelists aligned with the West and Jihadis aligned with Islam.

Each of them has built a base of Indian supporters and infrastructure that embraces a divisive identity and ideology. Within India each of these three global nexuses has its distinct presence in politics, finance, media, and information-gathering. Each funds, sponsors, champions, trains and remotely manages its own network of individuals and institutions in India. These Indian resources, in turn, see their foreign headquarter as the source of inspiration, funding, political support and authority.

(source: Breaking India: Western Inventions and Dalit Faultlines - By Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan p. 177 -178). 

Refer to India can't be ruled by NGOs - By Swapan Dasgupta

Kali Yuga: Shrinking India - Victim of Two Intolerant and Bloody Ideologies

India is perhaps the oldest victim of religious terrorism and her civilizational struggle is the longest one.


It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Islamic terrorism started with Osama bin Laden if one were to go by what the US politicians claim and what the media reports.

But India has had the unwanted attention of the proselytizing faiths, Islam and Christianity, for centuries hell bent (to use an expression) on converting the infidels into their bloody ideologies.

Terrorism is one of the tactics that people motivated by these ideologies have routinely used — although that fact does not get too much play since much of the media (and in many cases the governments of states) is controlled by the institutions founded on those monotheistic faiths.

India is perhaps the oldest victim of religious terrorism and it continues to bleed copiously from it even today. India’s civilizational struggle is certainly the longest ongoing war the world has ever suffered — and it goes on only because India is still not totally vanquished. It survives but the prospects are not very good.

India is shrinking. But what do we mean by “India”? India is of course a “state” and a “country.” The word also refers to the “nation” of India. The modern Indian state is a political entity which attained political independence in 1947 but that does not mean that India did not exist before that date. European culture and ethnicity, to take a parallel, existed long before the political states that are European countries of today existed. 

A nation is a group of people who share culture, ethnicity, language and/or territory. . . A nation is not necessarily equated with country in that a country is akin to a state which is defined as the political entity within defined borders. Although “nation” is also commonly used in informal discourse as a synonym for state or country, a nation is not identical to a state. Countries where the social concept of “nation” coincides with the political concept of “state” are called nation states. [Wiki, Nation.]

The Indian nation has been shrinking for centuries. Look at the map. Or I should say look at a series of maps. Afghanistan, for instance, was a Buddhist nation and to that extent it was part of the Indic nation. Today it is a wasteland. It was conquered a few centuries ago. The land that is Pakistan today was part of that Indic civilization. It was formally chopped off in 1947 but the fate of that part of the world was sealed with the Islamic invasion of those parts. To the east, Malaysia and Indonesia are rapidly Islamizing.

Refer to Sonia Gandhi’s Night of Shame – By Radha Rajan

If, as has been observed by many that demographics determine borders, then it should not come as a surprise that India has been shrinking because the most striking demographic change — conversion of people of Indic faiths to Islam and Christianity — is occurring for centuries. And once that demographic transition takes place, the new entity carved out of India becomes a sworn enemy intent on destroying India. Remember that Pakistanis are the descendants of people of Indic civilization who were converted to Islam. Today’s converts will in due course also take up arms against their former cultural and ethnic relatives. It will not be too long before some of the eastern Indian states will seek secession because their demographics — 100 percent Christian — would dictate different borders.

India has been shrinking and will continue to do so. Remembering that change is a fundamental feature of the universe, it is unreasonable to expect no change. But not all change is an improvement, and some change imposes immense suffering. The suffering that Islamization imposes on the population is heartbreaking, of course. Even worse, in a globalized world, the suffering of Islamic nations is quickly transmitted — often amplified — to non-Muslims. Islam claims universal domain and thus imposes suffering universally, whether you live in an Islamic country or not, whether you are a Muslim or not.

Islam’s older relative, Christianity, also caused untold suffering around the world for centuries. The natives of many countries in the Americas paid with rivers of blood and tears. 

Anyone even remotely familiar with the history of civilization is aware of the bloody history of those two monotheistic faiths.

(source:  Rajiv Malhotra’s book, “Breaking India” – By Atanu Dey - deesha.org). Refer to chapter on European Imperialism and Pacific Waves

Western Imperialism - Destroying Religious/Cultural diversity of the World


From Divide and Conquer to Divide and Destroy

Destruction of Hinduism in Bali

Do not to others what ye do not wish
Done to yourself; and wish for others too
What ye desire and long for, for yourself — This is the whole of dharma — heed —it well.

—  Veda Vyasa, The Mahabharata.

“The Christian church keeps constantly identifying fault lines in every non-christian society and country and tries to widen it slowly the confusion ripens into conflict and then anarchy. Ultimately the country is broken. The church is the 4th arm of the Christian West's Military complex to destroy non-Christian Nations. They do not like any other country other their own to be powerful and prosperous. They do not like any other Nation to boast of superior culture. They want all the other countries to be at their beck and call for ever.”

                  - Sridharan. R - comments posted - The Menace of the Christian Church


Church conversions wipe out Balinese Hinduism in two villages - Blimbingsari & Palasari in West Bali

Hindu Bali has many interesting cultural quirks and among them are the Christian communities of Blimbingsari and Palasari in west Bali. The story begins during the Dutch occupation when they fully took control of Bali in 1908. Until that time the Dutch operated a policy of cultural non-intervention, allowing the Balinese Hindus to conduct their own religious and cultural activities without hinder.

Under this framework Christian missionaries were banned from Bali, but by 1932 a representative of the American Christian and Missionary Alliance, Tsang To Hang, has several hundred converts to Christianity. Most of the new Christians were from the Chinese community, but there were also some ethnic Balinese. The new converts were told to destroy Hindu temples and encourage the Balinese to question the Hindu caste system.

(source: Church conversions wipe out Balinese Hinduism in two villages - Blimbingsari & Palasari in West Bali). 

Refer to Church sex scandals: A worthless and dangerous report and Priest Sex-Abuse Case Hits Church of Pope's Adviser - time.com and Shock after Dutch priest endorses pedophilia and The St Thomas In India History Swindle


Religious Conversion = Cultural Genocide and loss of Identity

India - The Unfinished Conversion Business


Evangelical Christianity: Devils in high places
Interview with author Iain Buchanan

“We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."

"We just want Jews to be perfected, as they say." -arguing that it would be better if we were all Christian.

                         - Ann Coulter (1961 - ) American lawyer and Conservative political commentator.

"Our goal is a Christian nation. We have a Biblical duty, we are called by God, to conquer this country. We don't want equal time. We don't want pluralism."

                         - Spreading Christianity


"Cultural genocide is the systematic and complete elimination or suppression of the native religion, language, dress, way of life, customs and/or symbols of one people by another. Even though the people in question might be given material benefits through humanitarian aid, education and medical facilities, it is still himsa (Sanskrit meaning harm) if there is systematic destruction of their identity, sense of history, ideas of ancestry and relationship with nature. This kind of himsa goes on today under the name of "development." In the United Nations laws of genocide, the phrase "cultural genocide" was dropped from the earlier drafts." -

                                - Rajiv Malhotra in Gandhi’s dharma and the West


From the British Imperialism to the Manifest Destiny of U.S. - Goals remains the same

The Grand mission to Christianize the heathens of this World


"How odd...that a country as riddled with Christian faith as America has so little regard for its poor, sick and imprisoned."

   - Mathew Chapman journalist, screenwriter, and director - quoted in Michael Parenti – God and His Demons p. 127.

Watch movie: Capitalism  a love story - By Michael Moore

"The American Christian Fundamentalists are the religious arm of an economic, political, and cultural system."

                            - Saloman Nahmad anthropologist, National Indigenist Institute of Mexico.

(source: Exporting The American Gospel: Global Christian Fundamentalism - By Steve Brouwer p. 11).


Evangelical outfits - U.S. Government proxies?

In his explosive new book The Armies Of God: A Study In Militant Christianity, British-born, Malaysia-based academic Iain Buchanan blows the lid off a subject that most scholars and journalists tend to shy away from: the rise of US evangelism as a force in global affairs.

His book looks at how some of the powerful evangelical outfits operate — often as US government proxies — in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and of course, India, and the disastrous effects this has had on the relationship between the Christian West and non-Christian cultures, religious communities and nations.

In the West, certainly, there is a reluctance to enquire too deeply into the affairs of organised Christianity — both at home and overseas. Western culture is a deeply, subliminally Christian culture, and even committed secularists have trouble avoiding Christian parameters in their arguments, and recognising the Christian capacity for wrong-doing. Among other things, this leads to a rather benign view of the behaviour of our missionaries overseas — fed partly by ignorance, and partly by a sense that the Christian mission can be equated with civilisation. And such myopia has increased dramatically over the past 40 years, as the secular West has managed to define a global order largely in its own terms, with decisive help from its Christian missionaries.

There is a need to go beyond the purely religious objection to Christian missionising, and examine the global forces which define it, and which are subverting countries like India in a far more comprehensive and profound way than most people realise.

Refer to Independent Fundamental Baptist Church report - By Elizabeth Vargas - abcnews.com- 20/20 and Shock after Dutch priest endorses pedophilia - indianrealist.wordpress.com and 41% - Jesus Christ's Return to Earth - pewresearch.org and The St Thomas In India History Swindle - apostlethomasindia.wordpress.com

Refer to The Great Scandal: Christianity's Role in the Rise of the Nazis - Gregory S. Paul - christianaggression.org and Red Cross and the Vatican 'helped thousands of Nazis escape and 'Unholy Crusaders: The Role of Evangelicals in US Imperialism' – By Iain Buchanan

A key contention of my book is that the extremism of Christian evangelicals is no more benign than the extremism found in non-Christian religious groups. Indeed, its local impact can be hugely destructive — precisely because of its ability to draw upon a vast global network of forces (including powerful secular ones), and its ability to penetrate and shape local forces, whether they be ethnic, religious, political, or social, according to alien priorities.

You speak at length of the US’s use of Christianity for it own geopolitical designs. Is this manifestly part of US strategy worldwide?

Most Western leaders (not just Bush and Blair) will claim they are inspired by their Christian beliefs. Sometimes, as with both Reagan and George W Bush, they quote chapter and verse in support of policy, although usually it is not so blatant. Certainly, deep in Washington, self-professedly Christian pressure groups (like the Fellowship Foundation and the Council for National Policy) have a highly influential membership and a powerful grip on policy.

Of course, one can debate whether US strategy is manifestly Christian in inspiration — few Americans would say it is not, although most would probably insist that such strategy is guided primarily by secular concerns.

But there is no doubt at all that US strategy makes deliberate (and somewhat cynical) use of Christian agencies in pursuit of foreign policy — and that the distinction between the religious and the secular is deliberately blurred in the process. There are over 600 US-based evangelical groups, some as big as large corporations, and between them they constitute a vast and highly organised network of global influence, purposefully targeting non-Christians, and connecting and subverting every sector of life in the process.

Most of the major evangelical corporations (like World Vision, Campus Crusade, Youth with a Mission, and Samaritan’s Purse) operate in partnership with the US government in its pursuit of foreign policy goals. World Vision, which is effectively an arm of the State Department, is perhaps the most notable example of this. There is also the benefit of a custom-built legislation, with the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 providing necessary sanction to bring errant nations into line.

Refer to Hindu American Foundation Alleges Bias in Listing of India on USCIRF "Watch List" - Hindu American Foundation

This means that evangelisation is an intensely secular pursuit, as well as a religious one. In turn, of course, the secular powers, whether they be departments of state or corporate businesses, find such evangelicals to be very effective partners.

These are turbulent times for India as its number of hungry and poor are growing exponentially even as the wealthy in the cities are becoming billionaires. Does this make harvesting of souls easy? Do missionaries love turbulence?

It certainly seems, sometimes, that evangelicals thrive on suffering and disaster. India’s own KP Yohannan, for example, welcomed the tsunami of 2004 as “one of the greatest opportunities God has given us to share His love with people” — and he was only one of many expressing such sentiments. There is no question that many evangelicals exploit the poor and marginalised for reasons which have a lot to do with narrow theology and political self-interest, and relatively little to do with long-term practical help.

Refer to America starves as executive pay rockets: 50MILLION people go hungry while Wall Street fatcats take home millions - alternet.org and 'American Dream' withers as tent cities mushroom in promised land

But evangelicals court the wealthy and the powerful of a society with equal passion. One of the most telling features of the new evangelism is the way it has turned Christianity into a force for protecting the rich and powerful. US Protestantism, in particular, has worked hard to undermine the impulse in the church towards social justice and reform. A measure of its success has been the defeat of Liberation Theology and the remarkable expansion of US Pentecostalism in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. More than a quarter of all Christians now belong to Pentecostalist and Charismatic churches.

In these, as in most new evangelical churches, great attention is paid to a ‘theology’ of economics which stresses individual profit, corporate obedience, the sanctity of making money, and the power of “miracles, signs, and wonders.”This ‘theology’ is a key part of modern imperialism: it offers something to both rich and poor, it is safely counter-revolutionary, and it ties tightly into the wider global network of more secular influences (in business, government, education, the media, the military) which underpins Western expansion.

So the evangelical church has a key role to play in a society as disparate as India’s. It is a form of social management: it gives divine sanction to the rich, it gives hope to the struggling middle class, and it cultivates discipline (and distraction) amongst the poor — and it does all this with a keen eye to the West’s self-interest. This is not to suggest that India does not have its own mechanisms for doing the same things. But such evangelisation, as a concomitant of Westernisation, is bound to strengthen as India urbanises and looks ever more Westwards.

A recent issue of the Texas-based magazine, Gospel For Asia, says: “The Indian sub-continent with one billion people, is a living example of what happens when Satan rules the entire culture... India is one vast purgatory in which millions of people .... are literally living a cosmic lie! Could Satan have devised a more perfect system for causing misery?” How and why does such propaganda work in a developed country like the US in the era of the Internet and the media?

There are two important points here. First, we must not assume that the ‘developed’ West is free from wilful ignorance. Indeed, wilful ignorance is often a very useful weapon. We need enemies, and, as religious people, we need demons.

But such attitudes are nothing new, of course. Christians have waged such ‘spiritual warfare’ against their enemies for centuries, and with the same kind of language. What is new is the vastly increased facility, offered by the electronic media, for fighting such a war. And this is the second point.

New technology is spreading, and hardening, such bigotry. Since the mid-1960s, the evangelical movement has systematically computerised its entire global operation, creating huge databases of information on its non-Christian enemies, centralising administration, and linking some 500 million ‘Christian computers’ worldwide for the purposes of fighting ‘spiritual warfare’ against non-believers in strategic places. And ‘spiritual warfare’, for the evangelical Christian movement, is not just a matter of prayers and metaphor: it is also, very decisively, a matter of ‘virtuous’ troops, tanks, and drones.

(source: Evangelical Christianity: Devils in high places - dnaindia.com).  Refer to Christian Fundamentalism - Harold Camping: Rapture, Reloaded fitsnews.com

Western Charity as Christian Conversion Strategy


With its people turning to Christ in waves, India hosts more believers now than at any time in its 4,000-year history.

(source:  India's Grassroots Revival - Christianitytoday.com).

How Evangelists Invented 'Dravidian Christianity' in India

India's Christian Umma

“I am halfway through Genesis, and quite appalled by the disgraceful behavior of all the characters involved, including God.

               - J R Ackerley (1896 - 1967) English author of My Father and Myself

"I hold that proselytisation under the cloak of humanitarian work is unhealthy to say the least. It is most resented by people here.  Religion after all is a deeply personal thing. It touches the heart. Why should I change my religion because the doctor who professes Christianity as his religion has cured me of some disease, or why should the doctor expect me to change whilst I am under his influence?"

    - Mahatma Gandhi in Why Should I change my Religion? (Young India: April 23, 1931). Refer to The Hoax of St. Thomas - By V Sundaram and The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple - By Ishwar Sharan and Mother India at the Crossroads - chakranews.com

"Chennai is today considered the fastest-growing hub of Christianity in South Asia"

   - Pardip N Thomas author of Strong Religion, Zealous Media: Christian Fundamentalism and Communication in India


Breaking India

Under the guise of Religious freedom - Destroying India's Unique religious Identity

Social work/human rights/democracy - are a smokescreen for a religious agenda.


‘The advent of Christian broadcasting in India, transnational as well as local channels, offers the space for identification with a ‘Christian Umma” far beyond the boundaries of the territorialized nation-state.’

                                                                             -  Pradip Ninan Thomas, Indian Christian scholar and author of Strong Religion, Zealous Media: Christian Fundamentalism and Communication in India and Now Kathakali makes Christian debut - deccanherald.com


Most liberal Americans are simply unaware of the international political machinations of evangelicals. Funded and supported by the American Christian right, they promote a literal and extreme version of Christianity abroad and attempt to further a fundamentalist Christian political agenda using unscrupulous methods. In India, picking up where the colonialists left off, they have gone so far as to revive discredited racial theories and fabricate scholarship in a dangerous game of divide and rule.

In south India, a new identity called Dravidian Christianity is being constructed. It is an opportunistic combination of two myths: the "Dravidian race" myth and another that purports that early Christianity shaped the major Hindu classics!

The discredited Aryan race theory was discussed in my previous blog. Its counterpoint is the "Dravidian" race theory. Both constructs are equally damaging and have been proven false. The "Dravidians," the theory goes, were the original inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent and were driven to southern India by the invading, lighter skinned and racially different "Aryans."

Refer to Now: A Kerala model Aryan Invasion is to Set Sail - By Prof. C. I. Issac and Aryan Idols: Indo-European Mythology as Ideology and Science by Stefan Arvidsson – Book Review by N S Rajaram

Refer to chapter on Aryan Invasion theory, First Indologists and European Imperialism. Refer to Marco Polo never made to China and Marco Polo World Discovery Was Big Con

While there is no mainstream "Aryan" political party in India, the Dravidianization of mainstream identity in the southern state of Tamil Nadu keeps the pernicious pair alive. The Aryan/Dravidian constructs are mutually dependent, and have been very successfully used to generate conflict, including violence (as in Sri Lanka in recent years).

The Dravidian race theory originated in 19th century European scholarship when colonial and evangelical interests used linguistics and ethnic studies to formulate imaginary histories and races. While European scholars were busy appropriating the Sanskrit classics as the heritage of Europeans, British linguists Francis Ellis and Alexander Campbell worked in India to theorize that the south Indian languages belong to a different family than the north Indian ones. Meanwhile, another colonial scholar, Brian Houghton Hodgson, was promoting the term "Tamulian" as a racial construct, describing the so-called aborigines of India as primitive and uncivilized compared to the "foreign Aryans."

But it was a scholar-evangelist from the Anglican Church, Bishop Robert Caldwell (1814-91), who pioneered what now flourishes as the "Dravidian" identity. In his Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian Race, he argued that the south Indian mind was structurally different from the Sanskrit mind. Linguistic speculations were turned into a race theory. He characterized the Dravidians as "ignorant and dense," accusing the Brahmins -- the cunning Aryan agents -- for keeping them in shackles through the imposition of Sanskrit and its religion.

Refer to the book Breaking India - By Rajiv Malhotra.

Refer to The St Thomas In India History Swindle - apostlethomasindia.wordpress.com and The Hoax of St. Thomas - By V Sundaram and Mother Teresa, John Paul II, and the Fast-Track Saints - By Michael Parenti - author of the book and God And His Demons and Exposing the relayed myth of “Aryan Invasion” and Proselytizing Evangelicals - Book Review - By D R Sardesai

His successor, another prolific missionary scholar, Bishop G.U. Pope, started to glorify the Tamil classics era, insisting that its underpinnings were Christianity, not Hinduism. Though subsequently rejected by serious scholars of Tamil culture, the idea was successfully planted that Hinduism had corrupted the "originally pure" Tamil culture by adding Sanskrit and pagan ideas.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of Tamil leaders began to embrace the Dravidian identity. This evolved into Tamil chauvinism that was initially secular and not religious. It was fed by the theory that in the Indian Ocean there once existed a lost continent called Lemuria (similar to the Atlantis myth), the original homeland of the Dravidians. Accounts glorifying Lemuria were taught as historical fact under British rule, because this exacerbated the regional faultlines. After India's independence, Dravidian identity entered politics, and now dominates the state's power structure.

The Dravidian identity is now being increasingly Christianized. A new religion called "Dravidian Christianity" has been invented through a sudden upsurge of writings designed to "discover" the existence of quasi-Christianity in Tamil history prior to the coming of the "Aryan" Brahmins. The project is to co-opt Tamil culture, language and literature and systematically cleanse them of Hinduism. Christian interpretations and substitutes are being injected into the most cherished symbols, artifacts and literary works of Tamil Hindu culture.

The preposterous claim is that Tamil classical literature originated in early Christianity. The Tamil classical tradition consists of two great components: an ethical treatise called Thirukural (abbreviated Kural, authored by the great sage Thiruvalluvar), and a sophisticated Vedanta philosophical system called Saiva Siddhanta, which traces its origins to the Vedas and was nurtured by many Tamil savants over the centuries. Dravidian Christianity appropriates both these foundational works, attributing them to Christian influence. To make this credible, the pre-Christian date for Kural has been replaced by more recent dates.

The narrative used is that St. Thomas, the apostle, visited south India and taught Christianity to the great sage, Thiruvalluvar, who was inspired by Christianity, but did not capture St. Thomas' message accurately. This is often portrayed in recently published paintings showing the sage sitting at the feet of St. Thomas, taking notes. Sanskrit is downgraded as a language created by St. Thomas to spread the Christian message to the uncivilized north Indian races.

The Indian church has periodically announced archeological "discoveries" to back the visit of St. Thomas to south India, but none of them have been verified by professional archeologists. Even the famous Jesuit archeologist, Father Heras, dismissed the so-called discovery of Thomas' tomb in Chennai.

Western churches send billions of dollars to Tamil Nadu, the epicenter of the project to harvest Indian souls.

While the sheer scale of intellectual fraud and prejudice is breathtaking, the church's political clout has enabled it to permeate university research, education, museums, politics and film. The state government is even supporting the production of an epic feature film on St. Thomas that will popularize this myth.

Refer to Church sex scandals: A worthless and dangerous report and Priest Sex-Abuse Case Hits Church of Pope's Adviser - time.com and Shock after Dutch priest endorses pedophilia and The St Thomas In India History Swindle and The Decline of the West - By Oswald Spengler

The Dravidian Christianity movement has organized an entire series of international conferences over the past decade, where its scholars make outlandish revisions to Indian religious history. They claim that the Bhagavad Gita, Tamil classics and even Sanskrit originated after Christ and under the influence of Christianity. The crackpot Lemurian theory pops up as well. A 2005 conference in New York had the theme, "International Conference on the History of Early Christianity in India." Senator Hillary Clinton greeted it with the message:

"I am confident that the breadth of resources presented during the conference will shed light on the impact of Christianity on medieval and classical India and its effects on the cultural and political climate of India..."

Refer to The Vatican Billions and The Vaticans Colossal Wealth and Vatican Wealth 'Truly Astonishing' and Vatican Wealth Valued and The Vatican wealth

Dravidian Christianity has penetrated high places. For instance, Marvin Olasky, an advisor to President George W. Bush, declared that "the two major denominations of Hinduism - Vishnu-followers and Shiva-followers -- arose not from early Hinduism but from early Christian churches probably planted by the apostle Thomas in India from AD 52 to 68." He goes on to explain to his American readers how Christianity brought many key notions into Hinduism.

Watch movie: Capitalism  a love story - By Michael Moore

In Breaking India, I demonstrate how an influential nexus of Christian funded institutions and scholars, often supported by western governments, are indulging in large-scale manipulations similar to those in colonial times. Meanwhile, in one of Chennai's most prominent public places stands a magnificent statue of Bishop Robert Caldwell, the icon who gave the Tamil people their "true history."

(source:  How Evangelists Invented 'Dravidian Christianity' in India - By Rajiv Malhotra - huffingtonpost.com). The St Thomas In India History Swindle - apostlethomasindia.wordpress.com and Indian history as a negotiation - 2ndlook.wordpress.com

Refer to Hindu American Foundation Alleges Bias in Listing of India on USCIRF "Watch List" - Hindu American Foundation

Breaking India book - Breaking India’ has touched a raw nerve of the Sepoy Brigade of India.

Due to the colonized minds of many Indian elites, there is a deep inferiority complex. Hence there is the implicit assumption prevalent that even a Western non-specialist is a better authority than an Indian specialist on the subject.

For more on the book - Refer to Interview with Rajiv Malhotra - By Sandeep

America cannot teach India what Religious Freedom is all about

"The USCIRF is not bothered about the torture and the brutalities inflicted on the Sri Lankan Tamils. It had nothing to say on the Yagoon Junta, it is silent on the massacre of the Hindu pundits in Kashmir, the persecution of minorities in Pakistan and  Bangle Desh. These and more anti human and anti people violations the USCIRF silently watches or is not even aware of. Its business is only a single agenda--that is dislodging Modi--punishing him for the Gujarat riots. This without even giving a thought and mention to the agony and the brutality in which 59 Hindus who were roasted and burned. It had no hind sight understanding of the Congress which had engineered a genocide against the Sikhs in which 30,000 Sikhs across the country were butchered. The USCIRF does not know perhaps that Gujarat riots is not the first of its kind. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom is being discriminatory--and is anti-religious and anti-India. It is a Christian organization and seems to be against Hindus. Thus it has no credentials and credibility to be fair and it has no legal status to violate India’s sovereignty and integrity. Let it stop this sort of religious terrorism in the name of International Religious Freedom. It cannot teach India what Religious Freedom is all about."

                                                             - Dr. Mrs. Hilda Raja - Refer to The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple - By Ishwar Sharan

Religious conversions more harmful to ecology

“Our thoughts turn first of all to the blessed Apostle Thomas who is rightly called the founder of preaching the Gospel to the Hindus. Then, there is Francis Xavier, who long afterwards dedicated himself zealously to the same praiseworthy calling. Through his extraordinary perseverance, he converted hundreds of thousands of Hindus from the myths and vile superstitions of the Brahmans to the true religion.”
                                        - Ad Extremas, Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII, 1893 - Things They Don't Tell You About Christianity.

“Chennai is today considered the fastest-growing hub of Christianity in South Asia" - Pradip Ninan Thomas, author of Strong Religion, Zealous Media


Missionaries are actually in essence Soul terrorists.

Refer to Leave Us alone – A letter from Papuan Tribesman eco-action.org

Religious conversions are one of the main reasons for the degradation of the country’s fragile biodiversity, according to noted environmental scientist, Dr Nanditha Krishna.

“The team of scientists from C.P. Ramaswami Iyer Environmental Research Centre (CPR ERC) has found from a five-year-old research that religious conversions are harmful to the ecology than any other factor. The proselytisers, in their anxiety to wipe out the last remains of the traditions and rituals of the new converts, make them destroy the sacred groves, the main landmark of the countryside,” she said here on Friday.

Watch this moving Video America's native prisoners of war - By Aaron Huey - ted.com

Refer to No place for Conversion in a ‘secular’ nation - Wadhwa Commission - vijayvaani.com and Donations to Missionaries in India and People for Profit - Funding India NGOs and The 6 Moral Dealbreakers of Christianity and Conversion Congress & Bloody Indians  - By Arindam Banerjee

Dr Krishna, the honorary director of CPR ERC, was addressing the delegates of the 98th edition of the Indian Science Congress. She said the samathuvapurams of Tamil Nadu have also led to the deterioration of the sacred groves because most of the sites selected as government vacant lands were nothing but groves.

Though there were more than 150,000 sacred groves at the time of Independence, their numbers have come down to 13,670.

“They are mini-biosphere reserves” and they are destroyed as “mere superstition”, she said. These patches of forests play a major role in sustaining the local climate and livelihood.

The team found that almost all traditions and rituals practised by tribals and villagers were indirectly helpful in preserving the groves.

The study conducted by Amrithalingam of CPR ERC found that vast stretches of sacred groves have been destroyed in the North-East, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. They are now documenting the last remains of sacred groves in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

(source: Religious conversions more harmful to the ecology than any other factor - By Dr. Nanditha Krishna - deccanchronicle). Refer to Christian Terrorism in India - Wikipedia.com and The Hoax of St. Thomas - By V Sundaram

Missionary Zeal in Asia - Japan - Earthquake and Tsunami

"DO NOT send money to Christian charities for Japan earthquake. We need blankets and food, not boxes of bibles & Fundamentalist propaganda." - posted on Twitter

Why do Evangelical Christians get excited for "earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, famines, pestilences, diseases wars and rumors of wars.

Once again religious groups are exploiting tragedy for “spiritual” gains. This time, they are using the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Groups like The American Bible Society are going to Japan to provide aid… and to hand out Bibles and preach about Jesus.

Soon after the surrender of Japan was accomplished and the U.S. occupation commenced, MacArthur reached out to U.S. churches and Bible publishing companies for assistance.

He requested thousands of Christian missionaries and millions of Bibles for Japan. "To a visiting group of evangelicals, Gen. MacArthur said: 'Japan is a spiritual vacuum. If you do not fill it with Christianity, it will be filled with Communism. Send me 1,000 missionaries.' He asked U.S. missionary societies to send 'Bibles, Bibles and more Bibles.'

(source: The Effects of Japan's Earthquake). Refer to Irony alert -English Catholics claim 900 Anglican converts and Dwindling Church going in UK

Stealing children for overseas adoption in Asia

With the promise of providing their children an education, a Catholic priest from the neighboring district of Nagaland reportedly charged parents 10,000 rupees per child. ... [The parents] were shocked to discover that the children were not enrolled at St. Emmanuel's. In fact, they were not in any school at all--they had been placed in an orphanage.

Both Rome and its Protestant competitors have been particularly aggressive in efforts to convert the tribals. ... induce tribal mothers to relinquish baby girls shortly after birth. Often the mothers are promised that rich Westerners will adopt their daughters and they will live a "much better life."  -  Sins of the missionaries, by Stephen Welch

Globalization is another option evangelicals and their organisations have pounced on. It is also endorsed by the Pope and the Greek archbishop who hope it will become - "a globalisation of brotherhood in Christ".

(source:  Things they Don't Tell you about Christianity).

Kali Yuga: Religious conversions a fraud on humanity

Hindus fighting back Christian Conversion

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य
ग्लानिर्भवति भारत
तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ॥॥ - श्रीकृष्ण  -
The Bhagavad Gita


According to Jean-Louis Pierre Cardinal Tauran (1943 -) a French Cardinal with the Roman Catholic Church says that

"Conversion to Christianity would cure all diseases afflicting Indian 'caste-based discriminations".

Watch this moving Video America's native prisoners of war - By Aaron Huey - ted.com and Video: The fraud, the myth, the unsaintly Mother Teresa – By Christopher Hitchens and Betrayal of Trust: Clergy Abuse of Children - By Annie Laurie Gaylor

Pope Benedict says Child abuse is normal -  If child abuse in the Church is normal then why should caste be a problem at all?

Refer to Pope on Pedophilia & Caste in India and Kerala Christian priest held for sexual abuse of minor - indianrealist.com and From Pope Alexander VI to Pope John XXIII, the history of the papacy is a succession of scoundrels and saints and Casteim in Christianity and Dalit Christians threaten to reconvert - newkerala.com and Bishop, mend thyself! - On Dalit Christians and The Native blood.  Refer to Christianity, Apartheid and Racialism and Bible, Race & Slavery and  Dalit Christians - Still they face Discrimination in Christianity and Discriminated Dalits should sue church - By Sandhya Jain. Refer to Church Scandals around the World - time.com and The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests and Pope Benedict and The Vatican's Holocaust - By Avro Manhattan and Sexual depravity in God’s own church – Media Reports. Refer to Red Cross and the Vatican 'helped thousands of Nazis escape' - By Matthew Day and Nazis On The Run: How Hitler's Henchmen Fled Europe - By Gerald Steinacher

Christian Caste wall:  Discrimination even after Death?

Blatant Inequality and discrimination in the Christian graveyard?

Lower caste Dalit Christian converts buried to the right of the wall and upper caste Christian converts buried the the left of the wall, in a village in Tamilnadu - South India. Conversion hasn't helped none. Their life was better being a Hindu.

Refer to Strong Religion, Zealous Media - By Pradip Ninan Thomas and o Critique of Hindu American Foundation's Report on 'Caste' – By Rajiv Malhotra - vigilonline.com

Refer to Breaking India: Western Inventions and Dalit Faultlines - By Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan


Refer to The theft of yoga - By Dr. Aseem Shukla and The Rape of Yoga - By Aseem Shukla /Sheetal Shah. Refer to Caste matters to Christianity - By Manu Gupta.   Refer to Avalanche of Christian aid to India and Pope’s child porn 'normal' claim sparks outrage among victims - belfasttelegraph.com and Take your soul back

A religious conversions a fraud on humanity

Mahatma Gandhi called religious conversions a fraud on humanity. He wrote:

"If I had power and could legislate, I should certainly stop all proselytizing". "I resent the overtures made to Harijans." "Stop all conversion, it is the deadliest poison that ever sapped the fountain of truth."

Poverty doesn't justify conversion. 

The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi Volume 46. p.110 and Volume 61, p. 46-47  volume 64, p. 37 and 400 New Delhi 1968). For more refer to Mahatma Gandhi on The Christian Missionary Menace - Compiled by Swami Aksharananda).  Refer to Tamil Eelam: A Christian outfit - By BR Haran and Denigration of Buddhism & conversion of the vulnerable: Christianity’s latest ploy - By J Goonetilleke

Refer to USG-Vatican axis to promote conversions - Wikileaks. Refer to chapters on Conversion and European Imperialism. Refer to Things They Don't Tell You About Christianity. Also refer to Crusadewatch.org and Christianaggression.com and Predatory Proselytization and Pluralism - Hindu American Foundation. Refer to The St Thomas In India History Swindle - apostlethomasindia.wordpress.com and Mother Teresa, John Paul II, and the Fast-Track Saints - By Michael Parenti - author of the book God And His Demons

Destruction of Native Cultures and Wisdom by Christians in South America

Timely Lessons for Hindus

The Christian motto of the Second Crusade in 1147: "He who will not be baptised, shall die".

Might does not make it right


"There was a time when religion ruled the world. It is known as The Dark Ages”

                                                                     Ruth Hurmence Green, author, The Born Again Skeptic’s guide to the Bible.

John Paul II hoped that the coming millennium will see the cross firmly planted in Asia, just as it was in the Americas in previous millennia.

Refer to Christian Terrorism in India - Wikipedia.com and The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ – By Philip Pullman and  The Vatican's Holocaust - By Avro Manhattan

“Exiled in their own land, condemned to an external exodus, Latin America ’s native peoples were pushed into the poorest areas – arid mountains, the middle of deserts – as the dominant civilization extended its frontiers. The Indians have suffered, and continue to suffer, the curse of their own wealth; that is the drama of Latin America .” - Eduardo Galeano, (1940 -  ) Open Veins of Latin America

“Wherever the European had trod, death seems to pursue the aboriginal."  - Charles Darwin in The Voyage of the Beagle

 “The Catholic faith and Christian religion, especially in our times shall be exalted, broadened, and spread in every part of the world, salvation shall be sought for all souls, barbarian nations shall be subdued and led back to the faith.”  - Papal edict at the time Pope Alexander the 6th was dividing the world between the Spanish and Portuguese.

“Such inhumanities and barbarisms were committed in my sight as no age can parallel…they [the Spanish conquistadores] have done nothing but torture, murder, harass, afflict torment and destroy them [the native population] with extraordinary, incredible, innovative and previously unheard cruelty...” - Bartolome de las Casas, (1484 -1566)  in A Short History of the Destruction of the Indies.   Refer to The Book Your Church Doesn't Want You To Read - By Tim C Leedom.

“When the occupation is as long and irreversible as it has been in the Americas , resistance passes through many phases before it is either crushed conclusively or manages to achieve a partial solution to the dilemma of conquest and survival.” Ronald Wright, (1948 - ) in Stolen Continents

“The rape of accumulated treasure was followed by the systematic exploitation of the forced labour of Indians and abducted Africans in the mines.” - Eduardo Galeano, in Open Viens

“… true purpose was to capture Indians: to draw from their veins the red gold which has always been the mine of that province.”                       -António Vieira, S.J., (1608 - 1697) 1656 on the expeditions to enslave natives).

(source: Latin America and Caribbean: Landscapes of Inequality).  Refer to Bumping off Hindu Leaders: Conversion mafia behind attacks on Hindu leaders - By Rajeev Srinivasan and Pope calls Christians the most persecuted - democraticunderground.com Refer to US Govt funded Christian missionaries to Haiti and Onward Christian Soldiers . . . To Hypocrisy - By William Rivers Pitt and The Destruction of the Bagdad Museum and  Christianity and War and Christian Missionaries Go Home - By Jon - stickmanbangkok.com and Christian Fanaticism in Sri Lanka - crusadewatch.org and Christians 'should stop evangelising in India'


Celebrate and Respect global religious diversity, stupid


Gore Vidal (1925 -   )  well known American writer, the eminent historian, and a public figure for over fifty years, in his Lowell Lecture at Harvard University given April 20, 1996 observed:

“When the white race broke out of Europe 500 years ago,… inspired by a raging sky-god, the whites were able to pretend that their conquests were in order to bring the One God to everyone, particularly those with older and subtler religions. .

(source: Monotheism and its discontent - By Gore Vidal). Refer to chapter on European Imperialism.

You (Jews) shall not merely be deported. You shall be killed. And this will be your punishment for your killing of our saviour.”

              – Slovakian Catholic Archbishop Karol Kmetko, responding to Jewish plea for assistance from Nazi persecution (March of 1942)


Hindus Fighting back Conversion in India

"I found Christianity very stifling" - Brad Pitt - Hollywood star

For long, Bharat has been the special target of church worldwide. To church, the Hindus represent the greatest stumbling block in grand design to establish Christ’s kingdom on earth. The poor, illiterate and mild Vanvasi Hindus are an obvious target in this nefarious design. For years, under the garb of social service, the church has been spreading its tentacles in far-flung, Vanvasi regions of the country. The converted Vanvasis become alienated from their customs and traditions. They also get uprooted from their cultural milieu. Conversion to Christianity is invariably associated with separatism and terrorism as is evident in North-East Bharat. There are several areas in our country which have become hotbeds of Christian missionary activities. The Dangs district in Gujarat is one such area.

The word Dang is a corruption of Dandakaranya, the legendary forest where Sri Ram and Lakshman spent some time while in exile. It is in this region that Shabari Mata, the immortal devotee of Sri Ram met her Lord and lovingly offered Him sweet berries which she had tasted herself.



Lord Ram and Pampa Sarovar

The word Dang is a corruption of Dandakaranya, the legendary forest where Sri Ram and Lakshman spent some time while in exile. It is in this region that Shabari Mata, the immortal devotee of Sri Ram met her Lord and lovingly offered Him sweet berries which she had tasted herself.

Watch Mangal Bhavan Amangal Haari and What is wrong with India? - By D A Joseph and Where is India in the Encounter of Civilizations? - By Rajiv Malhotra and The question of St. Thomas origin of Indian Christianity - By Prof. C. I. Issac. Watch this moving Video America's native prisoners of war - By Aaron Huey - ted.com. Refer to The Unholy Mission is On - By Rina Mukherji and The Hoax of St. Thomas - By V Sundaram


The spot where this meeting took place is located on Chamak hill in this region. There is a temple of Shabari Mata at this site. The picturesque Pampa Sarovar (lake) is located in this region. Situated on the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra, this district is pre-dominantly inhabited by Vanvasi Hindus. The district has 352 villages; the district headquarter is Ahwa. The town of Navapur in Maharashtra is close to the Dangs district of Gujarat.

It is pertinent to note that the first church was established in Dangs district in 1904. Since then, conversions to Christianity had been progressing at an alarming rate. In the period 1991-2001, the Christian population grew by a massive 400 per cent! The process of self-alienation and separatism which inevitably accompanies conversion had become visible in Dangs. Makeshift, illegal churches had mushroomed in cowsheds and residential areas. These churches were unregistered and illegal. Such was the terrorism of Christian activists that it had become unsafe for Hindus to move out of their houses after dusk. It was in the midst of such hostile conditions that a Hindu swami descended upon Dangs.

Arrival of Swami Aseemanand

A Bengali by birth, Swami Aseemanand has spent several years in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. His innovative and bold methods in arousing the latent feeling of Hindutva amongst the Vanvasis made him a byword in the field of Hindu awakening. Little wonder than that Christian zealots made many murderous attempts on his life. Deeply concerned by the Christianisation of Dangs, Swamiji resolved to stay in Dangs and foil the designs of Christian missionaries. It was in August 1997 that this saffron-clad sannyasi set foot in Dangs. All that he carried with him in this unfamiliar and hostile terrain were around 500 lockets of Hanuman and an unshakeable resolve! He would knock the door of each house and would ask the inmates one question, "Are you Hindu or Christian?" At the house of one such Hindu, Swamiji asked him, "May I spend the night in your house?" The Hindu gladly welcomed Swamiji. Swamiji kept his luggage, distributed the Hanuman lockets to the children and asked them to bring their Hindu friends in the evening for a Ram katha. That night, Dang witnessed the first ever Dharma Sabha. Sensing danger, Christian missionaries asked Swamiji, "What brings you here?" The Swami posed them the same question. We have come here to serve the people replied the Christian missionaries. "I have come here to drive away those who have come here to serve," retorted the Swami. That was the beginning of the Hindu awakening in the Dangs.

Hindu awakening in the Dangs

In 1998, 25000 Christians embraced the religion of their forefathers in just two months. The submissive Hindu who had been hitherto terrorised by the Christian missionaries began to assert himself. Hindu jaage, Christi bhaage became a popular slogan of the Vanvasis of Dangs. From 1998-2004, a total of 55 Vishal Hindu Sammelans were organised. These were attended by a total of four lakh Hindus. As Hindus objected to conversion activities of Christian missionaries, clashes broke out.
The so-called mainstream media used this pretext to tarnish the Hindus. In December 2004, press reporters from 40 countries descended upon the Dangs and spread a misinformation campaign. As a result, the court restrained the Hindus from conducting any public ceremony around Christmas in future. Meanwhile, the tide of Hindu awakening only swelled. Today, Christian conversion activities have come to a halt not only in Dangs but also in the surrounding twelve districts.

In 2002, Hindu activists approached the famed Ramayana kathakar Sri Morari Bapu and requested him, "You mesmerise thousands with Ram Katha. We request you to organise Ram Katha in Dangs wher Sri Ram Himself spent some time". Sri Morari Bapu readily agreed. The tremendous response overwhelmed Sri Morari Bapu. In the course of his speech, he spontaneously expressed the desire that a formal kumbh be organised at the spot where Shabari Mata had met Sri Ram. Sri Morari Bapu’s desire was taken up as an order to be implemented. Thus was born the idea of Shabari Kumbh.

Scale of the Shabari Kumbh

Organising a kumbh in a remote, heavily forested area was a nightmare as far as logistics was concerned. It required steely resolve, meticulous planning and precision to make the programme a grand success. The 352 villages in Dangs district had no electricity, or roads; the town of Ahwa is a good 35 km from the proposed site of the kumbh. There are no medical facilities or eateries in the vicinity. But the famed organisational might of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and other like-minded organisations was in full gear. Realising the importance of such a venture to the state of Gujarat, the state government of Shri Narendra Modi extended full co-operation. Planning started atleast one and a half years ago. A 250-200 hectare site was chosen for the kumbh. The state government undertook construction of roads on a war footing. All the 352 villages of Dangs got electrification. A total of 22 check dams were built on the river that feeds the Pampa Sarovar where the holy bath was to take place. A total of 20 lakh Vanvasis resided in an area of 80 km around Dangs. A survey of 5000 villages in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh was completed in the initial phase. Around 30-35 lakh Vanvasis were contacted in this massive exercise. An estimated six lakh Hindus attended the kumbh; of these, around two lakh stayed for all three days. To arrange for their lodging, 40 townships each with a capacity of 5000 people, were erected. Each township had 100 workers to look after various arrangements such as security, food, medical aid etc. Thus a total of 4000 workers were required to look after the arrangements in the townships; an additional 2000 workers were involved in other arrangemets.

About 388 Vanvasi janajatis and 137 urban jatis which were currently facing missionary onslaughts were represented at the kumbh. Further, dharmacharyas from all over the country including 800 Vanvasi saints attended the kumbh and took part in the deliberations. 

Each participant was given a locket of his ishtadevata. Around 20 lakh lockets, 5 lakh Hanuman Chalisa and 5 lakh bhagwa dhwaj were distributed. The success of this campaign like the one led by Swami Laxmanananda in Kandhamal enraged the anti-Hindu forces. The UPA is in the forefront of this conspiracy. Now the saintly person is falsely charged with terror links. An attempt to discredit him and destroy his work.

(source: Hindus fighting back Christian conversion - haindavakeralam.com). Refer to History of Ancient India: Distorted and Mutilated and Wikileaks Refer to Scandals in the Catholic Church - politicsdaily.com. Refer to Christian missionary behind Nithyananda sex scandal: Ranjitha - dnaindia.com and Christian mafia in Indian media - indianrealist.com and Another “Dalit” turns out to be a Christian - indianrealist.com and End of Days in May? Christian group spreads word - yahoonews.com and Family Radio Worldwide

Bumping off Hindu leaders in India

Is there a powerful mafia working tirelessly to convert Hindus?


"We must get rid of that Christ, we must get rid of that Christ!" - So spake one of the wisest, one of the most lovable of men, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"If I had my way the world would hear a pretty stern command - Exit Christ." - said Thomas Carlyle  (quote source -Refer to The Book Your Church Doesn't want You to Read - By Tim C Leedom

"There is one notable thing about our Christianity: bad, bloody, merciless, money-grabbing and predatory as it is -- in our country particularly, and in all other Christian countries in a somewhat modified degree -- it is still a hundred times better than the Christianity of the Bible, with its prodigious crime -- the invention of Hell. Measured by our Christianity of to-day, bad as it is, hypocritical as it is, empty and hollow as it is, neither the Deity nor His Son is a Christian, nor qualified for that moderately high place. Ours is a terrible religion. The fleets of the world could swim in spacious comfort in the innocent blood it has spilt."

                                             -  Mark Twain - Reflections on Religion in 1906.  Watch this moving Video America's native prisoners of war - By Aaron Huey - ted.com

"If Christ were here now there is one thing he would not be -- a Christian." - Mark Twain in Notebook.

"The Bible is one of the most genocidal books in history." - Noam Chomsky

"But since the 12th century, starting with the Islamic invasions and colonizing European missionaries to today, India faces a different kind of religious visitor -- one that seeks not to sweeten the milk, but curdle it." - Suhag A Shukla - The Question of Evangelism in India - huffingtonpost.com

Note:  The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) and other human rights groups have long decried these laws against fraudulent conversion that have emerged throughout the 10-40 Window, or as is more affectionately referred to by some missionaries, "The Resistance Belt." Human rights violation or denial of religious freedom are the frequently recited mantras in these "watch-dog" circles. But as adherents and advocates of a non-proselytizing, non-exclusivist, pluralistic tradition, we at the Hindu American Foundation have always asked -- the religious freedom of whom? The freedom of foreign missionaries to proselytize and prey upon vulnerable, generally poor people to convert them to a myopic religious worldview that denigrates or denies the legitimacy of all other traditions, or that of adherents of mostly non-exclusivist and pluralistic traditions, to be treated medically, educated, or employed without having to sell their souls?

(source: The Question of Evangelism in India - By Suhag A Shukla - huffingtonpost.com). Refer to Uncle Sam’s world is collapsing - By Dr Ramesh Rao - dailypioneer.com


What do Aseemanand, Lakshmananda and the Kanchi Swami have in common? They were all making things difficult for Christian missionaries to meet their conversion targets, and they paid for that ‘sin’. There is a sinister pattern – if you stand in the way of the conversion mafia, they will liquidate you.

Aseemanand’s social and educational work for decades in the tribal Dangs district of Gujarat has been highly appreciated by the tribals themselves. But he has been jailed on flimsy charges, likely tortured, and what sounds suspiciously like a ‘confession-at-the-point-of-a-gun’ has been wrung out of him.

Lakshmananda, the octogenarian monk who worked for thirty years in Orissa’s tribal areas, was the subject of many death threats; he was physically assaulted; and finally he and others in his ashram were gunned down with AK-47s.

Sinister plan to liquidate or Humiliate Hindu Leaders

A relentless push of predatory proselytizers?

Red carpet for Islamic Terrorists but violence for Hindus of India?



Swami Aseemanand, Swami Lakshmananda, Swami Nityananda

Kanchi Shankaracharya

These Hindu leaders were all making things difficult for missionaries to meet their conversion targets, and they paid for that ‘sin’. There is a sinister pattern – if you stand in the way of the conversion mafia, they will liquidate you.

Refer to The question of St. Thomas origin of Indian Christianity - By Prof. C. I. Issac and Christian Terrorism in India - Wikipedia.com. Refer to The violence of conversion - By Dr Aseem Shukla and The Agenda of the Church in Sri Lanka and India - By Thamizhchelvan - vijayvaani.com and Why this war on Hinduism? - By George Thundiparambil and  Using “Hindu terror” to grab headlines - By Swapan Dasgupta and The St Thomas In India History Swindle - apostlethomasindia.wordpress.com

Refer to Breaking India: Western Inventions and Dalit Faultlines - By Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan and No place for Conversion in a ‘secular’ nation - Wadhwa Commission - vijayvaani.com and Media Crooks: India's worst Journalist

Refer to Kill the Mocking Bill!  - By George Augustine and Ramlila Maidan: Sonia Maino Gandhi’s GESTAPO project - By  Sandhya Jain and Violence for peaceful citizens at Ramlila Grounds, red carpet for terrorists   - By Nancy Kaul

Refer to Hands off the treasures that belong to Lord Vishnu - By R Vaidyanathan and Temple looting in Kerala: Yesterday and today – By Leela Tampi and Padmanabha Temple treasure and British loot - By Senthil


The Kanchi Swami was humiliated – tejovadham – on trumped-up charges; he was jailed like a common criminal (as though house arrest were unknown in India), in a deliberate effort to damage the prestige of the Kanchi Sankara Matham. The Kanchi Swami’s ‘crime’? He has been active among the scheduled castes in Tamil Nadu, ensuring their inclusion in what had long been criticized as an upper-caste institution.

The list is endless: there is the Bangalore monk Nityananda – wasn’t it quite amazing that minutes after his allegedly compromising videos were flashed on TV, there was a self-organizing ‘irate mob’ available to burn down his ashram? After all the righteous indignation, when the alleged woman in the video – actress Ranjitha – said that the whole thing was fabricated by a missionary, who is also issuing death threats against her, that was blanked out by the pliant media.

Refer to India’s secular media is the most corrupt in the world and Corrupt journalist of India. Refer to Sonia Gandhi’s Night of Shame – By Radha Rajan

Possible reason for the wrath against Nityananda: the charismatic, lower-caste monk was seen as a role model, and was attracting large numbers of young followers from the lower castes. Then there were the persistent allegations against the Sai Baba of Puttaparthi regarding pedophilia – it turned out that when challenged in court, the accusers simply had no leg to stand on.

If you put two and two together, it can be seen that there is a Vietnam, or a South Korea, developing in India. These Buddhist-dominated nations were rapidly Christianized in the post-war period; Buddhist monks were seen self-immolating in South Vietnam, in self-sacrificing protest against religious oppression at the hands of Catholic tyrants like Madame Nhu.

Similarly, South Korea, for long a Buddhist-majority nation, was turned in five decades into a Bible-thumping country. In India’s northeast, of course, converted Nagas now demand a separate Christian Naga nation. Violent Christian terrorist groups massacre Hindus – Shanti Tripura, a Hindu monk, was shot dead (ah, the signature AK-47 again) in his temple. The same with Bineshwar Brahma, Hindu Bodo leader and litterateur. Then there are the Hindu Reang tribals, 45,000 of whom were ethnically cleansed from Tripura for refusing to convert.

This pattern of abuse suggests that there is indeed a systematic, sinister plan in action.

(source: Conversion mafia behind attacks on Hindu leaders - By Rajeev Srinivasan). Refer to Things They Don't Tell You About Christianity and Crusadewatch.org and Christianaggression.com.

Refer to 'De-baptism' in Belgium in wake of child abuse scandal - yahoonews.com - The child abuse scandals rocking Belgium's powerful Catholic Church are also shaking the faith of followers, with more and more people asking to be struck off baptism registers -- a global movement known as "de-baptism". "When you don't agree with an organisation that you never chose to join in the first place, the healthiest thing to do is to leave," Damien Spleeters.  In this mainly Catholic country of 10 million people, the 24-year-old is among a growing crowd exasperated by church policy on issues such as AIDS, and angered by revelations last year of massive child abuse by priests and lay workers.

Telangana for Christ: Indian Government funds for building Churches?

While participating in the Christmas celebrations at the Methodist church in Hyderabad, K Chandrasekhara Rao said that Christians will get their due rights only in the new state. “I have alloted 25 lakhs for building a church in Mahboobnagar, and will be spending similarly every year,” he said. “When the Telangana state is formed, I undertake to build churches with government money. There will always be one slot reserved for Christians in the state cabinet.”

(source:  Telangana for Christ - indianrealist.com). Refer to chapter on Conversion and European Imperialism and Things They Don't Tell You About Christianity. Also refer to Crusadewatch.org and Christianaggression.com and Self-Contradictions of the Bible - By William Henry Burr and Biblical Nonsense: A Review of the Bible for Doubting Christians - By Jason Long and Christian Fundamentalism and Science


Christians Burning The Bhagavad Gita in India

Monotheism, through its simple insistence on one god, alone, paved the way for religious intolerance.

“More people have been killed in the name of Jesus Christ than any other name in the history of the world.” - Gore Vidal


Lords Salvation Army of India plan to burn The Bhagavad Gita and Mahabharata in Hyderabad, India on Jan 2nd 2011

(source: Churchists plan burning copies of Gita in Hyderabad - indianrealist.com). Refer to Koran burning in Ganiesville, Florida by Pastor Terry Jones - nytimes.com and Victims of Christian Faith. Refer to Hindujagruti.com and How Does the Vatican Decide What's a Miracle? - foreignpolicy.com

Intolerance of Monotheism?

"If anyone does not love the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be accursed!" 1 Corinthians 16.22.

Ernest Renan (1823 - 1892) French write had written in similar terms:

"The intolerance of the Semitic peoples is the inevitable consequence of their monotheism. The Indo-European peoples, before they converted to Semitic ideas, had never considered their religion an absolute truth. Rather, they conceived of it as a heritage of the family, or the caste, and in this way they remained foreign to intolerance and proselytism. This is why we find among these peoples the liberty of thought, the spirit of inquiry and individual research."

(source: Monotheism vs. Polytheism - By Alain de Benoist). Refer to the Intolerance of Monotheism

"No ancient religion, except that of the Hebrew people has known such a degree of intolerance"  

                                                          - says Emile Gillabert in Moise et le phénomène judéo-chrétien (1976).

Pitrim Sorokin (1889-1968) Russian-American sociologist of Harvard University has said: 

"During the past few centuries the most belligerent, the most aggressive, the most rapacious, the most power-drunk section of humanity has been precisely, the Christian Western world. 

During these centuries western Christendom had invaded all other continents; its armies followed by priests and merchants have subjugated, robbed or pillaged most of the non-Christians.

Native Americans, African, Australian, Asiatic populations have been subjugated to this peculiar brand of Christian "love" which has generally manifested itself in pitiless destruction, enslavement, coercion, destruction of the cultural values, institutions, the way of life of the victims and the spread of alcoholism, venereal disease, commercial cynicism and the like."

Watch this moving Video America's native prisoners of war - By Aaron Huey - ted.com

(source: History of Hindu-Christian Encounters - By Sita Ram Goel  South Asia Books July 1990 ISBN 9990049173 p. 370).  Refer to The Bible Unmasked - by Joseph Lewis. Refer to Christianity’s criminal history – By Karlheinz Deschner Refer to The Unspoken Bible and Malabar, 1811: The long road to freedom from slavery - By N P Chekkutty

Robert Taylor (1784 - 1844) in his book Syntagma of the Evidences of the Christian Religion  p. 32 (1828) wrote:

“If eleven hundred years are justly called the Dark Ages — how can mankind be said to have been enlightened by the Gospel?”

(Note:  The Catholic Church is responsible for the Dark Ages. The Church systematically burned all books of knowledge, including the burning of entire libraries, and forbad people from teaching anything other than Church doctrine, burning at the stake anyone who taught anything else. Within a generation all knowledge had been wiped out. Refer to The Inquisition).


Burning of Bhagavad Gita – the ‘S O S’ from a sinking ship

"Santiago" was the battle cry, (in conquest of America) and the name would often be shouted out by the soldiers in their massacre of the Native Indians."
  - Stephen Knapp, author of the book, The Universal Path to Enlightenment

The cry "Santiago" became a call for the heavenly power to purge the Earth of all non-Christians infidels, no matter if they were Muslims or Jews in Europe, Hindus or Natives of the Americas. 

“Thank God I am black. White people will have a lot to answer for at the last judgment.”

             - Desmond Tutu (1931- ) Archbishop of Capetown, South Africa. Refer to Christianity, Apartheid and Racialism


The reason for burning of Gita by the poor evangelists is that “Gita promoting violence’. Let us examine the reason and cause of hither to all the violence was taken place in the world. The responsibility straightly goes to the shoulders of Abrahamic religions. Abrahamic religions’ intolerance was the main reason behind all wars hither to. The entire period until the First World War of the CE is the story of religious wars. All further wars are the outcome of greed and imperialistic designs; an extension of Holy Roman Empire in modern times.

It is not a new challenge to Hinduism. From the dawn of second millennium Hindus successfully responded to the challenges of burning of holy texts. Muslims, Ghazni, Ghore, Sultans of Deccan, Aurangzeb, Nadir Sha, Ahammed Sha Abdali, Mongols, Huns, Missionaries, etc all burned the Hindu holy texts and its Universities on several occasions. Further the British attempted to wipe out the message of Hindu holy texts from the minds of the Hindus through their educational experiments. Still it survives in every minds of Hindustan. The idiotic Christians are in fool’s paradise. That why they are thinking about burning the Sruti texts of India. The Church in the third millennium is a sinking ship and their call for burning Gita is only an “S OS” from the same.

(Refer to chapters on Islamic Onslaught and European Imperialism.  Refer to chapter on Yoga and Hindu Philosophy and Hindu Scriptures

The reason for burning of Gita by the poor evangelists is that “Gita promoting violence’. Let us examine the reason and cause of hither to all the violence was taken place in the world. The responsibility straightly goes to the shoulders of Abrahamic religions. Abrahamic religions’ intolerance was the main reason behind all wars hither to. The entire period until the First World War of the CE is the story of religious wars. All further wars are the outcome of greed and imperialistic designs; an extension of Holy Roman Empire in modern times. 

The bible itself is not a text of peace. The message of bible is either destruction of heathens or the conversion of them. Court of Inquisition functioned for more than 1600 years to the popularization of Christ and his tenets. On the other hand Hindu texts including Gita are standing for Dharma and Karma. That is why India has to tell the story of peaceful co-existence of mankind in this holy [punya-bhoomi] land through generations. Its ancient text Rig Veda notifies that “eakam sat vipra bahuta vatanti”; that is, truth is one and the same only difference is in the path to attain the Ultimate Truth. But the bible commands “worship no god but me”. [See: Exodus, Chapter XX, Verse 3]. That is why Francis Xavier uttered: “When I have finished baptizing the people, I order them to destroy the huts in which they keep their idols; and I have them break the statues of their idols into tiny pieces, since they are now Christians. I could never come to an end describing to you the great consolation which fills my soul when I see idols being destroyed by the hands of those who had been idolaters,” [From the Letters and Instructions of Francis Xavier, 1993, pp117-8]. One who peeps in to the history of ten thousand years of Hindu Rashtra it is difficult to trace any parallels to Francis Xavier.

It is the general Christian belief that bible is the Words of God almighty. But its message is barbaric and primitive and sounds like satanic verses. For instance: “If brethren dwell together, and one of them die and have no child, the wife of the dead shall not marry without unto a stranger: her husband’s brother shall go in unto her, and take her to him to wife and perform the duty of an husband’s brother unto her”. [Deuteronomy, Chapter XXV, Verse 5]. The New Testament is not only propagating antagonism but also violence. For instance look at the words of Jesus: “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the world. No, I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. I came to set sons against their fathers, daughters against their mothers, daughters-in-law against their mothers-in law”. [Mathew, Chapter X, Verses 34 & 35]. The disciples of Jesus accompanied him with weapons. Is it for non-violence? “One of those who were with Jesus drew his sword and struck at High Priest’s slave, cutting off his ear”. [Mathew Chapter XXVI, Verse 51]. Then how you can criticize Gita?  

Thus bible and its tenets together with Missionaries had wiped out hundreds of marvelous civilizations from the face of world permanently and irrecoverably. St. Paul notes that: “For I walked through your city and looked at the places where you worship, I found an altar on which is written, ‘To an Unknown God’. That, which you worship, then, even though you do not know it, is what I now proclaim to you”. [Chapter XVII, Aphorism: 22]. Paul thus destroyed the highest philosophical tradition of Greeks that implied in the “To an Unknown God”.

For missionary end of conversion burning of Hindu texts may be an essential condition. But think that Hinduism survived several such ordeals and now it survives as ‘nectar of immortality’ to the modern West. O, book burners, before you burn it please read your bible well and then decide whether Gita or bible is to be burned first. “You lock the door to the Kingdom of heaven in people’s faces, and you yourselves don’t go in, nor do you allow those who are trying to enter”. [Mathew, Ch: XXIII, verse 13]. Before concluding it, I advice you that: “Why, then, do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, and pay no attention to the log in your own eye?” [Mathew, Ch: VII, verse 3].

(source: Burning of Bhagavad Gita – the ‘S O S’ from a sinking ship - By Prof. C. I. Issac). Refer to The question of St. Thomas origin of Indian Christianity - By Prof. C. I. Issac and The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests and The Agenda of the Church in Sri Lanka and India - By Thamizhchelvan - vijayvaani.com and The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ – By Philip Pullman and  The Dark Side of Christian History - By Helen Ellerbe

Refer to chapter on Yoga and Hindu Philosophy and Hindu Scriptures.  Refer to Why this war on Hinduism? - By George Thundiparambil and Hinduism under ThreatRefer to Mother Teresa, John Paul II, and the Fast-Track Saints - By Michael Parenti - author of the book God And His Demons

State Sponsored Christian Atrocities On Hindus of Meghalaya (North-East India)

At least 4 Hindus were killed by Christian Garos in East Garo Hills district of Meghalaya. Meghalaya Police actively took part in arson, looting and rioting with Christian Garo youth. More than 25 thousand Hindus (belonging to Rabha tribe) has been forced to leave their villages and took shelter in Assam where Sewa  Bharati  Purbanchal, a non-governmental group is running relief operation along with Assam government. This is the Hindu Persecution agenda by Christian radicals, which needs to be dealt firmly.

State Sponsored Christian terrorism in Meghalaya leave 4 dead and 25,000 refugees).

Vedic Culture: The Last Bastion of Deep Spiritual Truth

"In the family of religions, Hinduism is the wise old all-knowing mother. Its sacred books, the Vedas, claim, 'Truth is one, but sages call it by different names.' If only Islam, and all the rest of the monotheistic 'book' religions, had learned that lesson, all the horror of history's religious wars could have been avoided. Which other religion has its God say, as Krishna does in the Bhagavad Gita, 'All paths lead to me.'

- Robert R. C. Zaehner (1913-1974) British historian of religion.

 "These books were seen by our Christian clergy, and even I saw part of those that were burned by the monks, apparently because they thought [they] might harm the Indians in matters concerning religion, since at that time they were at the beginning of their conversion." - Fr. Bartolomé de las Casas. (Fray Diego de Landa, second bishop of the Yucatán ordered a mass destruction of Mayan books in 1562).


Stephen Knapp (Sri Nandanandana Dasa) ( ? ) American born author of several books including The Secret Teachings of the Vedas : The Eastern Answers to the Mysteries of Life and Proof of Vedic Culture's Global Existence.  He has written most eloquently about the need to preserve the Vedic heritage thus:

"So, why would I call Vedic culture the last bastion of deep spiritual truth? It does not take much to understand, at least after a little investigation, that the Vedic process of spiritual advancement promotes individual freedom of thought, complete liberty of inquiry, and the privilege of independent and personal development through one’s own spiritual experiences. This degree of latitude for self-discovery is found in few other cultures or spiritual processes.
The fact is that the Vedic literature consists of the oldest and most complete spiritual scriptures available. It contains more in-depth knowledge of the identity of the spiritual being and its connection with the universe and God than most anything else. It provides more information about the spiritual domain, the characteristics of God and our relationship with the Supreme.

Furthermore, the spiritual principles in the Vedic system are universal truths, meaning they can be applied in any time or place in the universe, and for any culture. In fact, even a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, or anyone can understand his or her own religion more deeply by investigating the Vedic spiritual knowledge.

The Vedic system expects the individual to make his or her own progress and not merely stay on the level of blind faith. The Vedic path does not rely on faith or beliefs alone, but offers the methodologies that a person can use to refine one’s consciousness. Then he or she can personally perceive the higher levels of reality and spiritual truths of which the Vedic instructions speak. In fact, the many Vedic holy men are often those who have had various levels of success in experiencing aspects of spiritual reality, and then can relay that information and directions to others. This is also why portions of Vedic philosophy are expressions of one’s spiritual experience, followed by instructions enabling others to reach that same experience in perceiving the Absolute Truth.


Vedic Culture: The Last Bastion of Deep Spiritual Truth


Lord Shiva

Vedic literature consists of the oldest and most complete spiritual scriptures available.

(image source:  webmaster's own collection of photos - Sackler Musuem).


The Vedic process allows full freedom to investigate spiritual matters and for one to ask all the questions that may come to mind, without restrictions or the possibility of being called a doubting person or a blasphemer. The Vedic approach knows that the Absolute can be perceived in different ways, thus the Vedic system accommodates this and allows for the individual to pursue the level of Truth that he or she wants to perceive. The Vedic path also makes no restrictions on our right to use whatever resources we can to help ourselves understand our spiritual nature. This it is why Vedic followers can look at any religion and find truth in it.

The Vedic system also acknowledges that we all have a unique relationship with God, and that this does not depend on the approval of a church, an institution, or a cleric or priest. It is eternal. The Vedic process merely provides the means or methodologies by which we can awaken that relationship and the awareness of our spiritual identity. By this approach, we stimulate our own perception of spiritual reality rather than merely being forced to accept a dogma presented by some religious institution.

On the other hand, we see the conventional religions of the West. They are often monotheistic constructs that are based primarily on faith, beliefs, and fear. Their faith is often directed toward the idea that if you follow what your church authorities tell you, or what you read in your scripture, you will go to heaven and be “saved”. Belief usually amounts to accepting something that is still beyond your experience. And fear in most religions is based on the idea that if you do not follow the tenants of your faith or church, or if you question it, you may find yourself being excommunicated and outcaste from your religion, or even told that you will go to hell.

Thus, you will have no relationship or connection with God. Fear in this regard is also displayed as a fanatical defense of one’s ideas, that everyone else but you and your clan are going to hell, and that you are the only ones who really know the truth. In this way, they allow for little freedom of thought or inquiry, or for the individual to seek out answers to questions that are not described in its scripture. Anything that is not included is labeled as either demonic or something that will lead one to hell.

One problem with the religions that primarily are based on belief and faith is that they can become an effective means of manipulating the masses who follow it. If you can convince people to believe that by doing something they can go to heaven, then you can get them to do almost anything. For example, Pope Urban II implied to the soldiers who were going out on the first crusade that if they died in the name of Christ, they would ascend to heaven and live in the association of God. Thus, they rode out to fearlessly and mercilessly conquer the “heathens” or non-believers, and were willing to die to reach heaven.

This is the same effect we see with the suicide bombers amongst the Palestinian youth or the insurgents in Iraq, that if they die in the name of Islam they will immediately go to the seventh level of heaven and take pleasure in wondrous gardens in the company of beautiful virgins. It is found that the more fantastic the heaven, the more hope and conviction will be seen in the followers. Nowadays you can imagine heaven to be whatever you need it to be. This gives impetus for you to do whatever you feel you should do for your beliefs, and have it justified by your religion. However, in actuality, in the Bible, the Koran, or Torah, there is little in the way of specific information of where or what is heaven. And this leaves much for the imagination. Nowadays you can imagine heaven to be whatever you need it to be. This gives impetus for you to do whatever you feel you should do for your beliefs, and have it justified by your religion. However, in actuality, in the Bible, the Koran, or Torah, there is little in the way of specific information of where or what is heaven. And this leaves much for the imagination.

In fact, some people of particular religions may feel it is their God-given mandate that when someone is a so-called non-believer, he should be converted and “saved” at whatever cost, and then deprived of any freedom to follow an alternative view. A person in another religion may brand “nonbelievers” as infidels, and thus feel it is his duty to convert, destroy or even kill such a person, and that doing so may even be a favor to God. In either case, they may use coercion, manipulation, or simply take advantage of poor and vulnerable people to bring them over to their faith. And in such cases, the people of these religions feel they are doing God’s work, and that they are justified in what they do.

However, it is refreshing to see that you usually do not have this kind of divisiveness or criticism in the Vedic system. It is much more open and provides the individual the freedom to pursue the level of experience that he or she needs in this lifetime for his or her own development and still be a part of the Vedic process.

Religion, when used improperly or without the real essence of spiritual truth, can also be a way of confining and restricting people of a wider understanding of the universe and themselves. This is done through the use of fear, guilt, violence, and the oppression of anything that shows a different view than what is being indoctrinated into society. It has been the most militant of religions that has suppressed the ancient avenues of reaching higher levels of understanding our multidimensional or spiritual nature. Thus, by mere blind faith in whatever the church or priests are giving us, or allowing us to know, we are kept in a lower consciousness than what is really possible. In this way, higher realms of thought, wisdom, love, and knowledge are kept away from the masses. After all, knowledge is power, and your ignorance is my strength. To keep power over others, the church and monotheistic religions in general have systematically abolished a wide range of spiritual and esoteric knowledge that would, otherwise, give mankind the ultimate freedom. And because people who understand their true spiritual nature and the power that lies within themselves become impossible to manipulate, it is necessary to keep this knowledge hidden.

In this regard, reports have been given about how huge libraries and collections of ancient and esoteric books have been destroyed or were kept out of circulation from the public. This indicates the methodical removal of various levels of spiritual and metaphysical knowledge from society, while claiming that anything other than the established doctrine of the church is satanic, evil, and hell bound. The Christian Inquisition, for example, was a wonderful method of producing this effect. Even today we can see how some people are so influenced by this tyrannical tendency that they still are afraid of looking at anything other than what the Church condones. However, most of these people are totally unaware of the “pagan” heritage found in Christianity or Judaism, which makes it very similar to pre-Christian ways, but with a different name. It is practically the same medicine in a different bottle. To remove this understanding from public knowledge, it became necessary that whenever Christianity or other militant religions conquered a country or culture, the first thing that was done was to capture or destroy all of the ancient sacred texts. However, any organization that destroys the ancient knowledge and historical records of a civilization is never going to present the true history of the world, or the spiritual wisdom of any previous culture. Thus, the view of history is controlled and the population is kept in ignorance and under subtle restraint. And the people who are allowed to understand any of the truth are those of the elite or who are already in power.

By taking a look at the history of the conventional or western religions, for example, a person can see to what extent such an institution will go to maintain power and control, especially when it feels threatened by what it does not understand. Furthermore, the dark history of Christianity represents the fanatically narrow-minded side of it that has continued to the present day in the form of fundamentalists thinking that if a religion or culture is not Christian, then it must be of the devil. Or at least its followers will not go to heaven. Such people are often ready to dismiss or criticize other spiritual paths and cultures without understanding them. They may see a ceremony or ritual of another religion and immediately say it is heathen or devil worship, without realizing that it is the worship of the same Supreme Being that they worship.

The straightjacket of Western theological dogma keeps a person from looking at additional resources that could supply answers for questions not considered in western thought, or at possibilities that are elementary in Eastern traditions. What’s wrong with learning newer ways of connecting with our higher selves, and with each other and with God? What’s wrong with allowing our hearts and minds to expand with new vibrancy, new insights and confidence? Why not allow ourselves new hope and understanding in regard to the purpose of the universe and the nature of God, even if we look to different sources of knowledge? Who knows what additional information we can add to what we already know, or newer ways to incorporate and develop ourselves into people who are better and more aware and spiritually developed. This is natural for those who participate in the Vedic system.

For these reasons, India must remain the homeland of a living and dynamic Vedic culture.

This will allow the world to retain some of the deepest knowledge and methods of attaining the most profound spiritual insights that have been known to mankind. India should defend itself from the risk of further partition or divisions. If India is divided up any further, Vedic culture could dwindle or even be lost over the long-term, except for small colonies of Vedic practitioners here and there. This may indeed be what many people would like to see. Yet, if Vedic culture is lost, the world will not even realize the treasure of human development that will disappear. Then such deep spiritual knowledge and insights will begin to permanently fade away from society.

Once India and Vedic culture is diluted or even gradually stamped out, along with other decreasing numbers of indigenous traditions, then the whole world will be fitted with the straightjacket of Western thought and monotheistic religion. Thus, it will be more easily controlled by the establishment that is connected with or promotes a single way of viewing human spiritual progress. Then individual freedom for the pursuit of higher understanding and spiritual happiness will be limited to the constraints as dictated by whatever regional monotheistic views reign in that area.

For this reason Vedic culture is the last bastion of deep and genuine spiritual truth and freedom. This is also why it should be clearly understood and preserved.

(source:  Vedic Culture: The Last Bastion of Deep Spiritual Truth - By Stephen Knapp). Refer to The Agenda of the Church in Sri Lanka and India - By Thamizhchelvan - vijayvaani.com.  Refer to The Christian propaganda in Stephen Hawking’s work - By C K Raju and Indian history as a negotiation - 2ndlook.wordpress.com


In this Kali Yuga: Transforming of a Hindu Civilization

Religious Apartheid in Modern India


Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888-1975) was one of the most profound philosophers of this century, author and educationalist. In 1926, he was deputed by Calcutta University as the university delegate to the Congress of the Universities of the British Empire. He was elected Fellow of the British Academy in 1940, first Indian to be thus honored. After Independence, when Nehru decided to send Radhakrishnan to the Soviet Union as ambassador, many wondered how a scholar would deal with a dictator like Stalin. He was also a professor of Eastern Religions at Oxford and later became the second President of free India.

“Unfortunately Christian religion inherited the Semitic creed of the ‘jealous god’ in the view of Christ as ‘the only begotten son of God’, and so could not brook any rival near the throne. 

When Europe accepted the Christian religion, in spite of its own broad humanism, it accepted the fierce intolerance which is the natural result of belief in ‘the truth once for all delivered to the saints’. Finality of conviction easily degenerates into the spirit of fanaticism, autocratic, over-positive, and bloodthirsty. It is terribly nervous of free thinking and puts down by force all deviations from orthodoxy. Whatever is in conflict with the closed dogma is said to be unscriptural and therefore false. Evolution is an error and witch-burning a duty. Ancient ignorance is sanctified as revealed truth. “

(source: Eastern Religions & Western Thought - By. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan p. 325).  Refer to Sannyasis or snake oil salesman?and Inculturation: Fooling the Hindu Masses - By Nithin Sridhar

Hans Koning (1921- 2007) author of 40 books including The conquest of America: How the Indian nations lost their continent and Columbus: His Enterprise: Exploding the Myth wrote:

"From the beginning, the Spaniards saw the native Americans as natural slaves, beasts of burden, part of the loot. When working them to death was more economical than treating them somewhat humanely, they worked them to death. The English, on the other hand, had no use for the native peoples. They saw them as devil worshippers, savages who were beyond salvation by the church, and exterminating them increasingly became accepted policy."

(source:  Hans Koning - nytimes.com). 

Nicol Macnicol (1870 - 1952) Professor and author of Is Christianity Unique has observed:

“If other faiths are able to develop spiritual qualities ‘which strike us Christians dumb’, is there any need for ousting them?

(source: The Gospel, Christianity and other faiths - By Nicol Macnicol p. 52). Evangelical Intrusions, Tripura: A Case Study - By Sandhya Jain and Gold, Greed and Genocide in the Americas and A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present - By Ward Churchil


Dr. Moorthy Muthuswamy (?)  was born and brought up in India where he was exposed to political Islam and jihad. His journey as a scientist began in 1979 when he enrolled in Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (India) to pursue a graduate degree in physics. He is the author of the book Defeating Political Islam has written about the religious apartheid that is taking place in Modern India thus:

"At long last India has arrived -- it has finally emerged after a thousand year alien rule first under the invaders from West Asia, and later under the British colonisers.

Soon after India's independence in 1947, thanks to the foresighted ventures of establishing new educational institutions in engineering, technology and management, and infrastructure development, wealth creation and the accompanying socio-economic development became feasible.

The constitution of India prepared in the 1940s reflects the land where literacy rate stood at 12 percent - and the one ruled by an alien power, the British colonisers. A constitution created under these circumstances -- although much influenced by the British counterpart -- was going to have certain quirks or flaws. One such a flaw, as explained here, has since led to egregious religious apartheid practices, and more.

For any emergent or modern nation, it would indeed be downright shameful, and even outright inconceivable to blatantly discriminate against its citizens, especially its majority community. This reminds one of the white apartheid-rule in South Africa.

One may be surprised to learn that in India, of all nations, similar practices are taking place.

Refer to Foreign hand: Christian bodies top donors, receivers - By J Gopalkrishnan - indianrealist.com.  Refer to Breaking India: Western Inventions and Dalit Faultlines - By Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan and Media Crooks: India's worst Journalist

Religious Discriminations in Education and Employment 

Recently, St. Stephen's College, an elite Christian missionary-controlled higher education institution located in New Delhi shocked many by declaring that it was setting up a quota system that allots 50 percent of its student enrolment for the Christians.

For a nation used to coveting college education in elite institutions, the news was devastating:

"Even as getting into this [St. Stephen's] college is so difficult and now if they cut down the seats for general category, where will we go? This is really unfair."

So said a young Delhi college hopeful named Arya Pakriti, presumed to be a member of the majority Hindu community.

A stunning fact: About 95 percent of the college's expenses are paid by the taxpayers, with the majority community contributing most of it. Interestingly, according to the 2001 census figures, Christian population in New Delhi constitutes just one percent. Indeed, Indian taxpayers appear to be subsidising the selective empowerment of Christians in St. Stephen's College at the expense of deserving non-Christians.

A Supreme Court ruling based on Article 30 of the Indian Constitution was used by the St. Stephen's management to justify these religious discriminations.

Refer to Crusadewatch.org and ChristianAggression.com.  Refer to Wikileaks is good for the Third World - by Atanu Dey - deesha.org and Bumping off Hindu Leaders: Conversion mafia behind attacks on Hindu leaders - By Rajeev Srinivasan

In 1993, the Government of India notified that the Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Zoroastrians (Parsis) are considered "minority."[7] Article 30 of the Indian constitution allows religious minority communities regardless of their socio-economic status to allot up to 50 percent of student enrolment and employment for members of their own communities in educational institutions administered by them even if the institutions are getting aid from the government.[8] The definition of minority applies at the national level -- meaning that in the Indian states of Mizoram and Punjab where Christians and Sikhs are majorities respectively, and the Hindus are a minority, Article 30 still applies to the Christians and Sikhs in these states as minorities, and the Hindus there as majority.

Refer to Wikipedia says, Sonia Gandhi has $18.66 billion in Swiss Bank accounts

Christian minorities are also, not surprisingly, getting preferential employment in missionary-controlled educational institutions, again justified on the basis of Article 30. For example, the percentages of teaching staff belonging to the Christian faith in missionary-controlled, but taxpayer-funded American College, Union Christian College and St. Xavier's College are 66, 83 and 42 respectively. But the percentages of Christians in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharashtra, where these colleges are located are just 7, 19 and 1 respectively,[10] clearly suggesting the role of religious discriminations in hiring. It appears that these lawful discriminatory practices encompass just about all Christian denominations and cut across the nation. The temptation to discriminate is driven by the highly beneficial manner of the reservations as well as by their lawful nature.

If the percentage of missionary-controlled educational institutions is proportional to the Christian minority population percentage, these discriminations, while hardly justifiable for a nation that calls itself "secular," are unlikely to have an adverse impact. However, here's the gist of the problem: the 2.3 percent (2001 census figures) Christian minorities control over 22 percent (almost ten times their population percentage) of all educational institutions in India (i.e., over 40,000 of them).

World over, people began to raise their voices against the cruelty and immorality of the apartheid practices in South Africa. But in India, the larger-than-life implications of similar practices have yet to be realised -- and, let alone be addressed.

Indeed, best-selling author Ramachandra Guha himself an alumni of St. Stephen's gets it only half right when he calls the reservation policies of his former college, "unethical."

The discriminatory policies induced by Article 30 of the Indian constitution, arguably, violate Articles 23 and 26 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN Charter) to which India is a signatory.[22] Specifically, "the right to work, to free choice of employment," mentioned in Article 23 and, "higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit," mentioned in Article 26 appear to be violated. Therefore, Article 30-induced discriminations constitute human rights violations as well.

The Hindu majority has become under-privileged in part due to centuries of alien rule in which they were shut out of power and were discriminated against.

By their own accounts, the Christian minorities are easily among the most empowered in India. The other sizable minority, the Sikhs, are also better off compared to the majority community, as most of them live in the fertile state of Punjab. In this context, Article 30 is not only hard to justify, but it can be seen to extend hardships the majority community underwent for centuries, albeit this time by successive governments it helped to elect.

Education and employment is a necessary path to empowerment and a ticket out of poverty. India's own constitution-induced discriminations, that allow religious preferences to dictate over merit, deny unfairly a path out of poverty for millions of innocent children and youths. These discriminations show the sheer absurdity of the Right to Education Act[28] passed recently by the Indian parliament, as many of the best schools and colleges in the nation are controlled by the missionaries who discriminate against the nearly 95 percent of the nation's population as a matter of policy.

Significant funds continue to flow from abroad for missionary work in India One may wonder why the majority Hindu community, like the missionaries, couldn't establish more education institutions and run them. The missionaries, unlike the largely impoverished majority community, have been a fortunate recipient of largesse worth hundreds of millions of dollars every year from abroad, and other benefits such as government-allotted free land for establishing educational institutions (provided only to the minorities).

In the long run, what is at stake is more than India's retarded development or egregious human rights violations.

Transforming of a Civilisation through Apartheid Policies.

In white-ruled South Africa, the blacks couldn't escape the racial apartheid, as they couldn't possibly alter their physical attributes. However, in India, education-deprived Hindu majority could escape the religious apartheid, by converting to a minority religion. 

This conversion "version" of segregation may have already happened in certain regions of India. The northeast Indian states of Nagaland and Mizoram had less than a 1 percent Christian population percentage at the beginning of the past century. However, by the 1991 census year, the Christian populations in these two states had increased to almost 90 percent. Unlike in most of the rest of India, the missionaries were pioneers in bringing education and other civic amenities to these under-developed regions. Adding this to the missionaries' overwhelming control of educational institutions there probably led to the rapid conversion of the natives.

Operation World which tracks the growth of Christianity around the globe lists up-to-date figures for India in its website. According to the website the annual Christian population growth rate in India at the present time shows a big jump at 3.7 percent compared to the overall annual population growth rate of 1.44 percent.

So, why has the Christian population percentage in India increased so dramatically during the past decade?

A graph shown in Operation World's website reveals the reason that the dramatic growth in Christian population percentage is mostly due to conversion from Hinduism, as reflected by a drop in Hindu population percentage (note that the Muslim population percentage increased during this period, suggesting that the Muslims are not converting to Christianity in large numbers).

As predicted by Dr. Schelling's theory, the stage has been set for a sustained and escalating conversion of Hindu majority to Christianity.

One could justifiably argue that India doesn't deserve to be called a modern democracy unless it takes steps to stop the constitution-based egregious discriminatory practices and unfair denial of empowerment of one eighth of entire humanity.[56] The country, which spearheaded the opposition to the apartheid regime in South Africa, now finds itself in an unfortunate position of practicing a form of apartheid on its majority population.

(source: Religious Apartheid in Modern India: Transforming of a Civilisation - By Moorthy Muthuswamy

The West has the most brutalized indigenous populations in the world

Concerns for missionary aggression are not unique to India, but are universally experienced by native communities struggling to withstand assault from organized evangelism. In 2001, the World Congress for the Preservation of Religious Diversity met in New Delhi and discussed the problems of indigenous faiths, especially in the light of the inadequacy of protection afforded by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in 1948.

Proselystization destroyed innumerable cultures and depleted the Wisdom of the Human race.

(source: Evangelical Intrusions - By Sandhya Jain Rupa Publications p. 1 - 11). Refer to Mistakes of the Raj have returned to haunt Britain in the form of Islamic extremism - By Sandhya Jain

The Theft of Yoga

Delinking Yoga from its Hindu Cultural Roots

Yoga is Hinduism's gift to humanity to follow, practice and experience.

"Without the practice of yoga, How could knowledge Set the atman (soul) free? - asks the Yogatatva Upanishad.


Apart from distorting it beyond recognition, the proponents of America's $ 6 billion Yoga industry deny Yoga's inseparability with the Hindu way of life.

Nearly 20 million people in the United States gather together routinely, fold their hands and utter the Hindu greeting of Namaste -- the Divine in me bows to the same Divine in you. Then they close their eyes and focus their minds with chants of "Om," the Hindu representation of the first and eternal vibration of creation. Arrayed in linear patterns, they stretch, bend, contort and control their respirations as a mentor calls out names of Hindu divinity linked to various postures: Natarajaasana (Lord Shiva) or Hanumanasana (Lord Hanuman) among many others. They chant their assigned "mantra of the month," taken as they are from lines directly from the Vedas, Hinduism's holiest scripture.

Christians, Jews, Muslims, Pagans, agnostics and atheists they may be, but they partake in the spiritual heritage of a faith tradition with a vigor often unmatched by even among the two-and-a half-million Hindu Americans here. The Yoga Journal found that the industry generates more than $6 billion each year and continues on an incredible trajectory of popularity. It would seem that yoga's mother tradition, Hinduism, would be shining in the brilliant glow of dedicated disciples seeking more from the very font of their passion.

Yet the reality is very different. Hinduism in common parlance is identified more with holy cows than Gomukhasana, the notoriously arduous twisting posture; with millions of warring gods rather than the unity of divinity of Hindu tradition--that God may manifest and be worshiped in infinite ways; as a tradition of colorful and harrowing wandering ascetics more than the spiritual inspiration of Patanjali, the second century BCE commentator and composer of the Yoga Sutras, that form the philosophical basis of Yoga practice today.

Why is yoga severed in America's collective consciousness from Hinduism?

Yoga, meditation, ayurvedic natural healing, self-realization--they are today's syntax for New Age, Eastern, mystical, even Buddhist, but nary an appreciation of their Hindu origins. It is not surprising, then, that Hindu schoolchildren complain that Hinduism is conflated only with caste, cows, exoticism and polytheism--the salutary contributions and philosophical underpinnings lost and ignored. The severance of yoga from Hinduism disenfranchises millions of Hindu Americans from their spiritual heritage and a legacy in which they can take pride.


Western World's Churlish and petty behavior in not recognizing Yoga's Hindu Roots?

“There is no physical yoga and spiritual yoga.  If it is exclusively physical, it won’t be yoga.  Yoga is dealing with the entirety; it is a union.”  Prashant Iyengar, son of B.K.S Iyengar


Yoga is an integral part of the Hindu religion. There is a saying: “There is no Yoga without Hinduism and no Hinduism without Yoga."

Refer to Al Jazeera reports on Hijacking of Yoga and chapter on Yoga and Hindu Philosophy and The Pagan origins of Christmas

Donate to FACT - India and Hinduism Today and Save Temples


Once yoga was no longer intertwined with its Hindu roots, it became up for grabs and easy to sell.

These journals abundantly refer to yoga as "ancient Indian," "Eastern" or "Sanskritic," but seem to assiduously avoid the term "Hindu" out of fear, we can only assume, that ascribing honestly the origins of their passion would spell disaster for what has become a lucrative commercial enterprise

Refer to Plunder of Hindu Heritage:  Now Kathakali makes Christian debut - deccanherald.com

The American Yoga Association, on its Web site, completes this delinking of yoga from Hinduism thusly:

"The common belief that Yoga derives from Hinduism is a misconception. Yoga actually predates Hinduism by many centuries...The techniques of Yoga have been adopted by Hinduism as well as by other world religions."

So Hinduism, the religion that has no known origins or beginnings is now younger than yoga?

What a ludicrous contention when the Yoga Sutras weren't even composed until the 2nd Century BCE. These deniers seem to posit that Hinduism appropriated yoga so other religions may as well too! Hindus can only sadly shake their heads, as by this measure, soon we will read as to how karma, dharma and reincarnation--the very foundations of Hindu philosophy--are only ancient precepts that early Hindus of some era made their own.

Hindus must take back yoga and reclaim the intellectual property of their spiritual heritage--not sell out for the expediency of winning more clients for the yoga studio down the street.

(source: The theft of yoga - By Dr. Aseem Shukla and The Rape of Yoga - By Aseem Shukla /Sheetal Shah).  Refer to Yoga Asanas, the Ancient Hindu Legacy

Allergic to the H-word?  Hinduism


(Note: It was as if the Yoga Journal, as well as much of the $6 billion yoga industry, had agreed to some sort of unwritten covenant to use code words rather than what they deemed the unmarketable "H-word." Vedic, yogic, Sanskritic, ancient Indian and Eastern were the pseudonyms of choice to source key elements of Hindu teachings: bhakti, karma and moksha, even the Bhagavad Gita, one of Hinduism's most revered scriptures.  After writing a letter to the editor, HAF's suspicions were confirmed when, during a follow up phone call, the young woman answering said, "Yeah, they [the editors] probably avoid it [Hinduism]. Hinduism does, like, you know, have a lot of baggage." Really?

Hinduism has baggage and the world's other religions don't? - Try thinking of Dark Ages, Crusades, The Inquisition, Witch Hunt, Slavery, Colonization of Africa, Asia, America and Australia, Imperialism, World Wars, Holocaust, Bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, destruction and conversion of Native cultures to Christianity, Drugs, School shootings in American schools, Gun violence, Racism, Clergy sex Abuse, Jehad and terrorism... ).

Honor Thy Heritage - Dr. Deepak Chopra

Chopra claims that anyone who says that Yoga is a part of Hinduism is a Hindu fundamentalist and Yoga did not originate from Hinduism but “pure consciousness.”

Chopra is perhaps the most prominent exponent of the art of "How to Deconstruct, Repackage and Sell Hindu Philosophy Without Calling it Hindu!" To Larry King, he has described himself as an "Advaita Vedantin"--one of the major philosophical schools of Hinduism. Yet none of the plethora of his book titles, that include several devoted to Jesus and one entire book devoted to the Buddha, even skirt the word "Hindu."

The rishis did not call themselves Hindu. The moniker "Hinduism" is of relatively recent origin, but it is accepted today as a handy substitute for the perhaps more accurate but difficult to pronounce name, Sanatana Dharma, the eternal religion.

(source: Honor Thy Heritage - Dr. Deepak Chopra - By Dr Aseem Shukla - hinduismtoday.com and Snake-oil salesman Deepak Chopra - indianrealist.com and Deepak Chopra does it again - sandeepweb.com

Christian Yoga is an Oxymoron


Rajiv Malhotra (   ) Founder of The Infinity Foundation in Princeton, NJ and author of the book Breaking India has remarked that:

Yoga is sweeping America, but a lot of Americans are persuaded by religious dogma to distort Yoga principles and fit them into a “Christian” framework by denying Yoga’s cosmology. In the process, Yogic liberation becomes a mirage

Yoga’s metaphysics centre around the quest to attain liberation from one’s conditioning caused by past karma. Karma includes the baggage from prior lives, underscoring the importance of reincarnation. While it is fashionable for many Westerners to say they believe in karma and reincarnation, they have seldom worked out the contradictions with core Biblical doctrines. For instance, according to Karma theory, Adam and Eve’s deeds would produce effects only on their individual future lives, but not on all their progeny ad infinitum. Karma is not a sexually transmitted problem flowing from ancestors. This view obviates the doctrine of original sin and eternal damnation. An individual’s karmic debts accrue by personal action alone, in a separate and self-contained account. The view of an individual having multiple births also contradicts Christian ideas of eternal heaven and hell seen as a system of rewards and punishments in an afterlife. Yogic liberation is here and now, in the bodily state referred to and celebrated as jivanmukti, a concept unavailable in Christianity and in an afterlife somewhere else. "

Most of the 20 million American yoga practitioners encounter these issues and find them troubling. Some have responded by distorting yogic principles in order to domesticate it into a Christian framework, i.e. the oxymoron, ‘Christian Yoga.’ Others simply avoid the issues or deny the differences. Likewise, many Hindu gurus obscure differences, characterising Jesus as a great yogi and/or as one of several incarnations of God. These views belie the principles stated in the Nicene Creed, to which members of mainstream Christian denominations must adhere. They don’t address the above underlying contradictions that might undermine their popularity with Judeo-Christian Americans. This is reductionist and unhelpful both to Yoga and Christianity."

(source: Christian Yoga an oxymoron - By Rajiv Malhotra - dailypioneer.com). Refer to Taxing Yoga – CT governor wants to tax yoga and Yoga and Hinduism – By Mahendra Joshi.  Refer to Marco Polo never made to China and Marco Polo World Discovery Was Big Con

Yogi Baba Prem (  ) an American who is now a Hindu Yogi, a Vedavisharada trained in the traditional Gurukural system

He has spiritedly defended Yoga's Hindu roots and has expressed his views thus:

"there is no Christian Yoga. "Yoga is not a Judeo/Christian word!  It is not a part of the Roman Catholic teachings and certainly not a part of protestant teachings. It is not found within the King James Version of the bible." 

"It is a Hindu word, or more correctly a Sanskrit word from the Vedic civilization.

So how did we get 'Christian Yoga'? From this I could conclude that “Christian Yoga” could only indicate one of two possibilities: 

1)  Christianity is threatened by yoga and is attempting to take over this system that “invaded their turf” pertaining to spiritual teachings and techniques.
2)  Christianity is subconsciously attempting to return to the spiritual roots of civilization—the Vedic civilization. 

I thought to myself, “why would they want to take over yoga?”  

Could it be due to the decline of members within the Christian church within the last 60 years?  Is this an extensive marketing plan cooked up in some New York marketing guru’s head?  Is it an attempt to water down the teachings of yoga and import their own teaching. I think the best reason might be that yoga, and eastern spirituality, offered answers to the spiritual questions that the spiritually hungry masses had.  It offered a practical, rational, logical, and truthful approach to spirituality.  It did not contain any form of  self-righteous condemnation, but offered love and acceptance to all.   It did not prey upon victims with terms such as “Sin” and “eternal damnation”.  But most importantly, it had answers!  It offered a practical approach to cultivating a relationship with divinity.  It offered a systematic approach and an abstract approach to meet the varying temperaments of the spirituality hungry.  

Refer to Plunder of Hindu Heritage:  Now Kathakali makes Christian debut - deccanherald.com.  Watch movie: Capitalism  a love story - By Michael Moore

The second possibility was that Christianity was itself looking for answers.  A small book filled with judgment, inflexibility, and condemnation was no longer fulfilling the needs of the masses or the leaders of the church.  Offering yoga classes allowed the Christian to secretly practice Hinduism without having to renounce their Christian tradition. Possibly by embracing the technology of yoga and meditation, the Christian church could finally return to the idea of love and acceptance that it believed it was founded upon.  It is ironic that one religion would need to look to another religion to teach them about love, peace, harmony, and forgiveness. If successful, it could embrace these ancient teachings and save itself from the fate it planted over the last few thousand years.  

But possibly in their wisdom, the current fathers of the church realized that their time was coming to a close.  So within America they must absorb yoga before they are absorbed by it. This is a common religious view that has appeared numerous times within world history. Then they would immediately move their resources to India. Taking over the country would allow them to own all the spirituality, and then ‘pick and chose’ which tasty spiritual treats they would share. After all they have 2000 years practice with this. Indians being a loving, peaceful people, openly embraced their brothers from the west. They looked the other way as their temples were torn down.  They accepted it as karma as their families were torn apart over differing religious beliefs.  The Indians thought it was thoughtful of the missionaries to dress up just like swami’s, to be “just like them” and to share in their kindred spirit.  

Modern day scholars from India frequently present the attitude of “let them have yoga, I am interested in protecting Hinduism.”  I have heard this sentiment on numerous occasions, but the reality is that yoga is a part of Hinduism.  Allowing one part to be taken from Hinduism opens a door for the distortion of the teachings.  We must remember that the roots to modern day yoga comes from Vedic Yoga.  The same Vedic Yoga that is the authority of Hinduism.  Allowing one branch to be severed from the tree of knowledge will not necessarily kill that tree, but it can produce strain and have an unbalancing effect upon the tree.   

Hinduism should reclaim its full heritage and not allow other groups to rename its sacred teachings under their banner, especially when they have no history of those teaching within their own system.  If they wish to ‘borrow’ and say this comes from our brothers and sisters in Hinduism, then that is another thing.  But frequently groups attempt to privatize the information and present themselves as the original authority.  Hinduism should guard against its sacred traditions becoming distorted and taken away. 

Scholars at universities should take the stand that yoga is part of Hinduism, though one is one required to be a Hindu to practice yoga. It is important to acknowledge the roots of the tradition; after all we are expected to give credit to the orginial sources within books and research papers, but yet Hindu scholars have ignored this fundamental western view when it comes to their own heritage. 

(source: A Hindu Yogi Speaks: "There is no Christian Yoga"). Refer to Pope lumps 'secularism' with 'religious fundamentalism'

Refer to Al Jazeera reports on Hijacking of Yoga Refer to Another Indian “intellectual” (Meera Nanda) prostituting herself in White Man’s flesh market - indianrealist.com and Meera Nanda’s Ignorance Revisited - sandeepweb.com

The Audacity of Ignorance?


What is Take Back Yoga?

Nanda concedes that American yogis say “Namaste,” quote from the Gita and play Kirtan music. Why then is she so bothered by TBY? TBY makes three key contentions:

1. Yoga is more than just asana

2. Yoga is rooted in Hinduism

3. The asana-based practice of yoga found in many Western yoga studios is inspired by the Hindu Hatha yoga tradition

Meera Nanda's (of the Jawaharlal Nehru University - JNU) Open story alleging that Hindu texts have few asanas and that the yoga master Krishnamacharya borrowed most from European gymnastics is the latest salvo against HAF’s position, and mimics a similar rebuttal by Wendy Doniger. Nanda’s criticism of HAF’s ‘Take Back Yoga’ (TBY) campaign as being based on a false, non-existent history misrepresents TBY and maligns HAF as a casteist, sleazy political operation (Indo-American Lobby? HAF is neither Indian nor a political lobby). Perhaps, as William Dalrymple said, Nanda is “overtly hostile to many expressions of religiosity.” Whatever her agenda, her audacious and flippant claims are both stunning and flawed.

Obfuscate, Confuse and Create a Strawman

Nanda repeatedly fails to acknowledge that “Take Back Yoga” (TBY) is all about the willful blindness in the West to the Hindu roots of Yoga, even the spiritual side of it.

Disguised Hinduphobia

'Scholars' of Nanda’s ilk have always disliked Swami Vivekananda. Being profoundly alienated from their heritage and considering anything traditional as mere superstition, they are no doubt discomfited that a Sanyasi who proudly called himself Hindu was able to convey Vedanta in a manner that the West loved, and in immaculate English to boot.

Nanda gratuitously advises Hindu Americans to, “take a deep breath and get over it.” So, in the same spirit, here is mine: Nanda should learn to get her facts about the Hindu tradition straight, and from original sources. And learn to accord the same respect to Hinduism as to other religions. The days of the Hindu community cowering before self-appointed pseudo-scholars are over.

(source:  Rebuttals to Take Back Yoga Attacks - Hindu American Foundation). Refer to Another Indian “intellectual” (Meera Nanda) prostituting herself in White Man’s flesh market - indianrealist.com and Meera Nanda’s Ignorance Revisited - sandeepweb.com

(Note: Herbet J Muller, (1905 - 1980) author of The Loom of History and an authority on religious history, says Christianity had borrowed extensively from other faiths and other regions. Thus, the concept of God came from Babylon, the idea of the conflict between God and Satan came from Persia, the idea of resurrection came from Syria, from Egypt came the idea of Last Judgment, from Rome came the idea of Universal Law, and the idea of Baptism came from India. In short, Christianity has borrowed heavily from other faiths. Prof Federich Heiler (1892 - 1967) writes: "There is not a single central doctrine of Christianity which does not have an array of parallels in non-Christian faiths". Can these similarities be accidental? No, says Northcote Parkinson (1909 - 1993). They were used to magnify the attraction).

Why is Archbishop of Goa quoting from Pagan Hindu Scriptures ?

Come Carpentier de Gourdon (   )  is currently the Convener of the Editorial Board of the World Affairs Journal

“It is almost a tradition for Christian missionaries in many lands to use and appropriate native symbols, texts and stories to facilitate conversion by arguing that the native religions were anticipating the coming of the Saviour and were hence approximations of Christianity. Thus many "pagan" temples were turned into churches on almost all continents. It is interesting that De Nobili's work was eventually rejected by the Papacy which condemned the Jesuits for "going native" and diluting the character of Christianity by blending it with local faiths.”

(source: Anticipating the coming of the Saviour and approximations of Christianity).  The St Thomas In India History Swindle - apostlethomasindia.wordpress.com

Goa archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao has quoted extensively from the Sama Veda, an ancient Hindu scripture, in his pre-New Year address to underline the importance of 'unity of mankind'

"The Maha Upanishad states in chapter 6, verse 72, that the entire world is but one big family: Vasudhaiva kutumbakam. And the Church has consistently proclaimed and defended this universal value of unity of humankind throughout her history," Ferrao said.

Refer to Plunder of Hindu Heritage:  Now Kathakali makes Christian debut - deccanherald.com

The Maha Upanishad is a segment of the Sama Veda, considered to be one of the four most sacred texts of the Hinduism, along with the Rig Veda, Atharva Veda and the Yajur Veda.

Goa archbishop quotes from Vedas - newkerala.com). Evangelical Intrusions, Tripura: A Case Study - By Sandhya Jain.  Refer to The question of St. Thomas origin of Indian Christianity - By Prof. C. I. Issac

Yogi Astounds Indian Scientists

Gujarat, India: An 83-year-old Indian holy man who says he has spent seven decades without food or water has astounded a team of military doctors who studied him during a two-week observation period. Prahlad Jani spent a fortnight in a hospital in the western India state of Gujarat under constant surveillance from a team of 30 medics equipped with cameras and closed circuit television. During the period, he neither ate nor drank and did not go to the toilet.

The long-haired and bearded yogi was sealed in a hospital in the city of Ahmedabad in a study initiated by India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the state defense and military research institute. The DRDO hopes that the findings, set to be released in greater detail in several months, could help soldiers survive without food and drink, assist astronauts or even save the lives of people trapped in natural disasters.

“We still do not know how he survives,” neurologist Sudhir Shah told reporters after the end of the experiment. “It is still a mystery what kind of phenomenon this is.” “If Jani does not derive energy from food and water, he must be doing that from energy sources around him, sunlight being one,” said Shah. “As medical practitioners we cannot shut our eyes to possibilities, to a source of energy other than calories.”

Jani has since returned to his village near Ambaji in northern Gujarat where he will resume his routine of yoga and meditation. He says that he was blessed by a goddess at a young age, which gave him special powers.

(source:  Yogi Astounds Indian Scientists - hinduismtoday.com).

Christian bodies top donors, receivers

Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) was the foremost disciple of Ramakrishna and a world spokesperson for Vedanta. India's first spiritual and cultural ambassador to the West, came to represent the religions of India at the World Parliament of Religions, held at Chicago in connection with the World's Fair (Columbian Exposition) of 1893. He has observed that:

“This is the ancient land where wisdom made its home before it went into any other country, the same India whose influx of spirituality is represented, as it were, on the material plane, by rolling rivers like oceans, where the eternal Himalayas, rising tier above tier with their snowcaps, look as it were into the very mysteries of heaven. Here is the same India whose soil has been trodden by the feet of the greatest sages that ever lived. Here first sprang up inquiries into the nature of man and into the internal world. Here first arose the doctrines of the immortality of the soul, the existence of a supervising God, an immanent God in nature and in man, and here the highest ideals of religion and philosophy have attained their culminating points.

This is the land from whence, like the tidal waves, spirituality and philosophy have again and again rushed out and deluged the world, and this is the land from whence once more such tides must proceed in order to bring life and vigour into the decaying races of mankind. It is the same India which has withstood the shocks of centuries, of hundreds of foreign invasions of hundreds of upheavals of manners and customs. It is the same land which stands firmer than any rock in the world, with its undying vigour, indestructible life. Its life is of the same nature as the soul, without beginning and without end, immortal; and we are the children of such a country.”

(source: Swami Vivekananda speaks). Refer to Where Have all the Giants Gone? - By Atanu Dey - deesha.org. Refer to Islamists want to conquer India 


"Monotheism is easily the greatest disaster to befall the human race."

"The great unmentionable evil at the center of our culture is monotheism. From a barbaric Bronze Age text known as the Old Testament, three anti-human religions have evolved--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These are sky-god religions. They are, literally, patriarchal--God is the Omnipotent Father--hence the loathing of women for 2,000 years in those countries afflicted by the sky-god and his earthly male delegates. The sky-god is a jealous god, of course. He requires total obedience from everyone on earth, as he is not just in place for one tribe, but for all creation. Those who would reject him must be converted or killed for their own good. Ultimately, totalitarianism is the only sort of politics that can truly serve the sky-god's purpose. Any movement of a liberal nature endangers his authority and that of his delegates on earth. One God, one King, one Pope, one master in the factory, one father-leader in the family at home."

                                                 - Gore Vidal - Monotheism and its Discontents, from The Nation Magazine.

Christianization of Hindus and Buddhists

Colonialism has now been overtaken by Neo-Colonialism, but the part played by the Church has not changed.


Christian bodies top donors, receivers

NGOs in India received almost Rs 10,000 crore as contributions from foreign donors in 2007-08. And if Christian organisations continued to dominate both the lists of top donors and receivers, Delhi-based organisations emerged as the biggest beneficiaries. The United States, the UK and Germany bagged the top three ranks respectively in terms of being the biggest donor countries.

According to Home Ministry’s figures, out of 34,803 NGOs, registered under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, as many as 18,796 organisations received Rs 9,663.46 crore during the period 2007-08.

Refer to The Axis of Neocolonialism - By Rajiv Malhotra and Christian conversion in Buddhist Sri Lanka - By Kamalika Pieris - christianaggression.org and Denigration of Buddhism & conversion of the vulnerable: Christianity’s latest ploy - By J Goonetilleke

“Among the States and Union Territories, the highest receipt of foreign contributions was reported by Delhi (Rs 1,716.57 crore), followed by Tamil Nadu (Rs 1,670.93 crore) and Andhra Pradesh (Rs 1,167.21 crore). Among the districts, the highest receipt of foreign contributions was reported by Chennai (Rs 731.22 crore), followed by Bangalore (Rs 669.76 crore) and Mumbai (Rs 469.90 crore),” says the report.

The top three receivers of foreign funds are Christian missionaries-supported organisations. “Among the associations which reported receipt of foreign contribution, the highest amount of foreign contribution was received by World Vision of India, Chennai, Tamil Nadu (Rs 211.62 crore), followed by Rural Development Trust, Ananthapur in Andhra Pradesh ( Rs 124.79 crore) and Believers Church India, Pathanamthitta, Kerala ( Rs 101.68 crore),” the report said.

USA tops the list of donor countries with Rs 2,928.30 crore, followed by the UK with Rs 1,268.59 crore. Germany is placed third. It provided donations worth Rs 971.02 crore to Indian NGOs. Italy (Rs 514.89 crore) and the Netherlands (Rs 414.12 crore) follow the top three respectively.

It is interesting to note the top three individual donor organisations are evangelical institutions. Noted Christian organisation World Vision International of USA with Rs 578.49 crore is the biggest single donor. Another organisation from USA, the Gospel For Asia Inc pumped in Rs 365.37 crore into India in 2007-08. The third biggest donor is also an evangelical organisation from Spain. The Barcelona-headquartered Fundacion Vicente Ferrer donated Rs 248.28 crore to its Indian associates.

Foreign hand: Christian bodies top donors, receivers - By J Gopalkrishnan - indianrealist.com
).  Refer to The Decline of the West - By Oswald Spengler and American Empire on the verge of collapse? - By Mahendra Joshi - indiacause.com and American Empire Before the Fall - By Bruce Fein.  Refer to Crusadewatch.org and ChristianAggression.com and Things They Don't Tell You About Christianity

The hate Hindu brigade are the hate India brigade

Why have they suddenly become so active in Kashmir?


“The way the Communists are functioning in India is a mere adventurism - no constructive ability, no reality of purpose. “                                            
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru


The French have a saying: Cherchez la femme, meaning, if there is a scandal, always look for the woman.

In India, invariably look for the foreign hand. Whether it is Kashmir or Naxalites, terrorists or secularists, rest assured that the foreign hand is at work.

Right now, India is not only under siege, but is actually under attack. We don’t actually see we are being attacked, because such things are always invisible to begin with. Who would have thought that Kashmir would become such a big nuisance, attracting not only Pakistan but China and even America. Despite all that we have done - and not done - Kashmir is now a certified international cause célébre with every major international power trying to meddle in what is simply a domestic problem, or should have been a domestic affair, before Nehru made it international, just to please his lady friend, Lady Mountbatten.

Even some Booker women, one-book wonders, and some secular journalists and busy bodies who call themselves interlocutors and who have otherwise nothing to do with Kashmir, are getting involved in it, and using the dispute to get some publicity in order to boost their flagging careers.

Why have they suddenly become so active in Kashmir?

It is obvious the Government is behind it. One suspects that the government, which means the Congress, has decided to get rid of Kashmir and hand it over to Pakistan, but doesn’t have the guts to do it.

Is the United States always involved in other countries’ affairs, also involved in the conspiracy? And what is China up to - watching the show from behind the Himalayas?

Refer to Islamists want to conquer India and Watch Video - Ghazwa-e-Hind - "The Conquest of India..InshAllah we know its destined for us Muslims...." and Ghazwa e hind-demise of India – Rise of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Refer to Kashmir Hindus: Forsaken, forgotten for 21 years - By Lalit Koul and Ethnic Cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits: The Nastiest Fascia Of Islamic Terrorism - By Dipin Damodharan

The people who are shouting the loudest are basically Hindu-baiters, though they call themselves secularists. Scratch a secularist and you will see him seething against every thing Hindu. Immediately after the judgment on Ayodhya by the Allahabad High Court, these people went to town and came very close to denouncing the judgment, because they wanted the land to be handed over to Muslims - but the main aim was to snatch it from the Hindus.

These men - and women - the Bookerites as well as the interlocutors - are so full of hatred of Hindus that they do not mind India going down, if it will drag Hindus with it.

Unfortunately, they cannot do much about the Hindus, because there are too many of them. A billion Hindus is not a joke. Even Hitler, with an entire nation at his beck and call, had difficulty in destroying a few million Jews, a fraction of the total number of Hindus. So these Johnnies believe that if you destroy India, you will automatically destroy Hindus. The easiest way, therefore, is to destroy India, by hacking one part after another, just as America destroyed the Soviet Union. What is at stake, therefore, is not Kashmir or Arunachal or even the Maos, but the very future of Hindus, for without Hindus, there can be no India.

Refer to Jihad has come to India - By Richared L Benkin - americanthinker.com and Plight of Hindu Temples in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir - thekashmir.wordpres.com

Watch video - Secret Pakistan - informationclearinghouse.info and Killings in Kashmir: The Real Figures and Pakistan schools teach Hindu hatred: US commission

All the people involved in this genocide are people with foreign connections. Whether you get a Booker - and the cash that goes with it - or a scholarship to Paris and a title to go with it, ultimately you fall into the foreign net and do their bidding. This is how the foreign hand operates - the Soviet hand also operated the same way - and some of our people become its willing partners. Some of these victims are the same as Soviet poodles not so long ago. It used to be fashionable to be fellow-travellers then; now it is fashionable to be secularists. They are the same people who have substituted secularism for Marxism, without batting an eyelid.

You become so attached to these foreign hand-outs, you become a foreigner yourself. When you write, you write for your foreign patrons, and for foreign audiences, for that is where you earn your dollars. You run down your country - for that pleases your foreign masters. This is what most Indian writers and journalists writing in English have been doing.

The more you abuse your own people, your own heroes and your own country, the more you endear yourself to your foreign patrons and the acclaim - from New York Times and Washington Post and favourable reviews in The Economist - makes you walk a foot above the ground and you become a hero in India, for that is what you seek all the time, a pat on the back from Westerners.

So you run down everything that is Indian, which, in the ultimate analysis, means Hindus. You run down Hindu Gods, Hindu temples, Hindu way of life, Hinduism itself. You start saying that Hinduism is only a way of life, not a religion. Actually, it is Islam that is not a religion, only a philosophy or ideology, like Marxism and Nazism, with which it has much in common. You run down Hindus and Hinduism in the name of secularism, because the West is secular and you can sell anything in its name.

But that is not the only reason; the main reason is that the West hates India. It has never reconciled to the fact that India broke away from the West and became free, and the people who did it were Hindus. It was the Hindus who fought for freedom, while the Muslims fought for Pakistan.

The West has never forgiven the Hindus for snatching such a big prize like India from its clutches. This is the reason British leaders like Winston Churchill hated Indians like Gandhiji - not Nehru though, because Nehru was an Englishman in all but the name - and ultimately came to hate India herself.

This is also true of our secularists. They hate Hindus, but actually it is not the Hindus they hate, but India.

They thought India would copy the West - as they themselves are a copy of the West - and become its carbon copy, aping its philosophy, its manners, its way of life etc. and ultimately become a part of the West. This is what Nehru also tried to do. I shall give a small example. Nehru used to wear dhoti, as long as Gandhiji was alive. The day Gandhi died, Nehru dropped his dhoti, literally, and was never seen in a dhoti again. Nehru himself said he was the last Englishman and he hoped that Indians would follow him. They did not.

India is now more Hindu than ever, and this is precisely what the secularists detest about India.

The hate Hindu brigade are the hate India brigade - By Dr Jay Dubashi - organiser.org
). Refer to Sonia Gandhi’s Night of Shame – By Radha Rajan

Kashmir and Hinduism are an integral part of our history

Intellectuals of ancient India - Kalidasa, Kalhana, Bilhana, Ananda Vardhana, Abhinav Gupta hailed from Kashmir.


“Of late, even sedition has become fashionable, thanks to the mobile, one-woman, republic of Arundhati Roy. She does not perhaps know that the original Booker was a slave trader in Guyana. So her hands are stained by cash from the slave trade. But she is weak in history and wants to alter geography. If her audience protests against her seditious remarks, they are at fault, not she….. ”    - Prof R Vaidyanathan

"She is one of those self-styled activists who seem to think that receiving an award, any award from a Western, white country makes them morally superior to others. She was virtually unknown to the public until she received the Booker Prize for virtually unreadable book: God of Small Things. Arundhati Roy is hardly an isolated case. Girish Karnad, another Karnataka based ‘humanist’ mouthing Leftist causes was a Rhodes Scholar. Why should one be flattered by being given a scholarship instituted by Cecil Rhodes, a racist who made a fortune in diamond mining in South Africa exploiting slave labour? (Until fairly recently non-whites were forbidden from applying for the Rhodes scholarship.)" U Mahesh Prabhu

(Note on Booker prize: “Booker had a long history of exploitation of sugar workers through the indentured labour system during the 19th and 20th centuries. At its peak it controlled 75% of the sugar industry in British Guiana and was so powerful that a common joke was to refer to the country as ‘Booker’s Guiana’. In 1952 Jock Campbell took over the Chairmanship of the company and his Fabian social politics transformed it dramatically into a benevolent force providing major benefits for sugar workers. Jock Campbell (1912 - 1994) was also instrumental in the setting up of the Bookers Author Division, which sponsored the Man Booker Prize for Fiction, now sponsored by the Man Group plc.”

From malevolent origins to benevolent washing away of sins a la Booker.

(source: Wikipedia.org). Refer to How Britain Kept Kashmir out of India  - By Ramtanu Maitra

Refer to Islam: Arab Imperialism - By Anwar Sheikh and Mumbai Case Offers Rare Picture of Ties Between Pakistan’s Intelligence Service, Militants - propublica.org. Refer to the book - Our Moon Has Blood Clots: The Exodus of The Kashmiri Pandits - By Rahul Pandita (Random House India)


The Hindu broke the dawn of 28 November 2010 with the new gospel of Arundhati Roy, one of the opportunist-cum-popularity hunters of contemporary India.

Arundhati Roy’s gospel contained 14 points. It recalls to memory the painful days of the 14 points of Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The purpose of Jinnah’s document was to shatter even the last hope of nationalists to resurrect Mother India from the ashes of seven centuries of bondage and disdain. Jinnah’s designs were clear.

But Arundhati’s are masqueraded in bogus arguments of secularism and democracy. 

She justifies the cause of Pakistan-sponsored Kashmiri terrorists who are employed in the valley by Pan-Islamic organizations for a daily wage of Rs. 475/-. The messiah of human rights, Arundhati conveniently circumvents the rights of natural-born Hindu Kashmiris who seem destined to be refugees in their motherland.  She ignores the civil rights of major sections of the Valley who constitute the core of the corpus of peace-loving civil society. No doubt her endeavour is to destabilize the nation which is rising in the international comity. She likes to see an India with begging bowl in one hand and walking stick in the other.

Arundhati or Susanna was born and raised as a Christian. Thus her rationality usually operates in a Christian way.

In the recent past, the Papacy acquitted several innocents’ souls including Galileo, posthumously, who stood for truth and lost their lives to fabricated charges of heresy by the Church [Court of Inquisition]. Thus her lame excuse of the posthumous trial of Nehru is un-Hindu and unethical. Following Nehru's idiocy, she is trying to mislead the hypocritical Indian intelligentsia and international community in an age in which the international community has realized the truth that the Kashmir drama has been staged by anti-Indian elements since the days of our freedom.

The present day Indian Union is the outcome of the determination of its patriotic citizens. People from more than 500 princely states of India came together in one mind and Sardar Vallabhai Patel became instrumental in the cause of this vibrant Hindutva aspiration.


Kashmir was the centre of Hindu religion and education; it is not a mere geographical appendix but an integral part of the nation   



Sardar Vallabhai Patel (1875 - 1950).

Sardar Vallabhai Patel became instrumental in the cause of this vibrant Hindutva aspiration.   

The present day Indian Union is the outcome of the determination of its patriotic citizens.

Refer to Kerala’s biggest challenge – the fastest breeding Talibanization - By C. I. Issac and Islam: Religion of Peace and Jihadwatch and History of Kashmir Refer to Kashmir Hindus: Forsaken, forgotten for 21 years - By Lalit Koul and Ethnic Cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits: The Nastiest Fascia Of Islamic Terrorism - By Dipin Damodharan 

Refer to Breaking India: Western Inventions and Dalit Faultlines - By Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan and Refer to Islamists want to conquer India and Watch Video - Ghazwa-e-Hind - "The Conquest of India..InshAllah we know its destined for us Muslims...." and Ghazwa e hind-demise of India – Rise of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Watch Video - Democracy in Crisis – Congress : A story of suppression & subjugation


Amidst her ‘sermon on mount’ Roy conveniently ignores the still extant Hindu influences and Hindu population of Kashmir. Until 1339 CE, Kashmir was a Hindu kingdom, till it fell in the hands of Muslims through usurpation.

After 480 years, Maharaja Ranjit Singh recaptured Kashmir in 1819. French traveller Victor Jacquemont, (1801 - 1832) who visited his court, describes him as “Bonaparte in miniature”. But before this political change, the civil society was subjected to massive conversion, though most converts retained their Hindu clan names.

Between Kashmir and the rest of India one can see an emotional and cultural attachment from time immemorial.

The name Kashmir is associated with the celebrated Manu and the flood, and means dried-out land. Several place names are associated with Hindu legends. For instance, Baramulla derives from Varaha-mula.  

Kashmir has been an integral part of major Indian dynasties. It has deep-rooted connections to the Vedas, Mahabharata, Mauryan rulers; the Mahabharata hero Arjun’s descendants settled in the region. Panini, the Sanskrit grammarian, hailed from Kashmir. So did major classical poets and intellectuals of ancient India - Kalidasa, Kalhana, Bilhana, Ananda Vardhana, Abhinav Gupta.

Thus Kashmir and Hinduism are an integral part of our history.  

The first historically viable book on history in Sanskrit is the Rajatarangini of Kalhana. The Kashmiri language is a form of the Vedic language. Kashmir was the centre of Hindu religion and education; it is not a mere geographical appendix but an integral part of the nation. Hindu influence waned under Muslim oppression from the 12th century CE. Massive killings and forced conversions brought Kashmir’s Hindu population down to 11 families in 200 years after the first Muslim invasion. When Pakistan occupied a portion of Kashmir, this area’s Hindu population was 10 percent. Now it is zero.  

Strategically, the importance of Kashmir has risen after partition. Arundhati doubtless understands nothing of this.  Nehru was a self-promoter, a man of straw. He advertised himself as a “philosopher king” but showed only diplomatic and administrative inefficiency from prime-minister-ship to his demise. His response to the Chinese occupation of Aksai Chin in October 1962 was that “Aksai Chin is a place where not a blade of grass grows”.  

His ghost still haunts the nation. The price we paid for his idiocy Nehru was heavy. Really Nehru is the only person responsible for the present day Kashmir impediment. His perverted domestic and foreign polices dragged India into padmaviewham [present difficult situation]. Yet Arundhati deliberately caught hold of Nehru to save face.   

Let us see the remarks of Hu Shih, former Ambassador of China to USA: “India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border”. This is our tradition.  

But Arundhati subscribes to an Hindu-phobic stance while making contentious statements over Kashmir, ignoring the above quoted well-attested character of this nation. She conveniently ignores the cause of Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, in Kashmir, who are doomed to live as refugees in their motherland.  

The accession of Kashmir to the Indian Union was on the basis of the Instrument of Accession resolved by the people’s representative institution of then Kashmir. The state merely followed the path other princely states of India. The only exceptions were Hyderabad and Goa. Why she is not barking for Hyderabad and Goa? Answer is simple - no terrorist money is available for Hyderabad and Goa now. The accession of all the princely states including Hyderabad and Kashmir was the realization of the people’s longstanding and vibrant national aspiration. The present day Kashmiri militancy is the outcome of Islam’s intolerance towards democracy and modernity.

Arundhati Roy’s greed for money and fame is behind her treasonable intervention in the Kashmir issue. She has thus mislaid her eligibility to live as an Indian citizen. "

(source: The New Gospel of Suzanna Arundhati Roy -By C I Issac). Refer to the book - Our Moon Has Blood Clots: The Exodus of The Kashmiri Pandits - By Rahul Pandita (Random House India)

Refer to Arundhati Roy is a Damn Nuisance - By Atanu Dey - deesha.org and Arrest Arundhati Roy says Indian American Intellectuals Forum

How Sir Winston Churchill Starved 4 Million Indians

"Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth."?  - Matthew 5:5 (Holy Bible)

"As India must be bled the lancet should be directed to the parts where the blood is congested or at least sufficient, not to those (the agricultural people) which are already feeble from the want of it."  

Lord Robert Arthur Salisbury (1830-1903) as Secretary of State for India, in a Minute said:


Madhusree Mukerjee’s book Churchill’s Secret War: The British Empire and the Ravaging of India during World War II, New York, Basic Books, 2010] is not a denunciation of British rule of India, but a meticulous chronicling of the role of the British Raj in furthering a famine in Bengal, and suppressing the fact that this deliberate holocaust took 4 million lives.

British historians, including Sir Winston Churchill in his five-volume memoir, glossed over this rather ‘irrelevant incident.’ Historians around the world have made little effort either to find out how many lost their lives in the 1943 famine, or what role the British colonialists played to cause this man-made famine. 

However, in 1999, Dr. Gideon Polya, a professor at La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia, made the following observation in an interview: “The wartime Bengal Famine has become a ‘forgotten holocaust’ and has been effectively deleted from our history books, from school and university curricula and from general public perception. To the best of my knowledge, Churchill only wrote of it once, in a secret letter to Roosevelt dated April 29th 1944 in which he made the following remarkable plea for help in shipping Australian grain to India: ‘I am no longer justified in not asking for your help.’ Churchill’s six-volume History of the Second World War fails to mention the cataclysm that was responsible for about 90% of total British Empire casualties in that conflict, but makes the extraordinary obverse claim: ‘No great portion of the world population was so effectively protected from the horrors and perils of the World War as were the people of Hindustan. They were carried through the struggle on the shoulders of our small island.’” 

A brutal rapaciousness was the very soul of the British Raj.


‘The Last imperialist’?

Sir Winston Churchill an avowed racist and his major domo Lord Cherwell was also allergic to people with dark skin colour.

Refer to chapter on European Imperialism and First Indologist and Unlimited imperialism - By Hans Morgenthau in Politics Among Nations and Malabar, 1811: The long road to freedom from slavery - By N P Chekkutty

Refer to Late Victorian Holocausts - By Mike Davis and How Britain Kept Kashmir out of India  - By Ramtanu Maitra and Indian history as a negotiation - 2ndlook.wordpress.com


Mukerjee, a Bengali herself, has conducted extensive research to document what she writes, and also interacted with those who survived the holocaust and lost their parents, children, and other relatives. In Bengal, millions were dying because of food shortages caused by British looting to feed the troops engaged in World War II, and partly due to nature’s fury in the midst of a well-developed independence movement, which led to the end of the British rule in 1947. She documents the British War Cabinet’s role, Churchill’s, in particular, in exacerbating the food shortages, stonewalling attempts to send food from other countries to alleviate the crisis, and, in fact, justifying the necessity to cull those who are not only ‘inferior,’ but who breed like rabbits. 

Churchill, explaining why he defended the stockpiling of food within Britain, while millions died of starvation in Bengal, told his private secretary that ‘the Hindus were a foul race, protected by their mere pullulation from the doom that is their due.’ Pullulation, Mukerjee notes, means rapid breeding. 

The books documents the looting of Bengal by the rapacious British East India Company, which began in the mid-1750s to form the backbone of what became the mighty British Empire, and which made Bengal, once a much more prosperous province than the entire British Isles, so vulnerable later.

The book does not deal, however, with the devastation of the region’s farmlands, Bengal and Bihar, in particular. These farmlands had been wrecked by opium cultivation and indigo plantation by the British. To learn about that barbaric role of the British, one must read Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppy, and Dinabandhu Mitra’s Nil Darpan (Mirror to Indigo Cultivation), written in Bengali in the mid-19th century. 

However, Mukerjee does provide some figures of the looting by the East India Company that filled the coffers in London. Bengal fell under East India Company control in 1757, and ‘within five years,’ the author reports, ‘Bengal became India’s poorest province.’ The Company directors were looting freely and paying His Majesty’s Government £400,000 annually. For centuries, gold and silver had poured into Bengal, but, by 1769, all that was gone. Between 1766 and 1768, the author notes, Bengal imported £624,375 worth of goods and exported £6,311,250: The amount going out was ten times that which was coming in. 

Churchill, or Hitler: Take Your Pick 

One of the interesting aspects in this book is the author’s observation that when it came to India, there was hardly any difference between Hitler and Churchill. Both were avowed racists and killers; both loved wars and had a particular hatred for the Indian people; and both were eager to see Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, known as Mahatma Gandhi, or Gandhiji, killed. The author notes that Hitler was a great admirer of Britain and the British Raj. Indeed, the British bankers did a yeoman’s job to get Hitler to seize power and build his Third Reich. 

Hitler’s and Churchill’s common view on how to deal with the growing demand of the Indian leaders, Gandhi in particular, is most revealing. In November 1937, Hitler, during his meeting with the Viscount of Halifax (formerly Lord Irwin, Viceroy of India), advised him to ‘shoot Gandhi, and if this doesn’t suffice to reduce them to submission, shoot a dozen leading members of Congress; and if that doesn’t suffice, shoot 200 and so on until order is established… You will see how quickly they will collapse as soon you make it clear that you mean business.’ 

Churchill said: ‘It is alarming and also nauseating to see Mr. Gandhi, a seditious Middle Temple lawyer, now posing as a fakir [selfless person] of a type well known in the East, striding half-naked up the steps of the Viceregal palace, while he is still organizing and conducting a defiant campaign of civil disobedience to parley in equal terms with the representative of the King-Emperor.’ In 1944, British historian Penderel Moon recorded Churchill saying: ‘He [Gandhi] is a thoroughly evil force, hostile to us in every fiber, largely in the hands of native vested interests.’ On another occasion, Churchill sent a note to then-Viceroy Archibald Wavell, asking why Gandhi was not dead yet. 

Churchill’s major domo was Lord Cherwell who was so allergic to people with dark skin colour that after his retirement he wanted to settle in a warm country such as Jamaica, but the thought of spending his days with black people was too much, so he stayed shivering at Oxford. 

Famine That Killed 4 Million 

The 1943 famine was not only man-made, but the outcome of the British Empire’s looting of India, using free trade as one of its vicious weapons. The whitewashing of Indian famines extends to two centuries of famine in British India. How many Indians died in these famines has not been fully established, but one figure indicates that at least 28 million died in the 19th-century famines. A 1933 survey revealed that 41% of India’s inhabitants were ‘poorly nourished,’ and another 20% ‘very badly nourished,’ with the statistics for Bengal being worst of all: 47% and 31%, respectively. By the time World War II hit, India was importing between 1 and 2 million tons of rice a year from Burma and Thailand. 

The next time Prime Minister David Cameron and his ilk come prancing to India seeking a bailout of Britain’s dwindled, technologically obsolete industrial sector, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, or the future powers-that-be, and the Indian people, must demand, not only the return of the crown jewels looted from India, but an admission and apology for the 4 million Indians they starved to death in 1943-45. No compensation would suffice. 

This book should be read by those in the West, as well as elsewhere, who have been brought up with the anglophile version of the British Empire. The book documents that those who served the British Empire were not just perfidious; they were killers, just as the Nazis were. 

(source: How Sir Winston Churchill Starved 4 Million Indians - By  Ramtanu Maitra - vijayvaani.org). 

All roads in India lead to Rome

India's New rulers?

"The UPA government instead of cracking down on crooks, hawala operators, and illegal foreign bank account holders, has instead swooped on an unarmed Swamiji and world renowned Yoga teacher who had wanted effective action against the corruption, making India look like a tin pot dictatorship in a Banana Republic."

                                                – Dr Subramanian Swami - Sonia Maino Gandhi’s GESTAPO project - By  Sandhya Jain

Refer to Wikipedia says, Sonia Gandhi has $18.66 billion in Swiss Bank accounts Refer to Sonia Gandhi’s Night of Shame – By Radha Rajan and watch Video - Democracy in Crisis – Congress : A story of suppression & subjugation


Rome, the mighty city was once the seat of autocratic power for the famous Gaius Julius Caesar. Caesar, an able statesman and General led Rome from strength to strength during his halcyon era. Caesar was a pivotal force of the Roman Empire, in control of several legions, was at the helm of many military adventures and amassed wealth of staggering proportions. All roads led to Rome under the great Roman Empire in the metaphorical sense and in the literal sense. There was no hyperbole. The vast area that was under the Roman rule was staggering.

Refer to Kill the Mocking Bill!  - By George Augustine and Violence for peaceful citizens at Ramlila Grounds, red carpet for terrorists   - By Nancy Kaul

Refer to Sonia Gandhi and Puppet Anna Hazare - BY V Sundaram and Anna Hazare: Sonia Gandhi's civilian coup d’état? - By Sandhya Jain and Anna Hazare: NGOs for Governance? - By Sandhya Jain

In today’s day and age, here in India, ironically all roads still lead to Rome. Not much has changed from 49BC. We are still hailing the Roman Empire and we have firmly placed the laurel wreath on the head of Roman. All roads within India circumnavigate or lead straight to this seat of absolute power. Democracy is but a sham in our country, the powers have been snatched from the people and it now resides with the Caesar of our times, the new age Caesar living at 10, Janpath. This Caesar commands legions that have looted and plundered its own people mercilessly. There is however a logical fallacy in the style of governance with this Caesar. Unlike the Caesar of 49 BC who invaded foreign territories and kept external invasions at bay, this Caesar is the de facto commander of legions that are highly specialized in internal invasions. Somewhere from 7, Racecourse road, a tired, old soldier watches every proceeding motionlessly. It appears like he is not directly participating in the invasions but he is naturally expected to bear the moral responsibility of his troops. There is a well-lit, cobbled path from Racecourse to Janpath and this lonely, tired, veteran soldier limps back and forth on it slowly, unsure of his steps, trying to find his way in the dark. Like the enchanting Grimm’s fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, the soldier tries to leave some breadcrumbs on the cobbled path. Alas, the scavengers loot the crumbs too.

Refer to Red Cross and the Vatican 'helped thousands of Nazis escape' - By Matthew Day and Nazis On The Run: How Hitler's Henchmen Fled Europe - By Gerald Steinacher and World's #9 Most Powerful Person Now Accused of Corruption -- Will She Fall? - By Cleo Paskal - huffingtonpost.com

Refer to The Great Scandal: Christianity's Role in the Rise of the Nazis - Gregory S. Paul - christianaggression.org and and 'Unholy Crusaders: The Role of Evangelicals in US Imperialism' – By Iain Buchanan

And like the Gauls, there is an opposition that tries to curb the Roman incursion. It is trying in vain to retire the old soldier and the legions. And as of now, to no avail. The legions and the Commander have no moral conscience. The only thing that matters to them is to fill up the treasure chest at the expense of the people and at the expense of progress of this civilization. A bearded Bootstrap Bill from the buccaneer brigade has siphoned off the commonwealth of the people that was meant to organize gladiatorial contests at the colosseum. Another of seemingly docile and gentle character from the south of the Vindhyas, dressed in a pristine white toga rode over a dual spectrum and created a revenue loss of staggering proportions. Domus meant for the widows of war have been seized by the Roman Generals. Each member of the legion shouting to the other, “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears, when in Rome, do as we Romans do – Loot”.

Refer to Aaj ka Mahabharat - youtube.com and June 25, 1975 — The Day Mrs G showed her true colors - By Atanu Dey and The Imperialist Suicide Epidemic in India - by Larry Everest

And the people of this civilization wait for that gallant and a figment of the imagination “Ben-Hur” to appear on a Quadriga and save them from the clutches of this tyrannical empire. I cannot hear the sound of hooves and neither do I see any dust rising in the distance. What is the option that we the people have? Do we blame ourselves for electing a set of un-scrupulous legions to control us? Even if we choose to exercise our vote carefully, is the only option we have is but a group of infighting Gauls to rule us? In a country of a billion plus Indians, we are still searching for an able, true blooded, healthy Indian. At this stage of our civilization, does the one who is least infected by the common plague called “corruption” preferred? It is almost impossible to find anyone who is uninfected by this disease. For now, the Prefect of the morals seems to have this country in its clutches and releases a new coin after every successful internal conquest. The Prefect is finely handling the Brutus’s and the Cassius’s with remarkable elegance and there is no conspiracy in sight to oust the Prefect from power. We need no soothsayer to say that it is but the ides of March everyday for the good people of this civilization, and we continue to be stabbed.

(source:  All roads in India lead to Rome - By Sharmila Ravinder - blogstimesofindia.com). Refer to The St Thomas In India History Swindle - apostlethomasindia.wordpress.com

Sonia Gandhi: An Italian empress of India in new clothes

The Great Renouncer?


Like Sonia Gandhi, I am a Westerner and a brought-up Christian. Like Sonia Gandhi, I have lived in India many years and I have adopted this country as my own.

But the comparison ends there. I did land in India with a certain amount of prejudices, clichés and false ideas, and I did think in the enthusiasm of my youth to become a missionary to bring back Indian ‘pagans’ to the ‘true god’. But the moment I stepped in India I felt that there was nothing much that I could give to India, rather it was India which was bestowing me. In fact in all my years here India has given me so much — professionally, spiritually, sentimentally.     

Most Westerners, who come here, still think they are here to ‘give’ something to a country, which, unconsciously of course, they think is lesser than theirs. It was true of the British, it was true of Mother Teresa, it is true of Sonia Gandhi.


Sonia Gandhi: A leadership without the accountability

The moribund and leaderless Congress party has latched on to Sonia Gandhi who is Italian by birth and Roman Catholic by baptism. 

           - John Maclithon, Australian Radio Journalist.   Refer to Where Have all the Giants Gone? - By Atanu Dey - deesha.org and Wikipedia says, Sonia Gandhi has $18.66 billion in Swiss Bank accounts


The tragedy of India is that it was colonised for too long. And unlike China, it always looks to the West for a solution to its problems. Sonia Gandhi, whatever her qualities, is just an incarnation of that hangover, an empress of India in new clothes.

Sonia's Billions: A stunning exposure on Sonia Gandhi’s secret billions in Swiss banks came, surprisingly, from Switzerland itself, where the world’s corrupt stash away their booty. In its issue of November 19, 1991, Schweizer Illustrierte, the most popular magazine of Switzerland, did an exposé of over a dozen politicians of the third world, including Rajiv Gandhi, who had stashed away their bribe monies in Swiss banks.


Not Mere Corruption but National Plunder of India



Sonia Gandhi in an ad showcasing the deep and pervasive corruption in India  - Mama Maino Brand Corruption Pickle?

Are Indians aware that their country has entered a state of semi-autocracy where every important decision comes from a single individual residing in her fortress of 10 Janpath surrounded by dozens of security men, an empress of India?

Why Can't a billion Indians find one of their own, who will understand the complexity and subtlety of India, to govern themselves? One does not understand this craze to Westernise India at all costs, while discarding its ancient values.

Refer to chapter on European Imperialism, First Indologist and Conversion.

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Refer to Breaking India: Western Inventions and Dalit Faultlines - By Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan and India's mood darkens as corruption undermines nation's self-confidence - By Simon Denyer and BBC Report on India illegal Capital Flow.

For more on corruption refer to Robert Vadra: Proxy Tycoon?   - By Sandhya Jain and Rahul Gandhi (India), Saif Gaddafi (Libya), Gamal Mubarak (Egypt): Any difference b/n these Looters? - youtube.com and Conversion Congress & Bloody Indians  - By Arindam Banerjee and Indian PM Manmohan Singh denies bribing MPs for votes - bbc.co.uk and India too is ripe for a revolution - By Dr Jay Dubashi and Congress party 'bought India votes' - bbc.co.uk and How the autocracy of Sonia Gandhi operate? and World's #9 Most Powerful Person Now Accused of Corruption -- Will She Fall? - By Cleo Paskal - huffingtonpost.com and Video - Democracy in Crisis – Congress : A story of suppression & subjugation


All the television channels report without a blink that Maharashtra CM Chavan rushes to Delhi to meet Sonia Gandhi to plead for his life.

But should not Chavan have gone to the prime minister first?
Are Indians aware that their country has entered a state of semi-autocracy where every important decision comes from a single individual residing in her fortress of 10 Janpath surrounded by dozens of security men, an empress of India?

Nobody seems to notice what is happening under the reign of Sonia Gandhi.

That an Arundhati Roy is allowed to preach secession in India, whereas on the other hand the Congress government has been going after the army, the last body in India to uphold the time-honoured values of the Kshatriyas — courage, honour, devotion to the Motherland.

They alone today practise true secularism, never differentiating between a Muslim or Hindu soldier and who for a pittance daily give their lives to their country. First it was the attempt of a caste census, a divide-and-rule ploy if there is one; then there are the first signs that the government is thinking about thinning down the presence of the Indian army in the Kashmir valley, which will suit Pakistan perfectly. And now there is the Adarsh housing society scam in which the army officers, at the worst, were innocently dragged into it. We know now that it was the politicians of the Congress who benefited the most out of it.

Refer to Arundhati Roy is a Damn Nuisance - By Atanu Dey - deesha.org and Arrest Arundhati Roy says Indian American Intellectuals Forum and The New Gospel of Suzanna Arundhati Roy -By C I Issac

Why Can't a billion Indians find one of their own, who will understand the complexity and subtlety of India, to govern themselves? One does not understand this craze to Westernise India at all costs, while discarding its ancient values.

Sonia Gandhi should do well to remember that there still are 850 million Hindus in India, a billion worldwide and that whatever good inputs were brought by different invasions, it is the ancient values of spirituality behind Hinduism which have made India so special..

The tragedy of India is that it was colonised for too long. And unlike China, it always looks to the West for a solution to its problems. Sonia Gandhi, whatever her qualities, is just an incarnation of that hangover, an empress of India in new clothes.

(source: Sonia Gandhi: An empress of India in new clothes - By John MacLithon).  Refer to The 2 Gs - By Dr. Hilda Raja and Sonia’s certificate, PM’s ultimate humiliation – By S Gurumurthy and On “An empress of India in new clothes” - By Dr. Hilda Raja and As more skeltons keep tumbling out of the cupboard… and A Little Nostalgia: Foreign Fourth Estate and India  - By Jay Bhattacharjee and Sonia Gandhi and Puppet Anna Hazare - BY V Sundaram

Sonia Gandhi and the hidden trail 

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive…


The Indian media has begun even doubting Manmohan Singh’s integrity — mental, at least —  as he must have been knowing for nearly two years that the Indian exchequer was defrauded of `1.76 lakh crores. But so far,  Sonia Gandhi has been spared.

Yet, if you are an observer of Indian politics, as I have been, since I landed back in India in the early ’Sixties, you have to come to the conclusion that most of the funds of scams end up in the coffers of political parties, particularly of the Congress.
 Today the DMK is taking the brunt of the blame, but actually political parties have been forced to follow suit after the grand old party of India’s independence, began using percentages allotted by foreign companies on mega deals, military and otherwise,  to secretly fund its election campaigns and give freebies to poor villagers. Of course,
Bofors was the first one of the big scams to be uncovered.

...all roads seem to lead to Sonia Gandhi: she is the first Lady of India, although she is a simple MP like hundreds of others, the ultimate arbiter, and nothing of importance is decided without her caveat. The immense power she wields within the Congress cannot be only due to her charisma, of her having the Gandhi name or having brought cohesion in the Congress. It is also, and perhaps mainly, because she holds the purse strings of tremendous amounts of money. These party funds are overt: all the foundations, Rajiv, Indira, Nehru, etc, which store thousands of crores; and covert, starting with the Bofors scam. Where are the secret bank accounts where the scam money is stored? Under whose names are they operated? How is the money brought back to India? Who will answer all these questions?

Will Raja talk, if he is arrested, as it is rumoured? Surely he knows a lot of secrets, as some of the 2G, Adarsh CWG money,  and other unknown scams, must also have gone into the Congress coffers. That is the question that the Congress leadership should debate instead of going after Hindu terror’, a misnomer if there is one.

Refer to Media Crooks: India's worst Journalist

If you look at statistics for the last 1,000 years, it is Hindus who have been at the receiving end of terror — millions of them have died, including in Kashmir in the late ’Eighties, when Benazir Bhutto launched her ‘Azad Kashmir’ movement (I was there).

Sonia Gandhi - is “the moribund and leaderless Congress party has latched on to Sonia Gandhi who is Italian by birth and Roman Catholic by baptism”. 

(Note: Sonia Gandhi's parents opposed her marriage to Rajiv Gandhi - in an interview with Maria Shriver - Refer to Wikileaks).

(source: Sonia Gandhi and the hidden trail - By John Maclithon).  Refer to Government of India - Rotten to the core - economist.com. Refer to Using “Hindu terror” to grab headlines - By Swapan Dasgupta

Does the prime minister matter?

The individual who is the prime minister, (Manmohan Singh) for example, should know that he serves a very specific purpose, he — a nobody — is needed to fill nominally the slot the Great Renouncer (Sonia Gandhi) decided to vacate, even before occupying it, in order that she could be hailed as the Great Renouncer and accorded the same quality of reverence as was once bestowed upon that other cognizable renouncer in the nation’s history — what was his name, ah, yes, Mahatma Gandhi.

Refer to Conversion Congress & Bloody Indians  - By Arindam Banerjee and Indian PM Manmohan Singh denies bribing MPs for votes - bbc.co.uk

and  Manmohan Singh is really and truly a despicably dishonest man – By Atanu Dey – deesha.org and  The Ventriloquist’s Dummy Will Address a Press Conference – By Atanu Dey – deeshaa.org

The individual who is the prime minister, for example, should know that he serves a very specific purpose, he — a nobody — is needed to fill nominally the slot the Great Renouncer decided to vacate, even before occupying it, in order that she could be hailed as the Great Renouncer and accorded the same quality of reverence as was once bestowed upon that other cognizable renouncer in the nation’s history — what was his name, ah, yes, Mahatma Gandhi.

Refer to Singh and his many clowns - By Dr Jay Dubashi

Is it not egregiously irrelevant in such a situation to wax eloquent over the prime minister’s integrity? For consider the goings-on during the 2G spectrum episode. Were nothing known of the prime minister’s correspondence with his minister as well as of the Radia tapes, two alternative assumptions are still possible: either that the prime minister was aware of the irregularities that were being plotted but was unable to do anything about it, or that he was totally ignorant of what was happening. If the prime minister is feeling humiliated by the snide comments swirling at this moment around his person, he can only lay the blame at the door of the decision he took in 2004 to be a cog in the dynasty’s wheel. It is for him to ruminate whether tending his private garden would not have been a superior choice.

(source: Does the prime minister matter? - By Ashok Mitra). Refer to Dr Manmohan Singh is Pitiable - By Atanu dey - deeshaa.org.

Islamists bombed Hinduism's holiest city

December 2010: A two-year-old girl named Swastika Sharma was killed and about 30-40 people, including four foreigners, were injured in a bomb blast at the Dashashwamedh Ghat on the banks of Ganga river in Varanasi at around 6.30 pm on Tuesday.

Hindu Tolerance - India is the only country in the world that subsidies the Haj Pilgrimage - 57 Islamic countries do not.


Are Hindus safe in Mother India?

Yet another Islamic terrorist attack on a Hindu city - this time at Varanasi.

Refer to Jihad has come to India - By Richared L Benkin - americanthinker.com

Refer to the Islam’s Indian slave trade - Islam’s genocidal slavery - islammonitor.org and Islam: Arab Imperialism - By Anwar Sheikh and Mumbai Case Offers Rare Picture of Ties Between Pakistan’s Intelligence Service, Militants - propublica.org and Islam: Religion of Peace and Jihadwatch and History of Kashmir. Refer to Kashmir Hindus: Forsaken, forgotten for 21 years - By Lalit Koul and Ethnic Cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits: The Nastiest Fascia Of Islamic Terrorism - By Dipin Damodharan

Refer to Britain's Islamic Republic - Channel 4


Terrorist group Indian Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for the blast saying that it is a response to the recent Ayodhya verdict. A bomb hidden in a metal canister exploded during the Ganga Aarti (a daily lamp ritual) between Shitlamata Ghat and Dashashwamedh Ghat.

Additional Director General of Police (ADG)-- Law and Order, Brijlal said: "The state has been put on high alert. And anti-terrorist sqauds and a bomb disposal squad have been rushed to the site."  Though it has been reported that the bomb was possibly kept in a milk container. Quoting IG Varansai the ADG said that the bomb was placed in some cavity. All top Varanasi district and police officers are on the spot. ADG said that there was no laxity as the state was already on alert due to Babri Masjid demolition anniversary.

The blast took place when thousands of devotees and the foreign tourists had assembled at the ghat for having darshan of the Ganga Arti, police sources said.

(source:  Explosion rocks one of India's holiest cities - hindustantimes.com). Refer to Multiculturalism has failed in United Kingdom - By Sandhya Jain

Christian Terrorism in Hindu India

The National Liberation Front of Tripura, a rebel group operating in Tripura, North-East India classified by the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism as one of the ten most active terrorist groups in the world, has been accused of forcefully converting people to Christianity. The state government reports that the Baptist Church of Tripura supplies arms and gives financial support to the NLFT. The Church is also reported to encourage the NLFT to murder Hindus, particularly infants. NLFT has also declared a ban against Hindus celebrating Durga Puja and other Hindu festivals.

Refer to Breaking India: Western Inventions and Dalit Faultlines - By Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan

The insurgency in Nagaland was led by the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) and continues today with its faction NSCN - Isaac Muivah which explicitly calls for a "Nagalim for Christ."

In Assam, an extremest group named Manmasi National Christian Army (MNCA) with around 15 members from the Hmar ethnic group, have placed bloodstained crosses in Hindu temples and forced Hindus to convert at gunpoint.

(source: Christian Terrorism in India - Wikipedia.com). 

A Bizarre and Scary Prince of India?


"..We Hindus are facing a veritable military-style onslaught, with the Catholic heir apparent to virtual kingship in India suggesting that Hindus are a greater danger to their own motherland than Islamic terrorists emanating from Pakistan and his factotum, Digvijay Singh, opining that Hindus may have killed a senior ATS Mumbai police officer..."

                                                                                                                   - Dr. Gautam Sen director of Gandhi-Einstein Foundation

"By demonising the RSS as a terrorist and Nazi-like organisation, the Congress under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi seeks to insult millions of Hindus in this country"

                                                  -  B Raman  Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat. Govt. of India.


Raul Vinci Gandhi complains about Hindu terrorism (an oxymoron ?) to American ambassador

Hypocrisy is the first victim of the power of truth.


WikiLeaks says - Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi believes Hindu extremists pose a greater threat to India than Muslim militants, fresh WikiLeaks cables released have revealed as reported in ‘The Guardian’.

Gandhi said this to US ambassador to India Timothy Roemer in a luncheon meeting recently.

He warned Timothy Roemer that although “there was evidence of some support for [Islamic terrorist group Laskar-e-Taiba] among certain elements in India’s indigenous Muslim community, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalised Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community”.

Refer to Bogus Hindu Terror - By Dr. Subramanium Swamy and Rahul Gandhi as India’s prime minister – Those idiots did it again

Rahul’s comments have come under sharp attack from the BJP. Speaking to CNN-IBN, BJP spokesperson Tarun Vijay lashed out at Rahul saying that he was dividing the country on communal lines. “I think Rahul is dividing India on communal lines. He thinks if he speaks against Hindus, Muslims will vote for him in Uttar Pradesh. This is most unfortunate for the country’s future,” he said. A livid BJP also said that the Gandhi scion is helping Pakistan’s cause. The BJP attacked Rahul. “At one stroke he gave legitimacy to the propaganda of Pakistani terror groups — which have been saying the same thing — against India,” chief spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

(source: Clown Prince a traitor? - Indianrealist.com). Refer to Wikileaks is good for the Third World - by Atanu Dey - deesha.org and Is India sliding into a hereditary monarchy? - bbc.co.uk.   Watch video Unseen footage of 26/11 attack

The Clown Prince?

Diverting attention from Islamic Terrorism?


Rahul Gandhi and US Ambassador to India Timothy J Roemer

Refer to Wikipedia says, Sonia Gandhi has $18.66 billion in Swiss Bank account and Jihad has come to India - By Richared L Benkin - americanthinker.com and Stop Vilification Campaign Against Hindus and Islam’s Indian slave trade - Islam’s genocidal slavery - islammonitor.org and Northeast terror not Delhi's priority: WikiLeaks and In Pakistan, Christianity Earns a Death Sentence - time.com.  Refer to Kashmir Hindus: Forsaken, forgotten for 21 years - By Lalit Koul and Ethnic Cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits: The Nastiest Fascia Of Islamic Terrorism - By Dipin Damodharan

Refer to Mumbai: The Grapes of Wrath of Western Complacency - jihadwatch.org and Islam: Religion of Peace and Islam: Arab Imperialism - By Anwar Sheikh and Mumbai Case Offers Rare Picture of Ties Between Pakistan’s Intelligence Service, Militants - propublica.org and Mumbai-style terror attack foiled in Denmark and 'Church backing Tripura rebels' and Islam: Religion of Peace and Jihadwatch and History of Kashmir and Breaking India: Western Inventions and Dalit Faultlines - By Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan and Watch video Unseen footage of 26/11 attack


Uncle Sam would love this nephew

"Rather than a gradual sapping of influence, the US's military misadventures and technological and economic decline could see its "empire" fall as quickly and spectacularly as the Soviet Union, Great Britain or the Ottomans. To avert this, the Pentagon plans a deadly canopy of space drones by 2020 that will have lethal reach from stratosphere to exosphere."

                                                                                - Alfred W McCoy in Taking down America.

Contrary to media reports and popular perception, the ‘secret’ cable despatched from the US Embassy in New Delhi on August 3, 2009 was not only about Mr Rahul Gandhi’s views on Hindu terror. A close reading of the cable, marked for the State Department and signed by US Ambassador to India Timothy J Roemer, would show that it was a report on efforts by the American mission aimed at “reaching out to Rahul Gandhi and other young parliamentarians”. The cable’s summary says: “In a review of the career and potential of Rahul Gandhi, 40-year-old heir apparent to the leadership of India’s ruling Congress party, the US Ambassador reports conversations with the young politician, speaking appreciatively of recent statements and potential for the future.” The key words, lest you miss them, are “reaching out”, “career and potential”, “heir apparent”, “appreciatively” and “future”. The man who represents American interests in India was keen on establishing ‘contact’ with the second most important person in the current, US-friendly dispensation in New Delhi; and it’s a hurrah! note to headquarters from him after having established that contact. As Mr Roemer highlights in his cable, “(Rahul) Gandhi… could become a key interlocutor… as we pursue a strategic dialogue with India.” Diplomats know who matters how much in which regime and which ‘key interlocutor’ can help push their country’s agenda. In this case, the agenda of the US, as it would like to see implemented in its newly discovered outpost in South Asia.

Mr Roemer asked Mr Gandhi about the “Lashkar-e-Tayyeba’s activities in the region and immediate threat to India”. It would be in order to mention here that another US Embassy cable that the LeT’s threat to India is real, has not diminished since 26/11 and the Pakistan-based group is planning high profile strikes, including a plot to assassinate Mr Narendra Modi.

It would be absurd to believe that the American Ambassador was unaware of hostilities between the Congress Dynasty and the Congress Destroyer in Gujarat. Be that as it may, Mr Gandhi’s response provides a glimpse into the intellectual abilities of the Prince who would be King one day. “(Rahul) Gandhi said there was evidence of some support for the group among certain elements in India’s indigenous Muslim community. However, Gandhi warned, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalised Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community… The risk of a ‘home-grown’ extremist front, reacting to terror attacks coming from Pakistan or from Islamist groups in India, was a growing concern and one that demanded constant attention.”

It’s natural that there should be some amount of concern in Washington, DC about policy after the Regent vacates the masnad of Delhi for the Prince. If there’s one thing the American establishment is mindful of, it is that continuity is of the essence to promote and push national interest in foreign lands; regime change can have disastrous consequences.

What is of greater import is the ease with which the proverbial ‘Quiet American’ can co-opt those who desire to rule India through “a thoughtful, politically sensitive and strategic approach”. Somewhere out there, Mrs Indira Gandhi’s soul would be most distressed following the disclosure of this particular cable, but then, when alive she carried the “baggage of older Congress candidates” as her grandson disparagingly describes those who have served the party (and presumably the country) for decades.

(source:  Uncle Sam would love this nephew - By Kanchan Gupta - dailypioneer.com). Refer to American Empire on the verge of collapse? - By Mahendra Joshi - indiacause.com

Rahul Gandhi: A Brain of a Ten year old child?

Punjab Local Government and Industries Minister Manoranjan Kalia here today appealed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to refrain Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi from meeting foreign dignitaries so as to save the country from embarrassment.

Reacting to WikiLeaks quoting Mr Gandhi as having told US Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer that the growth of ''radicalised Hindu groups'' could be a bigger threat to India, Mr Kalia said, ''Mr Gandhi is a 40-year-old youth leader with a brain of ten-year-old child.''

It is pertinent to mention here that the US Ambassador's query was in relation to Lashkar-e-Toiba's activities in the region and immediate threat to India, he said. Mr Kalia said Mr Gandhi instead of reacting to the query of the US Ambassador oozed out ''filth'' with the pre-conceived mind against the RSS, which is purely a nationalistic and cultural organisation which inculcates spirit of patriotism in the youth.''Mr Gandhi's attempt to malign Mr Narendra Modi, who is an icon of development in India and whose achievements have been recognised by various reports of the Central Government, was most condemnable.

(source: Mr. Rahul Gandhi a 40 year old youth leader). 

Rahul on terrorism - bizarre but scary

You cannot be a political columnist in India today and ignore the man who could be our prime minister tomorrow if he wants. But, for those of us obliged to pay careful attention to Rahul Gandhi’s political career, one big problem is that he seems never to have any views on anything. He spends long nights in remote villages but returns with no insights on improving rural living conditions. He befriends farmers’ widows in Vidarbha but has no views on what can be done to stop farmers’ suicides. He tells the adivasis in Niyamgiri that he will be their ‘sipahi’ in Delhi but does not tell us if by this he means he would like them to continue being primitive, marginal communities. He tells us that he thinks that SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) is just as bad as the RSS but does not explain why. So it makes it that much more curious that he should have made his first serious policy statement to the American ambassador.

He was lunching in the American Embassy, we hear from WikiLeaks, and when the subject of India’s security concerns came up, he said that he believed ‘radicalised Hindu groups’ were more of a threat to India than the Lashkar-e-Toiba. As someone who has always laughed indulgentlyat Rahul’s rural field trips and other foibles, my first reaction was to laugh. And, then I stopped myself. Rahul’s comment is too serious to laugh at. Not when we know of the Lashkar-e-Toiba’s role as the organiser of 26/11.

Perhaps, nobody told Rahul Gandhi about the origins of the Lashkar and the reasons why it is such a powerful terrorist organisation. Perhaps, nobody told him that it was created by the Pakistani Army and that its founder, Hafiz Mohammed Saeed, was seen last week in the company of high officials at some event in Islamabad. Can Rahul name one Hindu radical group that has the backing of the Indian Army? Can he name one Hindu radical group that has the protection of the Indian state? So, for the man who could be our future prime minister, to believe that radical Hindu groups are more of a threat than the Lashkar-e-Toiba is not just bizarre, but very scary.

There are those who dismissed Rahul’s comments as stupidity but to do this is to absolve him of responsibility for what he said. Besides, there seems to be more to what Rahul Gandhi told the American ambassador if you keep in mind what another Congress general secretary, Digvijay Singh. Is it because Rahul is so unnerved about reducing (despite his best efforts) the Congress Party’s seats in the Bihar legislature to four that he is listening to old type advisors? The kind who believe the only way for the Congress to revive itself in northern India is by exploiting those ancient divisions of caste and creed? If this is so, Rahul Gandhi’s future looks very bleak. If there is a lesson he can learn from Bihar it is that even in our poorest, most backward state, it is no longer possible to fool voters (either Hindu or Muslim) into being misled by false divisions of caste and creed.

If at the highest levels of the Congress Party there are people who believe that the Lashkar-e-Toiba is less dangerous for India than homegrown Hindu radical groups, then Pakistan has won not just on the terrorist front but on the propaganda front as well. Let’s stop sending Islamabad those dossiers and lists of jihadi terrorists. They are meaningless now. Meanwhile, let the Congress Party try persuading the people of India that Hindu terrorists are the biggest threat to national security and see how many seats they win in the next election.

(source: Rahul on terrorism - By Tavleen Singh - indianexpress.com). Refer to Kashmir Hindus: Forsaken, forgotten for 21 years - By Lalit Koul and Ethnic Cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits: The Nastiest Fascia Of Islamic Terrorism - By Dipin Damodharan

Diverting attention from Islamic Terrorism?
Distorting our fight against jihadi terrorism

Congress (I) and some agenda journalists to exploit the confession of the Swami to divert attention from the serious threat of jihadi terrorism that we still face and to whitewash the horrendous crimes of the jihadi terrorists, including the July 2006 explosions in some suburban trains of Mumbai and even the 26/11 terrorist strikes. 

(source: Agenda Journalism - By B Raman). Watch Video - Democracy in Crisis – Congress : A story of suppression & subjugation

Hindu/Saffron Terror - A Misnomer?

Israel protests comparison of RSS with Nazis

Israel has taken grave exception to Congress leader Digvijay Singh's comparison of RSS with the Nazis.

Responding to questions, an Israel embassy spokesperson said, "Without entering the political debate, no comparison can be made with the
Nazi Holocaust in which six million Jews were massacred solely because they were Jewish." 

Singh courted controversy on Sunday by training guns on the RSS yet again. He was echoing Rahul Gandhi's comments to the US ambassador which was made available by Wikileaks.

(source: Israel protests comparison of RSS with Nazis - timesofindia.com).

Hindu terrorism phrase coined by vested interests
Congress leader Digvijay Singh

Hindu or saffron terrorism was a 'figment of imagination' and a phrase coined by vested interests who were working against the nation, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) said

'The whole idea of saffron terrorism is a figment of imagination which has been phrased to indulge in votebank politics. These type of accusations are made by vested interests and it is not done in the interests of the nation. There is unjustified propaganda against Hindu organisations by vested and so-called secular interests,' Chowgule said.

He added that the media and 'so-called' secular intellectuals were silent spectators to the nefarious efforts of 'anti-national elements who were carrying out a sustained campaign to paint Hindu organisations and saints as terrorists'.

(source: Hindu terrorism phrase coined by vested interests - sify.com). Refer to The Myth of a New Asian Century: Why it is Western not Asian - By Janaka Goonetilleke - vijayvaani.com

Corruption in India

Tycoons with friends in high places. Public tenders conducted by irregular rules. Tens of billions of dollars in potential losses for the national treasury. Allegations of government ministers on the take, and of a respected prime minister too aloof to notice.

The scandal also has revealed an incestuous world of journalists, corporate lobbyists and politicians and has reinforced the perception of an Indian economy dominated by a small, tightly connected elite.

(source: Telecom Scandal Plunges India Into Political Crisis - nytimes.com). Refer to The Unbearably Sickening Indian Pseudo-secular Press - By Atanu Dey - deeshaa.org  and Barkhagate - Radia Tapes & The Indian Media

EVM flaw-finders not welcome in India?

Two researchers - Alex Halderman and Rop Gonggrijp - who had carried out a study demonstrating the flaws in India’s electronic voting machines (EVMs), were denied entry into the country, despite holding valid visas, when they arrived at New Delhi. Alex Halderman, a professor of computer science at the University of Michigan, and Rop Gonggrijp, a Dutch activist and technical expert, had co-authored a study — Security Analysis of India’s Voting Machines — with Hyderabad-based researcher Hari Prasad in July this year, demonstrating two different ways of “manipulating” the EVMs.

Comments by Rajeev Srinivasan: "The ruling Congress Party is looking for new ways to conduct vote-rigging to keep themselves in power. After having failed in their bid to rule through The Emergency the last time, they know that they have to come up with a cleverer and more refined approach this time. Any activists, ideologues or intellectuals who try to rock the boat, or rock the vote, by exposing corruption in ruling institutions will silenced through the growing police state of the Congress. What would Gandhi say about all this?"

EVM flaw-finders not welcome in India?- zeenews).


Nataraja Statue Worth $1 Million Seized

A 600-year-old statue of Lord Nataraja, estimated to be worth around US$1 million in the international market, was seized by the police in south district from two persons who were allegedly trying to sell it. The accused were arrested near Vikas Sadan in Kotla Mubarakpur on Sunday.

“We have seized the antique statue of Lord Nataraja and a car in which the accused were moving around, hoping to find a customer,” said DCP Dhaliwal. Police said the 19-inches long murti weighs 34 lbs and is made of “ashtadhatu” (eight metals). Experts at Archaeological Survey of India have valued it at approximately US$1 million.

(source:  Nataraja Statue Worth $1 Million Seized - hinduismtoday.com).  Refer to Sonia's Shady family - indianrealist.com and Dr. Subramaniam Swamy on Sonia's family smugglilng - youtube.com

Sonia Raj and Corruption Raj and National Plunder
A fish rots from the head down 

The Hindu India’s situation is best explained by an ancient proverb, A fish rots from the head down.” When the head is putrid, the body politic cannot be healthy. And when those at the helm remain wedded to grand corruption..

With corruption, nepotism and cronyism now endemic, Indian politics has become the safe, fast track to wealth. India freed itself from British colonialism only to come in the grip of an indigenous political class ruling the country on colonial-style principles and still functioning from colonial-era structures. It may take a second war of independence for India to gain true freedom from exploitation and pillage.

Indian politics has become the safe, fast track to wealth.

Make no mistake: The spiriting away of billions of dollars to international financial safe havens constitutes more than criminal wrongdoing. When economic contracts are signed or policy decisions taken so as to net handsome kickbacks, it constitutes a flagrant assault on the national interest. India ranks among the top countries whose stolen national wealth is stashed away in Swiss bank accounts. Yet no Indian politician has ever been convicted and hanged for waging such war on the state.

The cancer of corruption in India has alarmingly spread to elements within the two institutions that are central to the country’s future - the judiciary and the armed forces. Recent revelations have highlighted the deep corporate penetration of the major political parties and the manner big business influences policymaking and media coverage.

The rot in the media - the nation’s supposed watchdog - stands exposed. In fact, even the integrity of the national Padma Shree awards has been badly vitiated.

Perils of becoming a republic of scandals – By Brahma Chellaney). Refer to Sonia's Shady family - indianrealist.com and Dr. Subramaniam Swamy on Sonia's family smugglilng - youtube.com

No archaeological evidence to prove western invasion in the subcontinent: Experts

NEW DELHI: Having set the tone for a discussion on the roots of Indian civilization, the seminar, “How deep are the roots of Indian civilization? An archaeological and historical perspective”, brought up some pertinent questions related to the subcontinent's past on Friday.

Day two of the seminar organised by Draupadi Trust in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations and the Archaeological Survey of India was marked by inputs from renowned archaeologists and scholars.

In the first session, Omilos Meleton Cultural Institute (Greece) director Prof. N. Kazanas spoke about the “Collapse of the Aryan invasion theory” based on linguistic evidence in the Rigveda supporting the indigenous nature of Indian civilization and genetic evidence that there was “no influx of new genes after 10000 B. C. in India”.

Prof. Kazanas' presentation was followed by Case Western Reserve University Anthropology professor Jim G. Shaffer, who spoke about the “Harappan diaspora”, explaining how the increase in population density of Haryana and eastern Punjab and decrease in population in Cholistan in the late Harappan period suggest a “displacement from Harappan civilization towards the east”.

He also said there was no archaeological evidence to prove western invasion in the subcontinent.

Vedic scholar Dr. Bhagwan Singh spoke about “Rigvedic Harappans: Their roots and legacy”, calling it “incorrect…to hold Aryan-speaking branch to be the sole author of Indus-Sarasvati civilization”. According to him, there were three major cultural strains- Aryan, Dravidian and Mandari -- that cannot be classified into any one familial scheme.

Shah Abdul Latif University (Pakistan) Vice-Chancellor Nilofar Shaikh presented recent evidence found by the excavation of Lakahn-Jo- Daro site in Pakistan. The architectural evidence at the site suggests a strong linkage to the “mature Indus” civilization, in addition to some unique features like “I- shaped bricks”.

Ms. Shaikh's presentation was followed by Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda's professor of Archaeology V.H. Sonawane's paper on “The Harappan scenario in Gujarat”; Department of Archaeology and Museums (Raipur) advisor Dr. A.K. Sharma's paper on “The Harappan Horse - A study in comparative occurrence during Harappan & post Harappan times” and ASI (Nagpur)'s Dr. Nadini Sahu's presentation on “Excavations at the Early Harappan site of Bhirrana”.

The last session included presentations by ASI secretary general K.N. Dikshit on “The decline and legacy of Harappan civilization” and ASI joint director-general Dr. B.R. Mani titled “From Janas to Janapadas”. The day concluded with BHU professor Purushottam Singh who raised some important questions at the end of his presentation on “Early archaeology in the Gangetic Plains”.

Prof. Singh pointed out that the Ganga Valley civilization had no evidence of religion except burial grounds found in some places. He also questioned the absence of a “label” like the Aryans or Harappans for the people of this civilization, who had contributed significantly to the history of the subcontinent.

(source: No archaeological evidence to prove western invasion in the subcontinent: Experts - hindu.com). Refer to Aryan Invasion Theory - By P D Joseph

Foreign Correspondents abuse Indian hospitality

There is there is no right of religious conversion in Indian law

The Foreign Correspondents' Club (FCC) is located next to the Supreme Court and cheek by jowl with the houses of some of the Capital's top mandarins. The  building  belongs  to  the Central Government and has almost certainly been rented out to the FCC at the ridiculously low rate that the President of India is  pleased to charge from his most privileged and affluent citizens. In other words, the hapless Indian tax payer heavily subsidises a coterie of foreign scribes, whose purported mandate is to report objectively on this country's affairs for their  global readers, but who do precisely the opposite.

On the few occasions when I have visited the FCC in the last few years, I have always found the experience interesting. Invariably, the members of the international rat pack stunned me with their devastating ignorance of this country, its history and  its people - worse was their mind-set  and disposition.

If the condescension and prejudices of the goras of the FCC are bad, the fawning servitude and more-royal-than-the king zeal of the Indian correspondents of overseas publications are worse. Now, this  is understandable and one should not be too harsh on the factotums - after all, with the greenback at more than 42 to the humble  rupee, they have to shout from the rooftops when the big white chiefs are within hearing distance.                                             

The visit to the FCC a few days back was even more illuminating. The occasion was a question-and-answer session with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, in the aftermath of the Gujarat incidents. If ever there was proof of an innate desire to rush to judgement, one found it in abundance on that wintry afternoon. Leading the charge was an Anglo-German duo. The Brit looked a caricature of the Raj figure dressing down recalcitrant natives, while the latter appeared to have come straight out of the Prussian swamps, with only the monocle missing.

The refrain of the sahibs was simple - why were the Hindoos misbehaving with the Christians and not being their usual meek selves?

Refer to chapter on Conversion and European Imperialism. Refer to Multiculturalism has failed in United Kingdom - By Sandhya Jain. Refer to Video: The fraud, the myth, the unsaintly Mother Teresa – By Christopher Hitchens

All explanation on the part of the VHP team was brushed aside with the casual air of the master of the manor dealing with uppity peasants in the estate. The arrogance of the white pen-pushers and mikewallahs (more on them later) is astonishing. 

If violence on Christians continued, asked mein herr, would it not be proper for Germans to stop contributing to Church charity funds that are earmarked for work in India? If this mind-boggling impertinence was not enough, we also had a couple of strident females (one of them a Canadian who strings for a British daily) who harangued the guests and refused to allow them to complete their answers. Bringing up the rear was a pimply and vacuous Anglo-Saxon who  pronounced that the entire response of the VHP team was woolly as far as the conversion issue was concerned, since Religious Freedom was a fundamental right under the Indian Constitution.  

This was after it had been explained to him that (a) there is no right of conversion in Indian law, (b) the freedom to propagate one's religion, guaranteed in the Constitution, does not extend to converting a person of another faith, and (c) the Supreme Court had said so in a judgement 12 years ago, with all five judges on the Bench concurring with the verdict.

The behaviour of the international electronic media is equally dismal. The cacophony of criticism of India and so-called Hindu fundamentalism in the foreign channels has risen to a crescendo, with the BBC and STAR leading the storm troopers. The Indian acolytes of the foreign masters of these two channels have outdone their mentors and pay-masters.

In the midst of this self-flagellation by the country's elite and the calculated disinformation campaign by the European-North American media, there is a welcome breath of fresh air.

French correspondent François Gautier wrote an incisive and hard-hitting piece in one of our contemporaries, exposing the hideous facade behind the postures adopted by the English-language Press in the  country (which is trying to outdo the  former  colonial masters) and the dishonest role of the foreign Press. Gautier should know - the Third Republic in France in the 1930s saw the same phenomenon of the enemy within and outside (across the Rhine). Merci, my friend.

But you are a loner in the FCC and our country's elite would rather listen to drivel from the rat packs than your perceptive thoughts.  

(source: A Little Nostalgia: Foreign Fourth Estate and India  - By Jay Bhattacharjee - vijayvaani.org and Foreign Correspondents abuse Indian hospitality, host Mirwaiz - By Sandhya Jain - vijayavaani.org). Watch this moving Video America's native prisoners of war - By Aaron Huey - ted.com

Hinduism has some valuable lessons for our divisive world

Arvind Khetia, an engineer and a Hindu: The Hindu view of life is influenced by the spiritual vision of the Upanishads and the Bhagavad-Gita. The sages of the Upanishads meditated on the nature of reality and realized that at a deeper spiritual level of consciousness, there is a divine presence within all beings and in all of existence. Thus, they recognized the underlying unity and consequently eliminated the distinction between life and religion, the secular and spiritual, and work and worship. Also, they saw the spiritual unity between all faiths as infinite reality (Brahman) that can be worshipped by different names.

The Gita explains that a unified vision of life is attained when "one perceives the equality everywhere and beholds oneself in all beings and all beings in oneself." Therefore, the secret of social harmony and the true meaning of religion, according to the Gita, are in "consistently performing the right social action (dharma), and practicing inward contemplation to manifest one's divine nature -Atman."

Thus, the Hindu vision of life aims at integrating human personality and character to see harmony through unity in diversity and achieving fulfillment by doing one's given duty (dharma). Paul Veliyathil, in Newsweek magazine, has observed that,

"Hinduism ... does not proselytize or polarize, dominate or conquer, but it just encourages its members to follow their dharma or duty. Hinduism has some valuable lessons for our divisive world."

(source: Hinduism has some valuable lessons for our divisive world - vivekjyotiblogspot.com).

Angelina Jolie and Brad opt for traditional Hindu wedding

Until earlier it was Julia Roberts who was making news for embracing Hinduism, but now we hear that the most popular couple of Hollywood, Brad and Angelina have strengthened their so called relationship with the help of yoga that they are all set to go for a Hindu wedding.

This yoga-practicing couple has decided to welcome the New Year with the new beginning of marriage. It’s reported that the couple’s marriage will be performed by Guru Ram Lalji Siyag of Bikaner from Rajasthan, India.

Hearing the news, Hindu statesman Rajan Zed released in a statement in Nevada for US Today, how he was pleased with Jolie and Pitt willing to exchange marriage vows by embracing Hinduism.

Angelina, Brad practice yoga everyday

After having found harmony and peace by practicing yoga everyday, Brad and Angelina are supposedly happy that yoga has transformed their relationship in every sphere and are keen to have a traditional Hindu wedding.

The couple has been practicing Siddha yoga through the help of Indian spiritual guru Ram Lalji, and has now cut down on their alcohol consumption and has also stopped fighting.

(source: Angelina Jolie and Brad opt for traditional Hindu wedding

Did You Know

Art show inspired by Rig-Veda opens in Berlin

Titled 'Soma' after the Soma (ambrosial drink of the gods) of ancient Hindu scripture Rig-Veda, Carsten Höller's art exhibition has opened in Hamburger Bahnhof Museum fur Gegenwart in Berlin (Germany) and will continue till February six next.

The artist was said to be inspired by a verse from Rig-Veda, which reads: "We have drunk of the soma; we have become immortal, we have seen the light; we have found the Gods."

This complex and elaborate installation reportedly features 12 reindeer, eight mice, two flies and 24 canaries and offers an overnight stay in a bed perched on a mushroom-shaped platform and suspended above animals in the middle of the laboratory set-up at 1,000 Euros, giving guests the opportunity to spend the night in the museum and to dive into the world of soma. Almost all of the available nights have reportedly been sold.

Lauding Höller for Hinduism exploration, eminent Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, urged academicians and intellectuals of the world to unlock the treasures hidden in ancient Hindu texts.

Art show inspired by Rig-Veda opens in Berlin - newkerala.com).





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