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Discrimination in Western Societies

Sitting on Judgment on Hindus and India

"Judge not, that ye be not judged."

“Britain has no moral authority to dictate moral standards of rectitude and democracy to any former colony in Africa”.

 (source: The Gambia Quits British Commonwealth, Calling It ‘Extension of Colonialism)

wpe3B.jpg (4154 bytes)Annie Besant (1847-1933), a prominent leader of India's freedom movement, member of the Indian National Congress, and of the Theosophical Society, delivered lectures in 1895 on Eastern Castes and Western classes and pointed out:

"..these distinctions exist and have existed from time immemorial, and are based upon natural divisions. Caste is present in the East and class is present in the West."

(source: India: Essays and Lectures Vol. IV - By Annie Besant  London. The Theosophical Publishing Co. p.43-50.1895). 

Refer to Civil Unrest and future of the Western World – By M Joshi - and Caste games: Battleground India - and The Darker Side Of Christopher Columbus - By Ellisha Rader Mannering 


“Christian nations have produced, and indeed in the name of Christianity, things even more hateful than the pariah village of India."

                             -  Nicol Macnicol (1870 - 1952) Professor and author of  Is Christianity Unique  p. 52.  Refer to Petition: Christians against proselytism. Refer to The Aboriginal “intervention” in Australia: four years on

"Wherever Christians have passed, conquering and discovering, it seems as though a fire has gone, consuming everything." 

Pedro de Cieza de León Spanish Conquistador and historian of Peru. (c. 1550, Crónica del Peru, Primera Parte, 2.66).

"It is the same ship that brought the Bible which also carried guns and alcohol to Africa ."

                                              - Michael Baffoe author of Demonizing African Culture in the Name of Christianity and Britain 'invaded 90 per cent' of world's countries


" Where there is Man, there are social divisions.. That's why you have the Boston Brahmins in the US, the Zaibatsu in Japan, Parisian aristocracy, the Communist Party of China, and what have you."  

- writes Varsha Bhosle (1956 - 2012) columnist -

Refer to America starves as executive pay rockets: 50MILLION people go hungry while Wall Street fatcats take home millions - and 'American Dream' withers as tent cities mushroom in promised land and London is most unequal city in Western world with gap between rich and poor widest since slavery - By Steve Doughty - and British rioters the spawn of a bankrupt ruling elite – By Theodore Dalrymple. Refer to Sweeping child abuse scandal shakes BBC and other British institutions - Jimmy Savile

  "Every revolution in European history has served to reinforce Europe's tendencies and abilities to export destruction to other peoples." - Russell Means - A member of the Oglala Lakota tribe, Russell Means was perhaps the most outsized personality in the American Indian Movement, beginning with the 1973 occupation of Wounded Knee.


Mark Twain (1835-1910) also known as Samuel Clemens, one of the most widely loved and celebrated American writers since his first books were released in the late 1860s. Many of his writings have reached the pinnacles of American and world literature, including the timeless Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court and Following the Equator. Besides these easily recognizable classics, Twain wrote fascinating Travelogue detailing his experiences in Asia.

He wrote about the Bible:

"It is full of interest. It has noble poetry in it; and some clever fables; and some blood-drenched history; and some good morals; and a wealth of obscenity; and upwards of a thousand lies."

(source: Twain Quotes).


Dr Charles Sabillon ( ?) author of several books, has observed in his article Christianity and Islam: Which is the Worst?

"The origins of both religions are based on the claims of two men, Jesus and Mohammed, and both men proved equally incapable of demonstrating their divine mandate. From that perspective, the two creeds are equally based on false propositions and can be classified as nothing more than lies. Mohammed ordered his followers to do it by the sword, and that is what they did once he died. They launched into one of the most enthusiastic conquering ventures the world has ever seen and forged an empire that extended from Central Asia to the southwest of Europe.

Nations were ruthlessly converted to Christianity by the sword just like Islam converted Arabia, Central Asia, and Africa by the sword. With his armies, Charlemagne preached the Gospel of the cross to the Saxons, the Germans, the Bohemians, and the Hungarians. This was not the only evangelizing military operation. There were also the infamous Crusades from the eleventh to the thirteenth century, the Inquisition, and the conquest of the American continent from the sixteenth century onwards. Throughout the Middle Ages in Europe, the Christian Church was the most militarily powerful organization in that continent. Being the largest landowner and the biggest tax collector provided the Pope with huge amounts of money, which were used to solidify his power by establishing a potent armed force.

(source: Christianity and Islam: Which is the Worst? - By Charles Sabillon - 

Refer to Michael Moore says 400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined and The obscene division of wealth in America – Hindu terrorism fabricated US Church organisations - By Gautam Sen. Refer to The decline and fall of America - and When will America Collapse? .....answers from Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Gerald Celente and others - and Census: US poverty rate rises to 15.1 per cent; number of uninsured hits high of 49.9 million.

Catholic Church stole Spanish babies, resold them

The Daily Mail reports that a network of doctors, nurses, priests and nuns worked together under the right-wing authoritarian regime of Spanish dictator General Francisco Franco (1939 to 1975) to steal and sell babies. Even though Franco died in 1975, Spain’s Catholic Church maintained the baby-stealing practice into the early 1990s, according to reports.  Newborn babies were taken from parents who were considered “morally” or economically “deficient” and then sold for as much as $8,000 to new parents. One of the reasons why this scandal was hidden for so many years, is because it is closely linked to the Catholic Church, which held a hugely prominent role in Spain during Franco’s reign.

Young, single mothers deemed unfit - The most common targets in Spain’s stolen baby controversy were young, unwed mothers. The BBC 2 documentary notes that the mothers were told that they could neither see the body of their supposedly dead child nor attend the burial service, ostensibly because they were full of sin and did not deserve such pleasantries.

(source: Catholic Church stole Spanish babies, resold them).

The former Republican staffer Mike Lofgren wrote about the dominant classes of the US:

“the rich elites of this country have far more in common with their counterparts in London, Paris, and Tokyo than with their fellow American citizens … the rich disconnect themselves from the civic life of the nation and from any concern about its wellbeing except as a place to extract loot. Our plutocracy now lives like the British in colonial India: in the place and ruling it, but not of it.

(source: Another Country - By George Monbiot, the Guardian 29th January 2013 ).

Hari Jagannathan Balasubramanian writes about the intentional assault on local civilizations by Europeans. 

While the predominantly tribal societies of North America had been conquered by European Protestants, the massive empires of the Central and South had been downed by a band of daring conquistadors from Catholic Spain. The Caribbean natives faded in the decades after Columbus’ arrival; Argentina’s natives were exterminated in the eighteenth century. But in Mexico and the Andean nations (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia) the descendants of the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Incas (and many other indigenous groups) are still there. The conquests were no less devastating, but a forcibly imposed Catholicism had brought Indians into its fold, even as it erased earlier beliefs.

The arrival of the Europeans to America was a Black Swan – an unprecedented event that had a massive impact. No one could have predicted the consequences. Millions of American Indians died, either due to disease or conquest, and the Americas (especially North America) lost their voice and culture. Europe and Asia benefited immensely from the crops and foods domesticated in the Americas (corn, tomatoes, potatoes, chilies to name a few). Europeans found a new place to emigrate to – for them it was a positive Black Swan that unleashed new energies.

In the case of Easter Island, locals and rats were blamed for the decline and Western missionaries and invaders were absolved. Now it turns out that Western missionaries and invaders indeed are to be blamed for eradicating a culture. 

Archaeological evidence supporting a theory of pre-European internal-collapse is thin on the ground. “Rather than a story of self-inflicted deprivation, I agree with the view that substantial blame has to rest with Western contact,” said Dr Croucher. “Visitors brought disease, pests and slavery, resulting in the tragic demise of the local population and culture.”

The missionaries converted the remaining population to Christianity, encouraging them to abandon their traditional beliefs. Even then, several hundred inhabitants were driven off the island to work on sugar plantations in Tahiti. By 1877, a population of just 110 people was recorded.

(source: The Criminals who destroyed Easter Island -


Egalitarian Arab World and the West?

Saudi Arabia: How Arabs buy 'wives' in India and dump them in a few weeks

Watch movie: Capitalism  a love story - By Michael Moore and Occupy Wall Street protests and London Riots 2011 and Violence in Rome 2011 and Riots spread across Arab World and Tax the rich: An animated fairy tale - Narrated by Ed Asner

Plight of Hindus in Buddhist Bhutan - Chased from Bhutan, 106,000 Hindus find homes abroad -

Plight of Hindus in Islamic World - Plight of Hindu Temples in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir -


"Of all the religions ...the Christian religion has the most horrible record"

                 -Rupert Hughes, historian and author of  Why I Quit Going To Church -
Watch this moving Video America's native prisoners of war - By Aaron Huey - and In superstition we trust – By Pat Condell and Lawlessness in Britain - Britain is a riot

Refer to Christianity’s criminal history – By Karlheinz Deschner. Refer to Quotes from the The American Taliban.  Refer to  UK child sex abuse is rife a National epidemic

Gore Vidal (1925 -   )  well known American writer, the eminent historian, and a public figure for over fifty years, in his Lowell Lecture at Harvard University given April 20, 1996 observed:

“When the white race broke out of Europe 500 years ago,… inspired by a raging sky-god, the whites were able to pretend that their conquests were in order to bring the One God to everyone, particularly those with older and subtler religions. ………"

“I regard monotheism as the greatest disaster ever to befall the human race. I see no good in Judaism, Christianity, or Islam -- good people, yes, but any religion based on a single, well, frenzied and virulent god, is not as useful to the human race …”

“More people have been killed in the name of Jesus Christ than any other name in the history of the world.” "Christianity is such a silly religion."

(source: Lowell Lecture at Harvard University given - By Gore Vidal - April 20, 1996 and and Gore Vidal, in Time magazine, September 28, 1992, p. 66, from James A Haught, ed., 2000 Years of Disbelief).

Refer to chapter on European Invasion and refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel and Watch The Crescent and the Cross. Refer to QuickTime trailer and Part One of the film The God Awful Truth. Refer to World Conquering Creeds - By Dr. Koenraad Elst - chapter on Glimpses XVIRefer to Christian persecution against the Hellenes - Watch The Bible is Bullshit - Penn & Teller examine the Bible. Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard Zinn and Betrayal of Trust: Clergy Abuse of Children - By Annie Laurie Gaylor

Refer to Canada's Genocide - By Kevin Arnett and Unrepentant: Kevin Arnett and Canada’s Genocide (documentary) and Modern day Genocide in Canada - By Gary G. Kohls and The Canadian Holocaust and Spain's stolen babies and the Church Connection and The Irish Experience in America and Jimmy Savile BBC abuser: Sweeping child abuse scandal shakes BBC and other British institutions

The Darker Side Of Christopher Columbus

The observation of Columbus Day comes from the notion that Christopher Columbus discovered America and helped make it civilized. The truth is, when Columbus and his men arrived in American, they brought disease and sickness with them. Nearly 5 million people died of illness and starvation as a result of Columbus’s arrival. So as you observe Columbus Day this year, think about what the country is really celebrating. Should the sugar-coated version of Christopher Columbus still be taught to children in school? Should our country continue to observe a holiday that is based on a lie?

(source: The Darker Side Of Christopher Columbus - By Ellisha Rader Mannering)


Here are some examples of glaring discrimination of minorities in Egalitarian Western societies:

The Western countries have the most brutalized indigenous populations in the world, and an unedifying history of genocide and almost unending atrocities.

America's culturally displaced people? 

1492 – was a landmark year for all natives of the world. It marks the beginning of a systematic war waged against them by Western arms and religious ideology.  It marked to the beginning of their struggle to maintain their tradition, their beliefs and their customs, their ways of seeing against the overwhelming influence of Western culture.  The conquest was accompanied by genocide unparalleled in history. In the century after Columbus over 2/3rds of native population of America died due to disease – perhaps 50 million people.

Christopher Columbus wrote to the Queen Isabella of Spain:  

“Our European civilization will bring light to the natives in the darkness but for ourselves we will obtain gold and with gold we will be able to do what we want.”

(source: The Barbarian West - By Michael Wood).  Watch this moving Video America's native prisoners of war - By Aaron Huey -

Refer to The Criminal History of Papacy and Sex, lies and videotape: turmoil at the Vatican and Vatican forced to acknowledge debauched behaviour of priests and nuns and Victims of pedophile Christian priests and Pedophiles and Priests: Anatomy of a Contemporary Crisis - By Philip Jenkins. Refer to Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust - By Kevin Annett and documentary Unrepentant and Canada's Genocide. Refer to Vatican Christmas Shocker! Pope says child rape isn't that bad, was normal back in his day - "In the 1970s, paedophilia was theorised as something fully in conformity with man and even with children," the Pope said. 

Refer to The Real face of the Church - and America's child death shame

(Note: The legacy of European civilization to the world - Dark Ages, Crusades, The Inquisition, Witch Hunt, Slavery, Colonization of Africa, Asia, America and Australia, Imperialism, World Wars, Holocaust, Bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Conversion and destruction of Native cultures to Christianity, Drug Addiction, School shootings in American schools, Gun violence, Racism, Clergy Sex Abuse, Viagra spamming Capitalism, quest for individualism, Iraq war …. ). 


  "Kill and scalp all, little and big..  Nits make lice."

                      - Colonel John M Chivington (1824 - 1894) his instruction to his troops at Sand Creek Massacre, Colorado. 

William Gilpin, the governor of the Colorado Territory in 1846, described the Manifest Destiny in his report to the U.S Senate:

"The destiny of the American people is to subdue the continent."

(source: Exporting The American Gospel: Global Christian Fundamentalism - By Steve Brower  p. 15).

The Legacy of Francis Xavier in Goa

Francis Xavier, who holds an esteemed place in the pantheon of Catholic Christian saints was a Padre originally hailing from France. Born in 1506, he settled down in Goa in 1543 to undertake missionary activities.

History records his barbarism in quite graphic detail. In the name of Holy Inquisition, Francis Xavier perpetrated mass murder and extreme torture of Hindus in Goa. If he suspected that someone had committed even a minor lapse in following the tenets of Christianity, he would torture them brutally. About 2000 Christians were killed under his watch and thousands of Hindus left their homes and fled to various places along the South Canara coast to save their lives.

The Victims hold that it is heinous to glorify such a mass murderer, who tortured and killed their ancestors, as a saint.

(source: Victims of Francis Xavier oppose the public display of his corpse, demand return to France - and 'Xavier was aware of the brutality of the Inquisition' - and The Portuguese Inquisition in Goa

Ward Churchill (enrolled Keetoowah Cherokee) (1947 - ) is Professor of American Indian Studies with the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado-Boulder. He has achieved an unparalleled reputation as a scholar-activist and analyst of indigenous issues in North America . He explores the history of holocaust and denial in this hemisphere, beginning with the arrival of Columbus and continuing on into the present. Churchill provides examples of how Euroamericans have played fast and loose with dates, and more currently with the spiritual nature of Native Americans. He theorizes that the attempt to understand the culture of Native Americans has led to the dispossession of that culture.

“In actuality, the missions were death mills in which Indians, often delivered en masse by the military, were allotted an average of seven feet by two feet of living space in what one observer described as ‘specially constructed cattle pens’. Although forced to perform arduous agricultural labour by the priests from morning to night, six days a week, the captives were provided no more than 1400 calories per day in low nutrient foods, with missions like San Antonio and San Miguel supplying as little as 715 calories per day."

(source: A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas 1492 to the Present
- By Ward Churchill).  

Vine Deloria author of Red Earth: White Lies has remarked that:

"Christianity was not designed to explain anything about this planet or the meaning of human life. Every single ceremonial act of the Christian tradition is based on the belief that history was coming to an end, that the believers would be taken up to heaven, a place radically different from this Earth, and that everything about the Earth – and about human society and societies – was evil. Since the expectations of a dramatic judgment day have not been fulfilled, and since Western technology had done a pretty decent job of creating heaven here on Earth, Christian preachers can no longer instill fear into people.  

"Christianity has been the curse of all cultures into which it has intruded.

It has offered eternal life somewhere else and produced social and individual disintegration. Catholic priests prey on their parishioners; televangelists engage in fraudulent financial practices or are seen in the seedy parts of town on sexual escapades. Throughout American history we have all suffered because of the European religious heritage. Shortly after the discovery of the Western Hemisphere the Protestant Reformation began, initiating a period of intense religious bigotry and intolerance that crested with the Spanish Inquisition and the Salem witch hunts. Systematic torture of unbelievable pain was visited upon anyone suspected of harboring heretical thoughts."

(source: Red Earth: White Lies - By Vine Deloria Jr.  p. 1 - 11).  Refer to St. Francis Xavier: A pirate in priest’s clothing – By Sita Ram Goel

Refer to Crimes against Humanity? - Hague Is Asked to Investigate Vatican Over Sex Abuse -

David Hume (1711 - 1776) wrote on the superiority of the White race:

“I am apt to suspect the Negroes to be naturally inferior to the Whites. There scarcely ever was a civilized nation of that complexion, nor even any individual, eminent either in action or speculation. No ingenious manufactures amongst them, no arts, no sciences. On the other hand, the most rude and barbarous of the Whites, such as the ancient Germans, the present Tartars, have still something eminent about them.”

(source: David Hume on British character -

Civilizing the Heathens?

British aristocracy ‘ate human flesh’

THE highest members of European aristocracy took part in cannibalism to find remedies for ailments up until the end of the 18th century, a new book reveals.  European royalty and eminent scholars took pride of place among those who swallowed parts of the human body as medicine, including flesh, blood and bones.

For more than 200 years, even as they denounced cannibals of the New World, Europeans applied, drank, or wore powdered Egyptian mummy, human fat, flesh, bone, blood and brains.

The British aristocracy consumed human flesh, a new book on medicinal cannibalism reveals. The well-off in Britain and Europe swallowed parts of the human body, including its flesh, blood and bones, as medicine until the end of the 18th century.

Even as they denounced the cannibals of the New World, they applied, drank, or wore powdered Egyptian mummies, human fat, flesh, bone, blood, brains and skin. Dr Richard Sugg, a Durham University academic, writes: “James I refused corpse medicine; Charles II made his own; and Charles I was made into corpse medicine. Users included Francis I, Elizabeth I’s surgeon, John Banister, William III, and Queen Mary.

Refer to Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires - By Dr Richard Sugg

(source: British aristocracy ‘ate human flesh’ - 

Charles Wentworth Dilke (1843-1911), a Liberal politician and apologist for colonialism who presented Britons as a benevolant master race, described Indians in Volume 2 of his book Greater Britain: A Record of Travel in English-speaking Countries During 1866 and 1867 thus:

“naked barbarians, plunged in the densest ignorance and superstition, and safe only from extermination because the European cannot dwell permanently in the climate of their land”.

In Volume 1 he described the genocide of indigenous populations:

“The Saxon is the only extirpating race on earth. Up to the commencement of the now inevitable destruction of the Red Indians of Central North America, of the Maories, and of the Australians by the English colonists, no numerous race had ever been blotted out by an invader”.

(source: Greater Britain: A Record of Travel in English-speaking Countries During 1866 and 1867 - By Charles Wentworth Dilke).

British bioterrorism in Colonial Era - "Bioterrorism was one of the first things that was imposed against the Native Americans," Oyler said.

We gave them two Blankets and a Handkerchief out of the Small Pox Hospital," trader and land speculator William Trent wrote in a journal. "I hope it will have the desired effect." 

Jimmie D. Oyler, chief of the United Tribe of Shawnee Indians, whose territory is based in Kansas, said decedents are aware of their ancestors' struggles. Another common practice among European explorers was to give "smallpox blankets" to the Indians. Since smallpox was unknown on this continent prior to the arrival of the Europeans, Native Americans did not have any natural immunity to the disease so smallpox would effectively wipe out entire villages with very little effort required by the Europeans. William Fenton describes how Europeans decimated Native American villages in his 1957 work "American Indian and White relations to 1830." From 1615 to 1619 smallpox ran rampant among the Wampanoags and their neighbors to the north. The Wampanoag lost 70 percent of their population to the epidemic and the Massachusetts lost 90 percent. Most of the Wampanoag had died from the smallpox epidemic so when the Pilgrims arrived they found well-cleared fields which they claimed for their own. 

A Puritan colonist, quoted by Harvard University's Perry Miller, praised the plague that had wiped out the Indians for it was "the wonderful preparation of the Lord Jesus Christ, by his providence for his people's abode in the Western world."

It was not divine intervention that wiped out most of the natives around the village of Patuxet but, most likely, smallpox-embedded blankets planted during an English visit or slave raid.

(source: The End of American Thanksgiving - and Times of India). Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel. Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard Zinn and Refer to Take a look at Slavery -

Gambia: victim of transatlantic slave trade 

Gambia has every right to feel wronged by western colonial countries. Since the mid-fifteenth century, the Portuguese, French, and British empires competed for colonial supremacy there. It is estimated that well over three million people from the Gambia area were sold into slavery during the transatlantic slave trade. Most were sold by other Africans to Europeans; others were prisoners of inter-tribal wars; some were victims sold because of unpaid debts; and others were simply victims of kidnapping. River Gambia is the most navigable river in West Africa. The British bought River Gambia from the French to transport slaves along the river during colonization. 

The book titled Roots: The Saga of An American Family (Doubleday: 1976) written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Alex Haley is roughly based on his family’s oral history starting with the capture of his slave ancestor, Kunta Kinte, in the village Juffureh (Juffure) in Gambia, in 1767. 

In 1977 the book was adapted into a television mini-series ‘Roots: The Next Generation’. The film exposed the brutality of the slave trade that millions were yet unaware of or would even imagine the horrific aspect of their country’s and the British government’s close involvement in the transatlantic slave trade – human smuggling today is just a newer version of the old! The majority of slaves were sold through African middlemen; the Juffure example shows the ordeals, humiliation, dehumanizing injustices suffered by hundreds of thousands of black Africans under European Christian colonial domination. 

Under international law, Anglo-American conduct in the black African slave trade was tantamount to genocide and crimes against humanity. These White colonial crimes are yet to be heard or punished.

(source: The moral Imperative of quitting the Commonwealth - Gambia leads the way - By Shenali Waduge).

Indian people mark 500 years of terrorism

The Indian people never knew what act of violence or terror would befall them from the invaders. But death did come. It came in the form of biological warfare when small pox tainted blankets were distributed to the unsuspecting victims. It came to them from the muzzles of guns that did not distinguish between warriors, women, elders or children. It came to them in the ruthless name of Manifest Destiny, the American edict that proclaimed God as the purveyor of expansion Westward.

The Western countries have the most brutalized indigenous populations in the world,
as well as
an unedifying history of genocide and almost unending atrocities.  

Christian priests burning the 'heathen' Native Americans.

Countless cultures, rich spiritual traditions and ancient way of life have been destroyed and tramped upon in the name of the “One Jealous God” of Monotheism.

Indian people were often slaughtered like animals and became "inferior" cultures in their own land. The Europeans, through book burning and bayonet, successfully, converted" them, leaving very little trace of their noble civilization.

"The (American) Indians of our country have little to be thankful for. They have been decimated and placed on reservations that might as well be concentration camps. 

Note to Ponder: If Columbus had reached India instead of America, it is possible that Indians would today be languishing in reservations!

(image source: The Dark Side of Christian History). 

Watch the documentary The Barbarian West - By Michael Wood. Refer to Things They Don't Tell you about Christianity. Watch video - Christian Missionary Misdeeds in India. Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard Zinn. Refer to The Myth of Jesus Christ - By Nithin S - Refer to In the name of the Church - By Rahul Karmarkar. Refer to Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust - By Kevin Annett and documentary Unrepentant and Canada's Genocide. For Cruelty inflicted by Christianity - Watch Constantine's Sword movie - By Oren Jacoby and Watch this moving Video America's native prisoners of war - By Aaron Huey -


Indian people were often slaughtered like animals often while waving the American flag in pitiful efforts to convince their killers that they were not bad people.

At Wounded Knee in 1890, a slaughter took place that the white man often called the last great battle between Indians and the United States Army. It was not a battle. It was one the last heinous acts of terror against innocent men, women and children. 

Just as the Crusaders believed it was their Christian duty to conquer and kill those Arabs they considered as sub-humans and heathens, so too did America duplicate their misguided logic against the First Americans. The Christians of the Crusade de-humanized the Arabs, the early Americans de-humanized the Indians.  A philosopher once said, “Great Nations are judged by how they treat their indigenous people,” and I am sad to say that America has failed to pass the test of time.

After 500 years the Indian still lives in fear of the terror that is still lurking just around the corner. The Indian people have lost so much in the past 500 years and they still live in terror of what will come next for them.

Indian people mark 500 years of terrorism - By Tim Giago - Tim Giago, an Oglala Lakota, is the former editor and publisher of Indian Country Today.

Soul Wound: The Legacy of Native American Schools

"The white man's superior technology, hunger for land, and ethnocentrism seemingly knew no bounds. The white threat to Indians came in many forms: smallpox, missionaries, Conestoga wagons, barbed wire, and smoking locomotives. And in the end, it came in the form of schools." 

                                                                        - Dr Cornel Pewewardy.  


"Kill the Indian, save the man"  - was the motto of Captain Richard H. Pratt (1840 - 1924) Founder of the Carlisle Indian Schools.  

When extermination of Native Americans failed, "civilizing" became the new US policy. This meant that the Indians would become "civilized" - read, deculturalized - or else. The Carlisle kids were forced to speak English only, practice Christianity and work for no or low wages. Indian people were made U.S. citizens, on June 2, 1924. After 80 years under the Indian Citizenship Act, Native peoples remain the most economically impoverished segment of American society, with all the attendant problems of poverty.



Whither Human Rights and Democracy?

Waging War through Education: Native Indian in traditional clothing (before) and (after) finished pupil in White man's image.

Countless cultures, rich spiritual traditions and ancient way of life have been destroyed and tramped upon in the name of the “One Jealous God” of Monotheism.

Shed Your Indian Identity? Social engineering of Native Americans was begun by the US government to pry indigenous societies apart began in the late 1700s, when Moravian missionaries were asked to serve as de facto federal emissaries to the Cherokee Nation." Imbued with the mystical notion that white "Aryan" genetics correlated to such "innate" endowments as intellect and "moral capacity"- which in their minds corresponded with the potential to adopt "civilized" (Christian) outlooks and values.

The United States government began this brutal attempt at social engineering in 1879. Breaking rebellious Indians by indoctrinating their children in Anglo ways was considered. a cost-effective alternative to war. But the personal cost to Native Americans was incalculable…..


Native American students arriving at boarding school.

Every school had a disciplinary jail cell.. Some even offered bounties for returned children. Contagious diseases often swept through the schools, and exposure to the elements took the lives of many runaways. Photographs show vast cemeteries of plain white headstones inscribed with children’s names. For decades, there was little criticism of this abusive program from a nation steeped in dime novels about “the savage Indian.” Instead, magazines such as Harper’s Weekly praised the schools in a glowing articles...

An Indian boarding school refers to one of many schools that were established in the United States during the late 19th century and early 20th century to educate Native American youths according to Euro-American standards. These schools were primarily run by missionaries. It has been documented that they were traumatic to many of children who attended them, as they were forbidden to speak their native languages, taught Christianity instead of their native religions and in numerous other ways forced to abandon their Indian identity and adopt European-American culture. There are also documented cases of sexual, physical and mental abuses occurring at these schools.

Native peoples alone are targeted, mascotted and humiliated in sports nationwide. This is the status of Native America after eight decades of citizenship and more than a century of "civilization."  

Watch this moving Video America's native prisoners of war - By Aaron Huey - Refer to Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust - By Kevin Annett and documentary Unrepentant and Canada's Genocide. Refer to Loot: in search of the East India Company - By Nick Robins and How India became poor -


U.S. and Canadian authorities took Native children from their homes and tried to school, and sometimes beat, the Indian out them. Now Native Americans are fighting the theft of language, of culture, and of childhood itself.  

Dolphus is one of more than 100,000 Native Americans forced by the U.S. government to attend Christian schools. The system, which began with President Ulysses Grant's 1869 “Peace Policy,” continued well into the 20th century. Church officials, missionaries, and local authorities took children as young as five from their parents and shipped them off to Christian boarding schools; they forced others to enroll in Christian day schools on reservations. Those sent to boarding school were separated from their families for most of the year, sometimes without a single family visit. Parents caught trying to hide their children lost food rations.  

Virtually imprisoned in the schools, children experienced a devastating litany of abuses, from forced assimilation and grueling labor to widespread sexual and physical abuse. Canada imported the U.S. boarding school model in the 1880s and maintained it well into the 1970s—four decades after the United States ended its stated policy of forced enrollment. Abuses in Canadian schools are much better documented because survivors of Canadian schools are more numerous, younger, and generally more willing to talk about their experiences.  

(Note: Most Native Indian communities (called First Nations in Canada) have been left bereft of their past, cut-off from their heritage and totally lacking in confidence to take on life. Their language is dead and they have lost their "civilizational moorings" - all in the span of a couple of generations. They now live off welfare and in many cases abuse drugs and alcohol.

A 2001 report by the Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada documents the responsibility of the Roman Catholic Church, the United Church of Canada, the Anglican Church of Canada, and the federal government in the deaths of more than 50,000 Native children in the Canadian residential school system.

The report says Church officials killed children by beating, poisoning, electric shock, starvation, prolonged exposure to sub-zero cold while naked, and medical experimentation, including the removal of organs and radiation exposure. In 1928 Alberta passed legislation allowing school officials to forcibly sterilize Native girls; British Columbia followed suit in 1933.

(source: Soul Wound: The Legacy of Native American Schools -

The purpose of Native American boarding schools was to remove Native Americans from their home and cultures in order to change their identities and lifestyles to be like the "white man". Native American children were forced to think and act like the dominant white culture and were not allowed to practice their traditional ways. Not only were languages and beliefs changes, but appearances as well. Hair styles, clothing and even names and body languages were changed. The intention was to completely erase the Indian way of life.  

Many Europeans felt "called" to Christianize these "indios" in the name of God. No one considered the fact that the Native Americans did not want or need the White Man's God.  In their usual arrogance, the thought never occurred to the Europeans that the Indians might not see a need to join their religion and abandon their own.

U.S. assimilation effort of Native Indians: "The first Indian school was established in Carlisle, Pa., in 1879, by an Indian-fighting Army officer named Richard Henry Pratt. Pratt set the tone for the schools to come by vowing to "kill the Indian and save the man" "We'd lost our hair and we'd lost our clothes; with the two we'd lost our identity as Indians" a Chiricahua Apache student said in 1886. Some government schools developed ties with local churches. The churches, eager for converts, would compete to attract students and to tried to strip culture away from the children." 

Till recently, it was US policy to promote sterilization among Native American women, even applying it secretly during postnatal care or other operations. 

The Saffron Swastika - By Koenraad Elst Voice of India ISBN 8185990697  p. 819). Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel.

Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard Zinn. Refer to Things They Don't Tell you about Christianity.

Plight of Native Americans (The 1830 Indian Removal Act forced the tribes into smaller and smaller reservations. Of the close to two million American Indians, Eskimos, and Aleuts in the United States, almost one million live on or near a reservation. Isolation makes it harder for American Indians to move off the reservations and find good jobs in towns and cities. This isolation also contributes to depression and the abuse of alcohol among Indians. Today their culture is in tatters, their people have been reduced to museum exhibits, and only vestiges of their wonderful belief systems and customs remain. The same United States that issues high minded admonitions to other countries today for human right abuses came to be because of its systematic decimation of the native population. If Indigenous tribes of the Americas had a stronger and richer culture, a consistent civilization; today Europeans would have been absorbed by them like India did in past thousands of years. European settlers would not have able to destroy 95% of the natives, and the language and religion of Americas would not have been be English/Spanish or Christianity BUT Aztec, Toltec, Maya and North American languages and religion). 

(For more refer to: History Not Taught is History Forgot: Columbus' Legacy of Genocide).  Refer to The United States Government War Against the American Indian Movement - and The Covert War Against Native Americans - by Ward Churchill. Also refer to Ancient Struggle Continues, Scholars Remain Clueless - By Vrndavan Parker

The Puritan commander-in-charge John Mason (1600 - 1672) after the Mystic Massacre (CT) massacre wrote: 

"And indeed such a dreadful Terror did the Almighty let fall upon their Spirits, that they would fly from us and run into the very Flames, where many of them perished ... God was above them, who laughed his Enemies and the Enemies of his People to Scorn, making them as a fiery Oven ... Thus did the Lord judge among the Heathen, filling the Place with dead Bodies": men, women, children.

  • So "the Lord was pleased to smite our Enemies in the hinder Parts, and to give us their land for an inheritance".
  • Because of his readers' assumed knowledge of Deuteronomy, there was no need for Mason to quote the words that immediately follow:
    "Thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth. But thou shalt utterly destroy them..." (Deut 20)
  • Mason's comrade Underhill recalled how "great and doleful was the bloody sight to the view of the young soldiers" yet reassured his readers that "sometimes the Scripture declareth women and children must perish with their parents". 

John Endicott and his pastor wrote to the Governor asking for 'a share' of the captives, specifically 'a young woman or girle and a boy if you thinke good'." 

  • Reverend Solomon Stoddard, one of New England 's most esteemed religious leaders, in "1703 formally proposed to the Massachusetts Governor that the colonists be given the financial wherewithal to purchase and train large packs of dogs 'to hunt Indians as they do bears'.

(source: Victims of Christian Faith and Christianity's Criminal History - By Karlheinz Deschner).

"That the world’s great powers achieved "greatness" through criminal brutality on a grand scale is not news, of course. By 1637 Massachusetts Gov. John Winthrop (1588- 1649) was proclaiming a thanksgiving for the successful massacre of hundreds of Pequot Indian men, women and children, part of the long and bloody process of opening up additional land to the English invaders.  

Simply put: Thanksgiving is the day when the dominant white culture (and, sadly, most of the rest of the non-white but non-indigenous population) celebrates the beginning of a genocide that was, in fact, blessed by the men we hold up as our heroic founding fathers.

The first president, George Washington (1732 -1799)  in 1783 said he preferred buying Indians’ land rather than driving them off it because that was like driving "wild beasts" from the forest.

He compared Indians to wolves, "both being beasts of prey, tho’ they differ in shape." Thomas Jefferson -- president #3 and author of the Declaration of Independence, which refers to Indians as the "merciless Indian Savages" -- was known to romanticize Indians and their culture, but that didn’t stop him in 1807 from writing to his secretary of war that in a coming conflict with certain tribes, "[W]e shall destroy all of them." As the genocide was winding down in the early 20th century, Theodore Roosevelt (president #26) defended the expansion of whites across the continent as an inevitable process "due solely to the power of the mighty civilized races which have not lost the fighting instinct, and which by their expansion are gradually bringing peace into the red wastes where the barbarian peoples of the world hold sway."



American Founding Fathers, who wrote that “all men are created equal” in the Constitution, owned slaves and viewed women as second-class citizens.

Thanksgiving is the day when the dominant white culture (and, sadly, most of the rest of the non-white but non-indigenous population) celebrates the beginning of a genocide that was, in fact, blessed by the men we hold up as our heroic founding fathers.

Refer to Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust - By Kevin Annett and documentary Unrepentant and Canada's Genocide. Watch video - Christian Missionary Misdeeds in India


(source: Give Thanks No More - By Robert Jansen - and Redskin: A 500 year Hate crime). Refer to The Last War: Racism, Spirituality, and the Future of Civilization - By Mark L. Perry Oxford). Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel and Refer to Take a look at Slavery - Refer to Things They Don't Tell you about Christianity.

Refer to The United States Government War Against the American Indian Movement - and The Covert War Against Native Americans - by Ward Churchill. Also refer to Ancient Struggle Continues, Scholars Remain Clueless - By Vrndavan Parker and Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard Zinn. Refer to Christian persecution against the Hellenes - ethnicoi.orgWatch We are Warlike people - By George Carlin.  Also refer to Christian video game draws anger - - It's about religious warfare. The way to win is to convert or kill. You have both the Inquisition and the Crusades.

Sad history of Native Americans...

"The (American) Indians of our country have little to be thankful for. They have been decimated and placed on reservations that might as well be concentration camps. The genocide of the indigenous population of the United States has been much more effective than that of the Nazi’s extermination of the Jews.  

The population of the indigenous American Indian population in the United States fell from 12.5 million in 1500 to approximately 250,000 in 1900. Some tribes were completely wiped out. This means the settlers of the United States exterminated entire cultures. These unique ways of life will be extinct forever" ...The people on reservations live in conditions worse than the conditions of the people in Afghanistan and no one is dropping them rations. There is no humanitarian aid for those people who are in need right here within the borders of our own country. If any ethnic group in this country should get paid reparations in it is the native people. But how much is all the land from Florida to Washington State worth?"

(source: The American Genocide of Native Peoples - By Missy Gallihugh). 

In 1637 near present day Groton, Connecticut, over 700 men, women and children of the Pequot Tribe had gathered for their annual Green Corn Festival which is our Thanksgiving celebration. In the predawn hours the sleeping Indians were surrounded by English and Dutch mercenaries who ordered them to come outside. Those who came out were shot or clubbed to death while the terrified women and children who huddled inside the longhouse were burned alive. The next day the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony declared "A Day Of Thanksgiving" because 700 unarmed men, women and children had been murdered.

(source:  The Real Story of Thanksgiving - By Susan Bates - Alternative Press Review - November 23, 2005).

Civilizational Graveyards? Christianization of Alaska

European colonization of the Americas - A massive European colonization of the Americas started in 1492 when Columbus decimated the populations and cultures of the Native Americans. During the 15th through 19th centuries, their populations were ravaged by displacement, disease, warfare with the Europeans, and enslavement.

In 1890 there probably was not a single Christian Inupiaq (sing.) Eskimo. Twenty years later, there was scarcely an Inupiaq who was not a Christian. Among Alaska natives, the 20-to-29 age group had the most suicides, 39 percent of the total, while that age group ranked seventh nationwide. Roughly 80 percent of all Alaska suicide victims are male. Suicide among natives is commonly linked with depression and mental illness, which often goes untreated in rural areas, as well as with alcoholism and cultural and economic stress.

“They’ve lost their culture, they don’t have a way to support their family, and then what we see is a lot of alcohol and drug use, particularly alcohol,” said Diane Casto, the section manager for prevention and early intervention for the state’s division of behavioral health. “There’s such a feeling of hopelessness, particularly for young men.” Christian missionaries, followed by government bureaucracy and modern technology, have long since transformed villages on the tundra into places where seal meat is hung out to dry in the shadow of steeples, public schools and satellite dishes. Many natives still hunt and fish for staples even as the outside culture promotes materialism.

(source: In Native Alaskan Villages, a Culture of Sorrow -

Extinction of Native Hawaiian Culture
Christian Missionary modus operandi - Destroy ancient world religions and put their cultural artifacts in museums and amusement parks.

By the 1860s, "in Hawai'i the Reverend Rufus Anderson (1796 - 1880) surveyed the carnage that by then had reduced those islands' native population by 90 percent or more, and he declined to see it as tragedy; the expected total die-off of the Hawaiian population was only natural, this missionary said, somewhat equivalent to 'the amputation of diseased members of the body'." 

 - author D. Stannard in American Holocaust.


Crippled by western disease and stripped of its land, language and culture by 167 years of determined Christian missionaries, the old Hawaiian inner way of the life is lost forever. In 1820, the first of fifteen companies of Puritan missionaries arrived from Boston anxious to "save the heathens from the pit of darkness." A small, traumatized Hawaiian population was easy prey. Churches were built, the Bible preached, English aggressively taught, and the melodic, soulful Hawaiian language soon vanished. So the missionaries penned their own portrait of the Hawaiians - a bizarre caricature of unclothed savages who needed the Word of God. These writing bled the Hawaiians of their own self-respect and stigmatized them "uncivilized and pre-Christian."

Queen Lili'uokalani ascended the throne after the death of her brother in 1891, she began work on a new constitution that would have effectively reversed the 1887 document. Two years later, under threat of U.S. troops, she yielded her authority, saying, "Until such time as the Government of the United States shall ... undo the action of its representative and reinstate me in the authority which I claim as the constitutional sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands."  The queen was later imprisoned in Iolani Palace for eight months for her participation in an attempted 1895 revolt, until she relinquished her claim to the throne in return for her release. She died in 1917 at 79.

(source: "We're Not Extinct!" - Say Mystical Native Hawaiians - Hinduism Today). Watch documentary of Noho Hewa: The Wrongful Occupation of Hawai'i

Refer to Native Hawaiian and To Steal a Kingdom - By Michael Dougherty and Media Downplay Hawaii Uprising, Back Hawaiian Apartheid BillRefer to Slokas On The Mount – ‘Christianisation of India - Outlook India Magazine May 12, 2008. Watch Why we fight (2005) documentary - Imperial and technological arrogance of world's Super power: describes the rise and maintenance of the United States military-industrial complex and its involvement in the wars led by the United States during the last fifty years, and in particular in the 2003 Invasion of Iraq. The film alleges that in every decade since World War II, the American public has been told a lie to bring it into war to fuel the military-economic machine, which in turn maintains American dominance in the world.

The Plight of Native Americans 

The bigotry and obscenities inflicted upon the American Indians by Christian missionaries constitutes one of the most repugnant periods of American history. Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville (1680 - 1767) upon meeting the Nez Perce for the first time wrote these words in his diary: "Their honesty is immaculate and their purity of purpose most remarkable. They are more like a nation of saints... than savages.”

One might wonder how the nation's indigenous population became "inferior" cultures in their own land, or how a nation could have committed such atrocities in the name of "progress".

Less than two-thirds of native Americans are high school graduates. Some 29% are homeless, and more than half live in substandard housing. More than a third of all native American children aged 6-11 live in poverty. The government estimates that 50% of native Americans are unemployed, and at Pine Ridge the problem is even worse - 73% do not have jobs. It is home to 38,000 people, but has no public transport network and only a few small native American-owned businesses such as cafes, video stores and petrol stations.

(source: Showing maturation, churches apologize to American Indians – By William Edelen – The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Plight of Native Americans - BBC). Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel and Refer to QuickTime trailer and Part One of the film The God Awful Truth.

Refer to The United States Government War Against the American Indian Movement - and The Covert War Against Native Americans - by Ward Churchill. Also refer to Ancient Struggle Continues, Scholars Remain Clueless - By Vrndavan Parker and Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard Zinn


"I advance it, as a suspicion only, that the blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind."

- Thomas Jefferson, author of the famous statement, "All men are created equal."

(source: Dialog on Whiteness Studies - By Rajiv Malhotra -

Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard ZinnRefer to Take a look at Slavery -  Refer to Plot to Kill Barak Obama


Lynching in Black America: a dark dirty corner of the American experience and psyche
Germany took responsibility for it's crimes, but
The United States has its own distinctive horror.  

James Gillispie Birney (1792 - 1857) in 1842 wrote his pamphlet on American slavery. It was entitled: The American Churches: The Bulwarks of American Slavery

He told his English audience: “The extent to which most of the Churches in America are involved in the guilt of supporting the slave system is known to but a few in this country.

Frederick Douglas (1818 - 1895), was an American abolitionist, editor, orator, author, statesman and reformer. Called "The Sage of Anacostia" and "The Lion of Anacostia", Douglass is one of the most prominent figures in African-American history and United States history. He said:  

“I have to inform you that the religion of the southern states, at this time, is the great supporter, the great sanctioner of the bloody atrocities to which I have referred. While America is printing tracts and Bibles; sending missionaries abroad to convert the heathen; expending her money in various ways for the promotion of the Gospel in foreign lands, the slave not only lies forgotten--uncared for, but is trampled under foot by the very churches of the land.

Douglas said the most difficult obstacle to end slavery was how closely Christians had connected it to their religion.  

“The church and the slave prison stand next to each other; the groans and cries of the heartbroken slave are often drowned in the pious devotions of his religious master. The church-going bell and the auctioneer’s bell chime in with each other; the pulpit and the auctioneers’s block stand in the same neighbourhood; while the blood-stained gold goes to support the pulpit covers the infernal business with the garb of Christianity. We have men sold to build churches, women sold to support missionaries, and babies sold to buy Bibles and communion services for the churches.”

(source: Slavery and Christian Mythology -

Lynching became America's national pastime after the Civil War, at least in the South. From the 1880s to the 1930s the US averaged over 100 lynchings a year, mostly in the South, over 75% of the victims were black. The oppression of slavery gave way to the viciousness and animalism of Jim Crow, and for 100 years the "vicious racists" (as Dr. Martin Luther King called them) ruled supreme in the southern USA, as evil in their stupidity and cowardly fear as the Nazis of Germany were in their arrogance and megalomania.

"Newspapers on a number of occasions announced in advance the time and place of a lynching, special 'excursion' trains transported spectators to the scene, employers sometimes released their workers to attend, parents sent notes to school asking teachers to excuse children for the event and entire families attended; the children hoisted on their parents' shoulders to miss none of the action and accompanying festivities. Returning from one such occasion, a nine-year-old white youth remained unsatisfied. "I have seen a man hanged," he told his mother, "now I wish I could see one burned."

These lynchings are portrayed on picture postcards that were sent to friends and relatives of the lynch mobs.

At a number of country schools the day's routine was delayed until boy and girl pupils could get back from [viewing] the lynched man. . .the practice of lynching in America, which reached its peak from 1890 through 1930.

Refer to Brutal Racism in Mississippi - Video shows white teens driving over, killing black man, says DA -

Lynching became almost a necessary practice “that served to give dramatic warning to all black inhabitants that the iron clad system of white supremacy was not to be challenged by deed, word or even thought” (Friedman, p. 191).

(source: book review and and American Lynching). Refer to Take a look at Slavery -

For more refer to
Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America  - By Hilton Als, et al and  Rituals of Blood: Consequences of Slavery in Two American Centuries, Book 2, The Feast of Blood - Orlando Patterson). Refer to The Last War: Racism, Spirituality, and the Future of Civilization - By Mark L. Perry Oxford). 

Also refer to Hate group numbers top 800 in USA - Southern Poverty Law Center.  

In America, Mortgage lending institutions routinely discriminate Blacks from owing properties in affluent suburbs of America, Racial profiling, Driving while Black, Black Church burning, (note: The intention for Burning Black Churches "was to strike at the spirit and the soul of the Black community.") separate churches for Black and White Americans, Social discrimination, Blacks trapped in inner cities ghettos, and Police Brutality. According to the American Bar Association: "The charges were breathtaking: That in the heart of the most predominantly black city in the country, the Christianity-based activist organization was forcing its African-American employees to use the back entrance, and providing them separate and unequal facilities for taking breaks and eating lunch." (source: Christian Coalition’s racism). There are influential Christian racist groups like KKK, Christian Identity and the National Organization For European-American Rights (NOFEAR). 

There is the Holy Ghost, for African Americans, and St Landry, for whites. In between is the cemetery where, by law and then by custom, people of the same faith have been buried separately according to their race. In death as in worship the binary tradition of the south's racial history have persisted in deep southern states such as Louisiana. There is black and there is white and those basic differences will follow you to the grave and on to eternity.

(source: Is this the new face of rightwing deep south politics? -  Refer to and London is most unequal city in Western world with gap between rich and poor widest since slavery - and British rioters the spawn of a bankrupt ruling elite – By Theodore Dalrymple


Western Double Standards?

"When European scholars describe India , they tend to connect all ills and atrocities in that society to the nature of Indian culture. One links widow-burning, dowry murder, domestic violence, female infanticide and caste discrimination to ‘Hindu’ foundations. Social ills and atrocities in European societies are characterised as aberrations: racism, colonial genocide, the two World Wars, the Holocaust, sexual abuse, etc. are considered as acts that deviate from the true temper of European culture. This stance of cultural asymmetry has become the hidden premise of the European study of India ." 

Jakob De Roover in  How Free Are We?


Whither Human Rights and Democracy?

Lynching of Black Americans, White crowd watching. 1930.

Lynching served to give dramatic warning to all black inhabitants that the iron clad system of white supremacy was not to be challenged by deed, word or even thought”

Refer to O'Reilly and McCain fear for the 'white, Chrisitan, male power structure'. Plot to Kill Barak Obama and Ku Klux Klan warns race war if Obama wins. Refer to Things They Don't Tell you about Christianity. Refer to Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust - By Kevin Annett and documentary Unrepentant and Canada's GenocideFor Cruelty inflicted by Christianity - Watch Constantine's Sword movie - By Oren Jacoby. Refer to Campus murders of Indian students in US cause for concern

Watch this moving Video America's native prisoners of war - By Aaron Huey -  Refer to Dark chapter of US history - By Matthew Bigg - and Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black People in America from the Civil War to World War II – By Douglas A. Blackmon


"Despite Jesus' call for brotherly love, isn't Sunday the most segregated day in America? If not, how does one explain the need for English-speaking African-Americans and Hispanics of Christian faith to maintain separate places of worship?  

Many fundamentalist Christian groups in the US still maintain racial separation and frown upon inter-racial dating."

(source: Proselytization In India: An Indian Christian's Perspective - By C Alex Alexander - Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel and Refer to QuickTime trailer and Part One of the film The God Awful Truth and Take a look at Slavery - Watch Sex crimes and the Vatican -

White Nationalism

Peter Brimelow, an immigrant from Britain, a former editor at Forbes magazine and past columnist at the conservative National Review, a leading anti-immigration activist and author of the bestselling anti-immigrant tome Alien Nation is the president of the VDARE Foundation, a nonprofit that warns against the polluting of America by non-whites, Catholics, and Spanish-speaking immigrants. He is also the most prominent contributor to the foundation’s, an immigrant-bashing hate site that regularly publishes works by white supremacists, anti-Semites, and others on the radical right.

Brimelow's racial views about America first gained attention in 1995, when he published Alien Nation, a book that argued that America is historically white-dominated and should stay that way. He said that white Americans should demand that U.S. immigration quotas be changed to allow in mostly whites. He argued that spending tax dollars on anything related to multiculturalism was "subversive." He called foreign immigrants "weird aliens with dubious habits."

(source: White Nationalism -   Refer to Discriminations against Roma gypsy in Italy - and The Great Gene Robbery – by Claude Alvares -

Refer to How Secure is your DNA?

Ku Klux Klan warns race war if Obama wins

A Ku Klux Klan leader has warned of a “race war” in the United States if Barack Obama wins his White House bid. Describing African-Americans as aliens who have “invaded” the United States to destroy “Christian culture, Thomas Robb, 62, who styles himself as the Grand Knight of the Ku Klux Klan, warned: “We’re in the middle of a race war.”

(source: Ku Klux Klan warns race war if Obama wins -


Racist overtones in the Presidential campaign in USA - 2012.

Refer to The Smearing of a Black President - By Michael Smerconish, Philadelphia Inquirer

Refer to Racial Views: Poll Shows Majority Harbor Prejudice Against Blacks and Lawrence Wilkerson, Former Colin Powell Aide, Blasts Sununu, GOP, As 'Full Of Racists' and ’Shucking and jiving’ have long been words used as a negative assessment of African Americans and Donald Trump, racism and the hidden subtext of the election


Segregation persists in town behind Brown 
Private-public school choice maintains separateness 50 years later 

Summerton, South Carolina - Take a trip to Scott's Branch Public High School, and you'll be greeted by a student body that is more than 99 percent Black. Fifty years after the Supreme Court outlawed school segregation, residents say schools in this school district are as segregated as ever. For proof, they point to a nearby private school, Clarendon Hall, which is 90 percent white and admitted its first black student only four years ago.

(source: Segregation persists in town behind Brown - Refer to Take a look at Slavery -

Mark L. Perry author of  The Last War: Racism, Spirituality and the Future of Civilization has observed: 

“Racism is not in our vocabulary,”  “It is not brought up in polite conversation because, like UFOs, it causes embarrassment among mature, well-educated realists and rational thinkers. Racism is a myth.” 

The Last War, however, is much more than a polemic about lingering discrimination. Rather, it is an examination of how deeply racism, and more specifically, the institution of slavery, has cut across the face of Western civilization. “My family was illegal in 16 states of the United States until 1967,” he writes, noting that laws forbidding marriage between blacks and whites were common throughout US history. “These laws characterized people of mixed racial background as social and legal abominations. He ultimately lays blame for racism, in America at least, to a mercantilist, Protestant culture that allowed early American colonists to rationalize that Africans were somehow subhuman and therefore exempt from a Christian application of the Golden Rule.

To succeed at maintaining this deception, he writes, slavery required the segregation of churches (so that slaves could not become free by converting to Christianity), laws against intermarriage, and laws allowing the violent restraint of slaves. 

(source: Some “impolite” conversation about racism - By George Ronald). Refer to Interracial marriage - South Africa, Canada, Australia and the United States are but a few countries that have had regulations banning interracial marriage. Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina has had a troubled record of outwardly prohibiting interracial dating and marriage on its campus. For decades, the university used biblical references to justify its position while threatening any student with expulsion for breaking this rule.

Mormon Christians still baptize Holocaust Jews

Researchers say that Mormons have continued to posthumously baptize Jewish Holocaust victims into their faith despite a promise to discontinue the practice. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has long collected names from government documents and other records worldwide for posthumous baptisms. Church members stand in to be baptized in the names of the deceased non-Mormons, a ritual the church says is required for them to reach heaven.

"It's ridiculous for people to pretend they have the key to heaven," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. "And even if they say they want to do somebody a favor ... it's not a symbol of love. It's a symbol of arrogance."

(source: Mormon Christians still baptize Holocaust Jews - Refer to Posthumous Baptisms Still An Issue - By  Julie Wiener - The Jewish Week). Refer to Mormons Still Baptizing Dead Jews. Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel. Refer to Take a look at Slavery -

Ethnic Cleansing in New Orleans?

"We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did." 

                                     - Richard Baker (R-La), September 09, 2005. - Online Journal.  Refer to Study: New Orleans could lose 80 percent of black population and This is turning into the ethnic cleansing of New Orleans -

New Orleans Unmasks 'Apartheid - American Style' - By Jason Miller

Even the typically compliant mainstream media made strong note of the skin color and socio-economic status of most of the hurricane survivors, whom the federal government left to fend for themselves for several days. Stranded on roof-tops, taking refuge on islands formed by broken slabs of highway, hiding in attics, or clinging to survival inside the miserable, dangerous squalor of the "Super" Dome, tens of thousands of poor black Americans exposed a truth they have known for years. 

68% of the population was black. Less than half owned their homes. Almost 30% lived below the poverty line. An estimated 134,000 residents did not have cars or other viable means to evacuate.

Black lawmakers angry about federal response to Hurricane Katrina Black members of Congress expressed anger Friday at what they said was a slow federal response to Hurricane Katrina. Note: 2/3 of New Orleans population was Black African Americans. More than 1300 bodies have been found. - Katrina Death Toll May Never Be Known -  Refer to Take a look at Slavery -

Refer to A 20-Point Plan To Destroy Black New Orleans

Refer to New Orleans will seek aid from other nations - - Shortcomings in aid from the U.S. government are making New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin look to other nations for help in rebuilding his hurricane-damaged city. Nagin, who has hosted a steady stream of foreign dignitaries since Hurricane Katrina hit in late August, says he may seek international assistance because U.S. aid has not been sufficient to get the city back on its feet.  

Refer to Racism in an institute of Higher learning? Harvard Police Target Of Racism Probe

White Supremacists, Crowd Clash with Holocaust survivors in Boston

White supremacists clashed with an angry crowd outside Faneuil Hall, where Holocaust survivors and their families were commemorating the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. Inside the historic meeting house, Holocaust survivors, their children and grandchildren lit white candles to commemorate the estimated 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis.

Outside, 10 to 15 members of the Arkansas-based group White Revolution were escorted by officers to a designated protest area across the street. The officers, many in riot gear, formed a barricade between the protesters and  about 100 people who angrily shouted at them to leave Boston.

White Supremacists, Crowd Clash with Holocaust survivors in Boston - Refer to Christian Identity Movement. Refer to White House Defends Human Rights Record and Iraq Torture - memory and Human Rights News and Refer to Bible thumpers: Americans are being increasingly stereotyped as stupid - By Arvind Kumar - Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram GoelRefer to Take a look at Slavery -  Refer to O'Reilly and McCain fear for the 'white, Chrisitan, male power structure'

Refer to Racism in America and Germany. Don Imus controversy and German Army Did Not Fire Man in Video

Also refer to Klan holds rally in Gettysburg - - About 30 Ku Klux Klan members proclaimed hatred for blacks, Jews, gays and Latinos as they stood behind barricades at the Civil War battlefield where Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address.

Also refer to Hate group numbers top 800 in USA - Southern Poverty Law Center.

Georgians Plan Whites-Only Prom Party:
Albany, GA -
"...parents and students organized separate proms for whites and blacks after school officials stopped sponsoring dances, in part because they wanted to avoid problems arising from interracial dating. After school integration, separate proms were common in the rural South. Taylor County was among the last to cling to the practice."

The prom land of American teensFor 31 years, parents and students organized separate proms for whites and blacks. For just one time last year, the school decided to have a joint prom, but this year some students have organised the "whites only" prom, causing outrage across the country. 

(source:  and The prom land of American teens - Times of India
- By Chidanand Rajghatta May 12' 2003  

New software tools widely available on the Internet are helping hate groups jump on the video game bandwagon with offerings such as Ethnic Cleansing — where players become cyber-Klansmen and stalk minorities through a virtual urban landscape. And a recent report by the Anti-Defamation League says there is a rise in hate games on the Web.

Hate Groups Use Freely Available Software to Make Racist Games -

Kahled Ahmed, columnist from Pakistan, has made an interesting point about the American way of life: 

"The American way of life can be quite isolating because of the concept of equal-but-separate rights, allowing individuals and whole communities to live in their separate identity bubbles. "


Hinduphobia in America in early 1900's

Fear and loathing towards Asians, towards people of Indian origin, towards Hindus -- this is a substratum of Indian American or Asian American history that has yet to find its way into American classrooms. I am, of course, referring to a period in American history when a Hindu, or any person of Asian origin in America, was condemned as an undesirable alien, as a lesser breed, or a benighted heathen.

The media as well as politicians had no hesitation in claiming that the people of India were undesirables of the worst kind – “the filth of Asia.”A group of residents of Glen Park and Mission districts of San Francisco wrote: “The Pacific coast is fast becoming the dumping ground of the most undesirable people whose morals and customs make an assimilation with our citizens an impossibility.” They termed the Indians “the new pest from Asia”.

It was racism fuelled by fear and loathing towards people of a different color, a different religion, and a different culture. And though it happened nearly a hundred years ago, faint echoes of this Hinduphobia or Indiaphobia still resonate in the American psyche.

As author Harold Robert Isaacs reminds us, "The image of the very benighted heathen Hindu is perhaps the strongest of all that come to us out of India from the past and it retains its full sharpness up to the present day."

Missionary Views

The statements made by American missionaries in India in their letter, books, sermons, and lectures was in a large part dominated by a powerful sense of revulsion at Hindu practices. A mild example would be the complaint, in 1852, about "the deplorable ignorance and stubborn prejudices of the Hindus, together with the caste system, their entire absence of all correct principles, and finally their moral degradation."

The Hindus, one might more commonly have heard, were "lifetime liars and worshippers of a stupendous system of carnal idolatry." Their temples would be "ornamented with all the orders of infernal architecture, displaying all the sins in the human figure and exhibiting evil spirits under the significant emblems of serpents, toads, etc."
Letters prepared for Sunday school children stressed "mountains of superstitions," "the heathens in darkness," and "the Hindu mind." The whole literature was filled, author Bernard Stern remarks, "with a positively morbid preoccupation with temple prostitutes and lingamites," with lurid illustrations, and in general with material more titillating than inspirational.

Indian religions, said a writer in the Christian Century in 1905, were "debauched with deeds of lust and blood...Many of the Indian deities, given to lustful amours, are especially worshipped by the people....It is not surprising that religion in India is not only divorced from morality but married to vice...much indecency exists in India under the guise of religion, many of the temple dancing girls are merely consecrated prostitutes, and in many cases respectable women are led to lives of shame."

(source: Fear and Loathing: Hinduphobia in AmericaBy Francis C. Assisi - Indolink). Refer to The Last War: Racism, Spirituality, and the Future of Civilization - By Mark L. Perry Oxford). Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel and Refer to Take a look at Slavery -

The Great White Wall - Anti-Hindu Riots of 1907
The Bellingham riots

"The preservation of the Caucasian race upon American soil" was the constitutional objective of the Asian Exclusion League. To achieve that end they pressured lumber mills into laying off Indian workers, lobbied to stop further immigration, and fomented riots to drive Indians from their homes. While not condoning the crude methods of the Asian Exclusion League, still the United States Congress, Judiciary, and Bureau of Immigration were sympathetic to their objective and the immigrants from India found themselves confronted by a great white wall.”

Having crossed the hurdle of admission to the United States, immigrants from India faced resistance from European and American laborers who were in competition with them for jobs and who feared they would be willing to work for lower wages. This resistance assumed tangible form in racist organizations such as the Asian Exclusion League.The group was responsible for violent incidents in Canada and the U.S. , such as the "Anti-Hindu" riot in 1907 at Bellingham, Washington.

On the night of September 4, 1907, a mob of between 400 and 500 white men attacked Bellingham 's Hindu colonies. Many of the Hindus were beaten. Some escaped from their quarters in their night clothes. Several sought refuge on the tide flats. Others were driven toward the city limits or jailed. During the course of the disturbance, the indignation of the crowd was fanned to action by speakers who addressed impromtu audiences on the street corners and incited citizens to "help drive out the cheap labor." 

Note:  President Theodore Roosevelt (1858 - 1919) of the Republican Party, was a strong supporter of British colonialism in India. 

In fact in an address to a Methodist Episcopal Church group in January 1909, he stated that he considered British rule of India to be:

"..the greatest feat of the kind…since the Roman Empire …one of the most admirable achievements of the white race during the past two centuries…". 

His feelings would set the tone for collusion between the British and American governments to squelch efforts by Indian students (in the "land of the free" - America) to support freedom in India.

The Asian Exclusion League(AEL) provided a medium through which the more extreme racists and the politicians could meet to achieve their objectives. The British colonial government, in its mad rush to retain its control over India, actively spied on and conspired with the all too willing American government to crush any support among Indians in America for the Indian freedom movement. The environment of hatred and bigotry created by these forces led to very interesting legislative (by the U.S. Congress) and judicial (by U.S. Supreme Court decisions) maneuvers to remove Indians from America.

(source: The Great White Wall: South Asian pioneers in California 1899 - 1965 and The Indian Caste System and the British - infinity foundation). Watch An Invasion through Conversion - to Pedophiles and Priests: Anatomy of a Contemporary Crisis - By Philip Jenkins - Since 1982, 400 Catholic clergy (out of a total of 50,000 American priests) have been accused of sexual misconduct with minors.  

The target for nuclear attacks was always Japan, never Germany

Japan was always the target for American nuclear attack, and it was never Germany. In a memorandum dated the 23rd of April 1945, General Leslie R. Groves, Director of the Manhattan Project wrote to Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War, which stated, "The target is and was always expected to be Japan." And we ask, why so? 


Christian Intolerance and Racism during World War II

An imperialistic ideology that killed million of Jews in Europe and Japanese in Asia.



General Leslie Groves, Henry L Stimson, Ernie Pyle and Atomic mushroom cloud over Hiroshima.

The target for nuclear attacks was always Japan, never Germany. 

Japanese were looked upon (by the Americans) as, something subhuman and repulsive; the way some people feel about cockroaches and mice."  Japan was the target for the nuclear attack simply on grounds of race.  

Refer to Campus murders of Indian students in US cause for concern

Refer to ISRO’s top scientist fell prey to Congress-CIA connivance – I and ISRO’s top scientist fell prey to Congress-CIA connivance – II  and ISRO’s top scientist fell prey to Congress-CIA connivance – III - By Madhu Kishwar

Also refer to Fury of the Meekest = By Brahma Chellaney


The answer is obvious from the writings of Ernest Taylor Pyle (1900- 1945)a hugely popular American war correspondent who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1944, and kept millions of Americans informed of the progress of the war. Pyle wrote, "In Europe, we felt that our enemies, horrible and deadly as they were, were still people, but out here (in Asia Pacific), I soon gathered that the Japanese were looked upon (by the Americans) as, something subhuman and repulsive; the way some people feel about cockroaches and mice". Japan was the target for the nuclear attack simply on grounds of race.

(source: Hiroshima Day: Remembering the Horrors of Nuclear Attack - By Dr Nachiketa Das).

Western Hypocrisy: Caste is anathema but racism is okay?
How the cream of Indian intellectuals were treated in USA

South Asians have been harassed, intimidated, assaulted, humiliated, abused, and even killed because of what they represent through their color, their religion, their language, and their culture. And it continues to this day.

Take for example an incident from 1929: as a result of the humiliation that he received from U.S. immigration officials, the poet and Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore  (1861-1941) was forced to cancel his fourth lecture tour. That incident prompted the Nobel laureate to remark that if Jesus Christ himself were to come to America, he would be kicked out of the country - because he was an Asiatic.

Tagore explained his sentiments later by stating, "I arrived at Los Angeles, and I felt something in the air - a cultivated air of suspicion and general incivility towards Asiatics… I felt that I should not stay in a country on sufferance. It was not a question of personal grievance or of ill-treatment from some particular officer. I felt the insult was directed towards all Asiatics, and I made up my mind to leave a country where there was no welcome for ourselves… I have great regard for your people. But I have also my responsibility towards those whom you classify as colored people of whom I am one. I am a representative of Asiatic peoples and I could not remain in a country where Asiatics are not wanted."

Another Nobel laureate, astrophysicist Dr. Subramanyan Chandrashekar of the University of Chicago, confessed to biographer Kameshwar Wali (Chandra: A Biography of S. Chandrasekhar) that he was subjected to humiliating experiences in America because of the color of his skin. Chandrashekhar was born in India, educated in England, and lived all his professional life in the U.S until his death in 1991.

In the 1930s Chandrashekar taught, conducted research, and collaborated with the United States War Department on the atomic weapons research project. He became the first nonwhite person to be appointed to the faculty of the University of Chicago. According to Wali, the chairman of the physics department summarily opposed the appointment of Chandrashekhar to the faculty "because he was an Indian, and black". The dean, Henry G. Gale, also did not approve of the participation of the brilliant young Indian astronomer in teaching an elementary course in astronomy for precisely that reason. That objection was not lifted until the president of the university intervened.

(source: The Indian as "Black White" and as "Nigger" in USA - Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel. Also refer to Insults to the Mahatma, ignored by India - Refer to Racism at JP Morgan

Watch No end in sight documentary (2007) and refer to The Looting of Baghdad museum: US government implicated in planned theft of Iraqi artistic treasures - The pillaging of the Baghdad Museum is a tragedy that has no parallel in world history; it is as if the Uffizi, the Louvre, or all the museums of Washington D.C. had been wiped out in one fell swoop. Some compare the event to the burning of the Alexandria Library. Eight thousand years of human history has been erased in two days.

Why Was Gandhi Never Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
Racism or
a parochial neglect for so long of the non-western and non-Christian world?

Up to 1960, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded almost exclusively to Europeans and Americans. Scholars who have examined the issue are now willing to admit that the assertion that Gandhi was "deprived" of the 1937 Peace Prize due to British pressure is a serious charge and, as with Abrams´ insinuation that racism may have been the motivating force behind Gandhi´s omission, may contain more than a grain of truth.

Indian essayist J. Das asserts "Britain was highly perturbed when it learned that the doughty naked fakir was being considered for the prize. If he did get it, it would have meant severe political repercussions in Britain´s colonies." According to Das, 

"British government officials silently castigated the European zeal to award the peace prize to Gandhiji.” 

"Anthony Eden - Winston Churchill (who had denigrated Gandhi as a Naked Fakir)'s son-in-law, silently worked overtime on this." The basis for this assumption is the "unscheduled and mysterious movements of British officials between London and Oslo" as reported by the Times and other British papers at the time. "The brain behind all this", Das adds, "was Eden." There is, however, a sly British Foreign Office document that bears on the issue a little more closely. The comment on the file, signed by a British diplomat, states that "If the Nobel Committee wish to make fools of themselves I suppose we cannot prevent them." In his book ´Mahatma Gandhi: A New Approach,´ Mauritian Indian writer B. Bissoondayal states that ´For all time to come some will want to know why Tolstoy was refused the Nobel Prize, and later, Gandhi. He informs us that although Gandhi “Was acclaimed the world over as the greatest man of peace, he went unnoticed by the Nobel Committee even when a formal proposal was made in 1937…It was too much for British Raj to agree to Gandhi being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.”

(source: Why Was Gandhi Never Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? - Refer to chapter on European Imperialism.

Refer to How Secure is your DNA?

Eugenics or Scientific Racism

Eugenics is controlling human reproduction in order to reduce the number of those that the Elite perceive as inferior to create a 'master race' with 'desirable' genetic characteristics. Eugenics was born in England; Sir Francis Galton, a cousin of Charles Darwin, coined the term, which is Greek for "well born," in the 1880s. But it was Americans who put into practice Galton's theory that society should encourage healthier people to have more children and unhealthier ones to have fewer. Alarmed by increased immigration and by the huge native black population, America's elite discovered in eugenics a "scientific" basis for their belief in white, Northern European supremacy.

Eugenics is usually associated with Nazi Germany, but in fact, it started in America. Not only that, it continued here long after Hitler's Germany was in ruins. At the height of the movement - in the ‘20s and ‘30s - exhibits were set up at fairs to teach people about eugenics. It was good for America, and good for the human race. That was the message.

(source: Supremacist Science - Mother and Eugenics in America - 60 minutes). Refer to The Last War: Racism, Spirituality, and the Future of Civilization - By Mark L. Perry Oxford). Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram GoelRefer to Gay Bashing in the Bible - "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." Leviticus 20:13.

Refer to Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust - By Kevin Annett and documentary Unrepentant and Canada's Genocide

Of the 2 million Americans in prisons, two-thirds are non-white. Many feel oppressed by the white power structure and sentencing disparities, which too often fall most harshly on minorities. (source:  Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard Zinn and Refer to Take a look at Slavery -

Racial profiling grounds Asians in US
- Times of India  

Sporadic incidents of South Asian passengers being off-loaded from commercial airplanes are being reported amid fears of unofficial racial profiling in the US.

Dot-Busters (In 1987, Indians became targets of racial attacks in New Jersey. The Indian woman in her 'native dress', with the vermillion dot on her forehead, was easily seen as an embodiment of sheer otherness, and so she has been perceived by the so-called "dot-busters", a gang of white teenagers operating in New Jersey who had already been responsible for several violent crimes against Indians. Their demand was that "Indians get out of town."  (refer to the story: Racism in Pittsburgh).

Hindu-bashing Chicago Radio and TV talk show airs - A campaign launched by Chicago radio and TV talk-show host Tony Brown purports to "inform" the American public about Hinduism. "India Tribune likes to share its disgust and anguish with its readers." managing editor J. V. Lakshmana Rao wrote in a front page story in their July 3, 2001 edition. This country (USA) will take very many years for a black to become president, where as India already has a Dalit as president. 

(source: India Tribune - By Ed Viswanathan). 

Thus, Indians/Hindus are often faced with racial discrimination-"dot busters" in America, skinheads in England, neo-Nazis in Germany and regressive French snobbery. According to Prabha Chandran: "Be it the “Whites Only” National Front in Britain, the followers of right wing racist Jean Marie Le Penn in France or the neo-Nazis in Germany, Indians are still waiting to be welcomed as legitimate members of the multicultural societies these countries claim to be." 

(source: Asians vs Whites: Oldham gives birth to Asian racism - Prabha Chandran).  


Religion based racial bigotry in USA.

The descendants of those who invented the grim cruelties of plantation slavery and established the Southern Baptist Convention to provide it with Christian justification should have hesitated to preach equality. 

Refer to O'Reilly and McCain fear for the 'white, Chrisitan, male power structure'

Watch this moving Video America's native prisoners of war - By Aaron Huey - Refer to How to destroy a people in god’s name - By Dr. Gautam Sen - and Plot to Kill Barak ObamaRefer to QuickTime trailer and Part One of the film The God Awful Truth and Take a look at Slavery - 

Watch An Invasion through Conversion - Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard Zinn. Refer to Things They Don't Tell you about Christianity. Refer to The Dead Sea Scrolls - An Eastern View of a Western Crisis - By N. S. Rajaram - Watch Robertson Says All Other Religions Worship Demonic Powers - Refer to The United States Government War Against the American Indian Movement - and The Covert War Against Native Americans - by Ward Churchill. Also refer to Ancient Struggle Continues, Scholars Remain Clueless - By Vrndavan Parker. Refer to Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust - By Kevin Annett and documentary Unrepentant and Canada's Genocide Refer to Campus murders of Indian students in US cause for concern


US radio jocks air abuse call (with transcript)

Yet another instance of backlash against outsourcing to India has been reported. And this time its laced with hate, sexism and racism.

American radio jockeys Star and Buc Wild — apparently big names in their field — in an attempt to be 'funny' broadcast an abusive call that was placed to an Indian call-centre worker. The 'call' was aired in their morning show on Philadelphia's Power 99 FM radio. Apparently, the wakeup crew at the radio station thought it was hilarious, but it has provoked outrage amongst Indians back home and those living in the US.

US radio jocks air abuse call (with transcript) - Radio hosts suspended for abusing Indian).

Racism is just a phone call away 

This is only a random (and printable) selection from the thousands of messages in cyberspace calling for a campaign to harass Indian call centre operators, to put an end to the offshoring of jobs. I made an Indian woman cry and promise to quit her job in 60 seconds. You can do it too!"

Racism is just a phone call away - Refer to The Last War: Racism, Spirituality, and the Future of Civilization - By Mark L. Perry Oxford). Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel

In Canada:
Temple in Canada burnt to the ground - Times of India

In what police are calling a backlash hate crime, a 17-year-old Hindu temple in Hamilton, Ontario, was burned to the ground on September 17. "We have identified it as a hate crime," Sgt Maggie McKittrick of the Hamilton police force said. She said there has been a spate of incidents against Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, "but the temple burning has been the most significant hate crime."

Plight of Native Canadians. Rampant child abuse in church run schools results in thousands of lawsuits in Canada. For more than a century, Native Canadians were abused emotionally, physically and sexually in schools run by Christian Churches. The goal was to de-Indianize the children, a process which robbed them of their rich, cultural and linguistic heritage. 

Church's Face Bankruptcy. Rampant child abuse in church run schools results in thousands of lawsuits. - For more than a century Native Canadians were abused emotionally, physically and sexually in schools run by Christian churches. The goals of the schools, with government support, was to de-Indianize the children, a process which robbed them of their rich cultural and linguistic heritage. 

(source: Hinduism Today March/April 2001).  Refer to Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust.

In Australia:  The Lost/Stolen Generation  in Australia 

(For more information refer to article in Time Magazine - ). The Aborigines, Australia’s original inhabitants before white settlers arrived, today live in appalling conditions. Crippled by crime, disease, drug abuse and alcoholism, Aboriginal activists say they have been treated as less than human for 200 years. Before the first whites arrived, the Aborigines inhabited the continent for over 40,000 years. A people with a rich culture and an almost mythical bond with their land, they have today only barely managed to survive a systematic government effort to wipe out their race. “This country, from a black perspective, is by far the most racist country in the world,” said Aboriginal activist Lyall Munro, in a report done by ABC News. 

(source: Refer to the movie Rabbit Proof Fence - tells the story of a government policy that required "half-caste" children (whose mothers were Aboriginal and whose fathers were white) to be taken from their homes by the authorities to be trained to work as servants.

Aborigines may have numbered as many as a million in 1788 but had dwindled to 93,333 in 1901, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. They were forced off their land after British settlers began arriving in 1788 and then brutally suppressed. The latest Australian census reports the Aboriginal population as 427,094 among a population of more than 20 million. Their story encapsulates in miniature the abysmal status of many of Australia's indigenous people. The conservative government of Prime Minister John Howard has pushed the needs of the Aborigines to the sidelines, with few complaints from his white constituency, analysts say.

"Aborigines are effectively off the white agenda," said Hugh Mackay, a social researcher. This week, the government announced it would abolish an elected council of Aborigines, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, which was established in the 1980's as a means of self-determination for indigenous people. He said many Australians carried a "huge but unadmitted collective guilt" about Aborigines that was reflected in the "most appalling racist humor reserved for Aborigines." 

(source:  Aborigines Say Australia Pushes Their Plight to Sideline - Refer to Intercultural Defenders of Free Tribal Life. Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel and Refer to Take a look at Slavery -

Refer to Australia 's Aborigines live much shorter span - Australia 's 460,000 Aborigines make up two percent of the 20 million population. They have consistently been the nation's most disadvantaged group, with far higher rates of unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse, and domestic violence. The report said Australia ranked last among first world countries New Zealand , Canada and the United States for life expectancy among indigenous people.

World Health Organization study this month suggesting Aboriginal health in Australia was 100 years behind the rest of the population in quality. "Leprosy, rheumatic heart disease and tuberculosis haven't been experienced in white populations for decades, but they are still problems for some indigenous communities," WHO researcher Lisa Jackson Pulver said.

Ray Robinson in his excellent article 'Eddie Gilbert: Death of a Legend' recounts that the legendary Sir Donald Bradman had once commented that Eddie Gilbert, an aborigine, was the fastest bowler he had ever faced. Yet, Eddie Gilbert was never allowed to play Test cricket for his country, being branded a "chucker". The actual cause - he was an aborigine. Two previous aboriginal bowlers, Jack Marsh and Albert Henry, were subjected to similar assertions - that they chucked." (source:

Racism down under - Land of Convicts
Indian students attacked in Australia

Indian student Nitin Garg, 21, was stabbed to death in Melbourne earlier this month, while Jaspreet Singh, 29, received burns to 15 per cent of his body after allegedly being set alight. The incidents have sparked outrage in India , where attacks against Indian students in Australia over the past year have remained a sore point.

Aboriginal leader Tom Calma says Australia has 'inherent racism' - Mr Calma, the outgoing Aboriginal Social Justice Commissioner, said today recent attacks on Indian students in Australia could be racially motivated.

(Note: Where is the fuss from the English Language Media as compared to the mea-culpas and breast-beating they indulged in when one Australian Christian missionary (Graham Staines) who was converting Hindus against the law was killed in India?).

Teenagers attack Indian student

A student from Andhra Pradesh who was among four students from India , assaulted by a group of teenagers this week, is battling for life in a hospital in Melbourne . Shravan Kumar, the 25-year-old student, is critical, said one of his close friends who had a narrow escape during that attack. "Doctors are still unsure if Kumar will survive and if he does, he will lose his vision or memory", Kumar's friend, Sinivas Gandhi, said.

Don't come to Australia : Indian victim

"My advice to every Indian student now who wants to come to Australia is -- please don't come and there's no life here," said Baljinder Singh, who was attacked by two youths in Melbourne.

Also refer to Petrol bomb hurled at Indian youth and There’s racism Down Under - By Sunanda K Datta-Ray.

(source: Teenagers attack Indian student and Don't come to Australia : Indian victim and Bachchan turns down Australian doctorate.

In New Zealand: Read about the sad state of the once-proud Maoris after Christianization, in the graphic film "Once Were Warriors" (1995).
The British practically wiped out the natives of Tasmania. 

In United Kingdom: 

When was the last time that Mr. Williams had a drink at the local pub with Lord Spencer? Or had tea with Prince Phillip? Did you know that the English nobility are distinctly noticeable by their education and grooming in institutions such as Wetherby, Ludgrove, and Eton or the Royal Academy at Sandhurst ? They even speak a different language, the King’s English, free from colloquialism and dialects distinctly separating them, and distinguishing them from ordinary commoners, as soon as they open their mouths. I am sure Mr. Williams is familiar with the existence of the “unwashed” wretched underclass in Dickens’s Britain or Victor Hugo’s France as it did exist in most of Europe

(source: The British ‘caste system’ - By Edward Hamala). Refer to In superstition we trust – By Pat Condell and Lawlessness in Britain - Britain is a riot

When the Church of England fails to show up

When it comes to highlighting the caste system as a flimsy pretext to engage in aggressive evangelisation and attacks on Hinduism, both the Church of England and Roman Catholic Church have always made their menacing presence felt. Using their respective vast wealth, the coffers of the ecclesiastical treasury are put to their optimum use. 

Whenever there is an issue of caste discrimination one can always find these nefarious figures lurking with their sinister grimaces to show how unequal Hinduism is compared to the ‘True Faith’. Strange how when it is their history and behaviour in the dock they suddenly go quiet and hide in the nearest bush. Such was the case on Tuesday 18 November 2014. 

The National Council of Hindu Temples (NCHT) participated in an extraordinary Parliamentary Debate on the subject of “Abuse of Religious Authority”. The Debate was extraordinary for many reasons but most noticeable was the complete absence of the Church of England.

(source: Hindus lead Parliamentary debate on Religious Abuse while the Church fails to turn up - hinduhumanrights)

Church sorry for slave trade - The Church of England said sorry yesterday for its role in the slave trade that thrived around the world for centuries and urged governments to fight its modern equivalent: human trafficking. The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said the church should acknowledge its ancestral guilt.

Southwark Bishop Thomas Butler said in a speech before the vote was taken: "The profits from the slave trade were part of the bedrock of our country's industrial development.

"Many people and institutions in every part of the country were complicit in the trans-Atlantic slave trade and I have to say that this includes the Church of England." He said slaves had the word "society" branded on their chests with a red-hot iron.

(source: Church sorry for slave trade - Refer to Think tank alleges British MPs involved in promoting evangelism in India -

Archbishop John Sentamu - He has often attacked the Church of England for being institutionally racist.

(source: Archbishop John Sentam -

In France - Former French minister Luc Ferry makes child abuse claim on TV. "I recall a former minister who was busted in Marrakech, Morocco in an orgy with little boys”

(source: Former French minister Luc Ferry makes child abuse claim on TV -

Human Zoos - Racists Theme parks to Europe's Colonists?
Liberty, Equality and Fraternity?
Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen 1789?

"I know their game, explained the Ethiopian Emperor Tewodros II (1818 - 1868) shortly before he was defeated by a British invasion and committed suicide. First traders and missionaries, then ambassadors, then the cannon. It's better to get straight to the cannon."





Ota Benga (1881- 1916) A Congolese pygmy shared a cage with an orangutan in the Bronx Zoo as late as 1906.

Age, 23 years. Height, 4 feet 11 inches. Weight, 103 pounds. Brought from the Kasai River, Congo Free State, South Central Africa, by Dr. Samuel P. Verner. Exhibited each afternoon during September.  

There was an Australian aborigine in London Zoo in the 19th century.


Christian Love? Whither Human Rights and Human Dignity? 

The belief of European Christians that other races were inferior, led to colonisation and large scale abuse. Both Catholic and Protestant Churches encouraged colonialism.


Clearly, the exhibition of Africans in European zoos helped to convince the spectators that they were members of a superior race with a superior culture. Christianity gave the world the Inquisition, Witchcraft, Slavery, Colonialism, Two World Wars - another is waiting to happen… Islam has given Conquest, Terrorism, and Jihad. Both are today tied in deadly embrace over the globe for supremacy. In spite of this record the sheer audacity of Western Intellectuals/Politicians and Christian missionaries to lecture India on the abuse of the caste system is mind boggling.

Refer to Christianity vs. the old gods of Nigeria - September 4, 2007 and Human zoos: When real people were exhibits  - By Hugh Schofield -



The belief of European Christians that other races were inferior, led to colonisation and large scale abuse. The extirpation of native peoples in the Americas , in Australasia , and elsewhere around the world was of little consequence since these peoples were only pagans and might not even possess souls. They were slaves by nature. God had made them like that. Christian scholars and pseudo-scientists concurred. Sample non-Christians were kept in western Human zoos - Racist theme parks for Europe ’s colonists in the nineteenth century. There was an Australian aborigine in London Zoo

A Congolese pygmy named Ota Benga (1881- 1916) shared a cage with an orang-utan in the Bronx Zoo as late as 1906 .

Colonisation by European powers was seen as a God given opportunity for spreading the gospel to the heathen. It was a Christian duty, even when it led to the deaths of millions. God encouraged colonisation. He showed the way. He spoke to churchmen. He cleared the path for colonialists. His Churches were keen to convert or replace native heathen populations. Both Catholic and Protestant Churches encouraged colonialism. Typically, in Africa , missionaries would advance into new territories. Sooner or later they would sow discord, encouraging rebellion against unsympathetic local rulers. When bloodshed followed the Churches would appeal to European governments to intervene, and another territory would be annexed. This process seems to have accounted for more than half of the European colonies in Africa .

Churches were often guilty of complicity in massacres and atrocities resulting from colonial policy. For example King Leopold was granted control of the Congo in 1885 explicitly to bring Christianity to the benighted heathen. The atrocities perpetrated by his government in the Belgian Congo - the extensive use of slave labour and assorted murderous practices - were first concealed, then minimised by the Roman Church. 

Colonization was regarded by almost all Christians as wholly good, divinely sanctioned and necessary, well into the twentieth century.


Colonial self-satisfaction and moral superiority

Over four centuries from the first voyages of discovery, European societies developed an appetite for exhibiting exotic human "specimens" shipped back to Paris, London or Berlin for the interest and delectation of the crowd.

The aim of the exhibition is explicit - to teach how Western societies created a sense of "the other" in regard to foreign peoples, thus legitimising their eventual domination.

A European public fed on notions of Christian evangelism and cultural superiority was titillated by re-enactments of life in the colonies which became a regular part of international trade fairs.

(source: Human zoos: When real people were exhibits  - By Hugh Schofield -


Exhibits of non-western peoples were first organized by zoos, apparently on the grounds that with exotic animals went matching people, and probably making use of the same trade connections. In Germany such exhibits were organized by the Hamburg animal trader and zoo director Carl Hagenbeck. In his memoirs he refers to them as “anthropological-zoological exhibits”. Groups of Laps, Nubians, Eskimos, Kalmuks, BellaCoola Indians, Sinhalese, Ethiopians, Somalis and so on followed one another in a motley parade from the 1870s onward. LaGrange in Paris followed suit in 1881 and staged ethnographic shows in the Jardin d'Acclimatation of the Bois the Boulogne . Godefroy brought an ethnographic collection from Angola to the Netherlands in 1888 with a group of 23 slaves, selected in such a way that they would be “wild customers”.

Thus during the heydays of imperialism many exhibits of peoples were organized: against payment the public were shown negroes, Indians, Asians, situated in their own dwellings.
In colonial ethnography the colonized were turned into objects of knowledge, in the colonial exhibit they were turned into spectacles. The peoples on display were the trophies of victory.


African intellectuals who criticized the European clichés in the twenties and thirties made several arguments. (1) European conquest itself was barbaric . There was wide agreement about the barbarism of the “civilizing hordes”, from the West African essayist Tovalou Houénou to Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore ….




Discrimination at Heaven's Gate?


Non Believers will go to Hell


4.140 : And indeed He has revealed to you in the Book that when you hear Allah's communications disbelieved in and mocked at do not sit with them until they enter into some other discourse; surely then you would be like them; surely Allah will gather together the hypocrites and the unbelievers all in hell.
 7.36: And (as for) those who reject our communications and turn away from them haughtily -- these are the inmates of the fire they shall abide in it.

Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. (Mark 16:14-16)



On A Neglected Aspect Of Western Racism


For more than half a century - from the beginning of the 1870s to the end of the 1930s - the exposition of so-called exotic peoples in zoological gardens and international expositions attracted a huge public eager to be fascinated by the unfamiliar and the unknown. Throughout Western Europe travelling exhibits of non-European natives were recurring features of zoological gardens where they eclipsed the drawing power of the more usual animal exhibits. Both exhibits were isolated by fences that variously protected sometimes the animals and more often the public; but in the cases of the human exhibits the main purpose of the fences seems to have been to stress the distinction between them and us.


All explanations had one common goal: to provide conclusive evidence for the inherent superiority of the victors. The "human zoos" became one piece of evidence in the search for that goal. In addition they were seen as providing evidence for the then familiar family tree that illustrated man's origins from monkeys and apes, through various stages of development, to the Europeans at the top of the tree.

Clearly, the exhibition of Africans in European zoos helped to convince the spectators that they were members of a superior race with a superior culture.

(source: Christianity, Apartheid and Racialism - and The parade of the vanquished and On A Neglected Aspect Of Western Racism By  Kurt Jonassohn.


Jamaican poet Benjamin Zephaniah has rejected an OBE (Order of the British Empire) describing the royal honor Thursday as a legacy of the ”brutality” of British colonialism. " I get angry when I hear that word "empire"; it reminds me of slavery, it reminds of thousands of years of brutality, it reminds me of how my foremothers were raped and my forefathers brutalised. It is because of this concept of empire that my British education led me to believe that the history of black people started with slavery and that we were born slaves, and should therefore be grateful that we were given freedom by our caring white masters. It is because of this idea of empire that black people like myself don't even know our true names or our true historical culture." 

source: The Guardian, November 27). For more refer to chapter on European Imperialism). 

England's racial divide 'growing' White Britons are increasingly moving from London boroughs with large ethnic minority populations, a report from an immigration-monitoring group says. (source:  BBC

United Kingdom army 'racism'

The British Army spent decades secretly noting the race of all soldiers with "Asiatic or Negroid features" for a quota system on non-white recruits, newly-released government files.

This practice, in a military which had for centuries officially welcomed troops from other races, persisted until at least 1975, according to official papers released to Britain's National Archives. Nepalese Gurkhas have had their own regiments within the army since 1815, and the legacy of the Empire has seen soldiers from a series of Asian and Caribbean backgrounds fight for Britain since then. Just over five per cent of the modern British Army come from non-white ethnic groups, according to Ministry of Defence data, as against a 7.9 pc ethnic minority population for the country as a whole, recorded in the last national census of 2001.

(source: United Kingdom army 'racism' - gulf  Refer to London is most unequal city in Western world with gap between rich and poor widest since slavery - By Steve Doughty - and British rioters the spawn of a bankrupt ruling elite – By Theodore Dalrymple

Inequalities, Feudalism in Europe and Revolutions

Social and political inequalities  France still practised feudalism in the 18th century. The nobles and clergy enjoyed special privileges. They did not have to pay taxes. The common people did not have power and freedom in politics. They worked hard and had to pay heavy taxes. The nobles and clergy made up the First and Second Estates in the Estates General. The common people (i.e. the middle class (bourgeoisie), peasants and artisans) made up the Third Estate. The common people became discontented with the privileged classes.

Watch  French Revolution and Russian Revolution

In Europe:  Growing anti-Semitism in Europe

Anti-Semitism is on the rise again in civilized Europe and cases of harassment of Jews are coming to be known. According to Newsweek (1 March) 'today France records several anti-Semitic incidents every week and the public is unmoved'. Conditions have become so unsettling for Jews in France that growing numbers of them are migrating to Israel. As many as 890 left in 2001 and 2,566 left in 2002.The European record vis-a-vis Jews, to say the least, is despicable. The oppression of Jews is not occasional. It is on-going and vicious. A 2002 survey by the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights determined that 62 per cent of all racist acts in France were targeted against Jews. According to the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions. 196 anti-Jewish 'violent acts' were recorded in 2000, whether against people or property. There were 308 in 2001 and 231 and 2002. British, European and American news agencies do not report them to avoid embarrassment to their governments. 

Refer to Jacobs Courage - By Charles Weinblatt

Writes Newsweek: "The problem may be most obvious in France, but the whole of Western Europe confronts similar issues. At the Brussels conference on anti-Semitism last week (Feb 24-29) Britain's Chief Rabbi, described the spreading hatred as a mutative virus'. 'Jews must not be left alone to fight anti-Semitism. The victims can't cure the wounds', added the Chief Rabbi. Jews are being attacked for just being Jews. They don't burn railway coaches to incinerate innocent women and children. So frightened are Jews in France that it was left to France's chief Rabbi Joseph Sitruk to advise young Jews wearing a Jewish head-dress to cover it with a baseball cap when on the street. Can anything be more damning? Only last autumn part of a Jewish school was burnt to the ground in a small town not far from Paris, the very capital of the country.

(source: Growing anti-semitism in Europe - By M V Kamath - For more refer to History of the Holocaust).


"The meek do not inherit the earth...they get sent to the gas chambers."

Anti Semitism in Germany: Nazi Christian priests.

The Concordat between the Vatican and the Nazis

Cardinal Secretary of State, Eugenio Pacelli (later to become Pope Pius XII) signed the Concordat between Nazi Germany and the Vatican at a formal ceremony in Rome on 20 July 1933. The Concordat effectively legitimized Hitler and the Nazi government to the eyes of Catholicism, Christianity, and the world.

Refer to Nazi photos - and Hitler’s Christianity. Refer to Things They Don't Tell you about Christianity.  Refer to Evangelizing the Jews: The New Techniques -  Refer to Jacobs Courage - By Charles Weinblatt  and  Mormons Still Baptize Dead Jews and Mormons 'baptize' Simon Wiesenthal.   Refer to Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust - By Kevin Annett and documentary Unrepentant and Canada's Genocide. For Cruelty inflicted by Christianity - Watch Constantine's Sword movie - By Oren Jacoby


(The Roman Catholic church in England & Wales has been accused of discrimination against ethnic minorities by the director of the church's association for racial justice. Roman Catholicism in Britain is perceived as the most white of the major Christian denominations, though estimates put its communicants’ number at 12 per cent from ethnic minority backgrounds.) In Rwanda, the Hutu (Catholics) led genocide of the Tutsis in 1998. Pope complained in vitriolic terms about evangelists poaching on his Catholic herd by the Protestants. The fights between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland are not an isolated incident either).  

Indian Immigrant set ablaze in Italy

Rome , Feb.8, 2009 : Hindus and Jews have appealed to Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to visit a savagely burnt Indian immigrant in a Rome hospital and send out a strong message against xenophobia.

(source: Hindus, Jews urge Italian PM to visit burnt Indian immigrant in Rome hospital).

In Catholic Ireland: Denied abortion, Indian woman dies in Ireland - "I am a Hindu and not a Catholic, please save me” - Savita Halappanavar

Abortion: A Hindu perspective – By Sandhya Jain - As Irish society now grapples with the need to help pregnant girls, women with deformed babies, and victims of rape-pregnancy, the clergy and medical community would do well to take a cue from Hindu tradition. This profound civilisational view has influenced modern India’s Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, which offers virtually on-demand abortion to adult women. Unsurprisingly, while the Vatican and Irish Church have maintained stoic silence over Savita’s death.

Refer to Mad Monotheists Killed Savita - and Hundreds of Irish women forced to come to Britain for abortions and Anti-abortion groups' response to a young Indian woman's tragic death in Ireland exposes their scant regard for women's lives

Gypsy discrimination in Italy
Gypsy girls' corpses on beach in Italy fail to put off sunbathers

Questions about the attitude of Italians to their Roma minority were again being asked yesterday after photographs were published of sunbathers continuing as normal with a day at the beach despite the bodies of two Gypsy girls who had drowned being laid out on the sand nearby. 



Roma Gypsies went from India to Europe. Like the Jews, they have been persecuted for many centuries. The persecution of the Roma reached a peak during World War II in Europe and still continues to this day.

Paintings done by Russian painter Nickolai Bessonov (1962 - ).

Refer to Details of Goa Inquisition – By Christian historian, Dr. T. R. de Souza

Refer to Gypsies arrived in Europe 1,500 years ago, genetic study says - Aryan invasion was a fairytale?


A civil liberties group said it had asked for talks with the authorities to shed light on the circumstances of the girls' death. The incident took place outside Naples, where a Roma encampment was burned to the ground this year after its inhabitants had been evacuated for their own safety.

(source: Gypsy girls' corpses on beach in Italy fail to put off sunbathers). Refer to When Sorry Isn't Enough: The Controversy Over ApologiesBy Roy L. Brooks.  Refer to Switzerland to expel Roma migrants

Racism in France

What would the world have said if rampaging youth all over India had almost simultaneously set fire to over 6,000 cars, destroyed scores of buildings, shopping malls and schools and smashing whatever came in their way? That India was a land of lawlessness? That Indian police were inefficient in maintaining law and order? The world would have laughed at India. But when such incidents happened in France, the press has been remarkably silent. Comment has been low-key. It is as if the media is almost embarrassed at what happened in France in the first ten days of November.  It is the price that former imperial powers have to pay for their colonial sins.

(source: Racism in France - By M V Kamath - Refer to Take a look at Slavery -

An Ugly Side of European Soccer - According to, "In many European countries, soccer stadiums have become theaters of hatred; platforms from which neo-Nazis and racists can peddle their ideology."

Soccer Racism Taints Spain's Reputation - In Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu stadium -  Spanish fans bellowed out monkey noises last week each time a black English player touched the ball in a match between England and Spain. Spain isn't the only European country where racism leaves its stain on soccer: Four days after the abuse in Madrid, black striker Dwight Yorke said he was subjected to racist gestures and noises in Birmingham City's game at Blackburn. Fans of the Czech team Sparta Prague still shout "Slavia Jude" (Slavia Jew).

Persecution of the Gypsies in Europe  (Gypsies who migrated from India, around 9th century, and have settled in Europe are still persecuted. Today they number 12 million worldwide. Gypsies in Europe are still victimized, says recent U.N. report on Human Rights. Gypsies living in squalid conditions remain victims of racism and violence across Europe. Known by various names, the Roma Gypsies number around 12 million) and till recently Apartheid - the Racial inequality in South AfricaAsians and Blacks are still targets of abuse in Britain and UK church accused of racism. Europe's Beggars, Romania's Roma - Facing cruel poverty (living in houses without electricity and running water), the Roma are trying to survive by begging in the street. In the past ten years, many have moved to Central Europe where they can earn more money from begging. In turn, Romania has had to bear the prejudices of Central and Western European countries that associate Romania with "a hell lived by Gypsies." 

(source: CER Refer to Genocide of European Roma Gypsies 1939-1945

U.N. Rights Body Urges China, U.S. to Combat Racism - A United Nations human rights body on Thursday called on countries including China and the United States to punish racial discrimination and uphold the rights of minorities. The First World comprises of 20 percent of the world's population, yet enjoys 66 percent of the world's income. These are some of the glaring inconsistencies between "ideals" and "realities" of the prevailing Euro centric worldview. 

Anti-Semitic attacks have been making headlines, but strikes against many minorities—Jews, Muslims, Roma, gays—are all too common in Europe. And it seems there is no place in Europe that's immune to hate crimes. Most incidents like these do not make headlines. But most agree that hate crimes are prompted by what the victim represents — a religion, race, nationality or, in some cases, sexual preference.

(source: Seven Days of Hatred -  

Neo-Nazi Demonstration In Berlin Against New Hindu Temple - About 150 supporters of Germany 's far-right National Democratic Party demonstrated on Saturday in Berlin against the building of a Hindu temple.

Inuit struggle in Greenland

The Inuit were illegally evicted from traditional grounds in northern Greenland and are demanding the right of return. The US would like to use Thule air base as a site for the controversial Star Wars National Missile Defence System. The case pits a superpower against the world's smallest indigenous people.

In 1953 the Danish authorities forcibly evicted the Inuit from their ancestral lands in Northern Greenland where for thousands of years they hunted whales, polar bears and other arctic creatures.

Their removal enabled the Americans to establish a vital arctic outpost. 

Acalug Lunga is a member of the Greenland home rule parliament and author of a book called Right of Return. "The Americans need to understand that you don't just take away the homes of people - even in Greenland - and you don't take away their livelihood. I think it's also important to send a message through this process here at the Supreme Court in Denmark that United States also recognises our rights," he said.

(source: Inuit battle to shut US air base - BBC  Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel

Refer to Hiroshima & Nagasaki - The UNNECESSARY Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Genocide of Vietnamese people 1945-1974.  Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard Zinn and Refer to Take a look at Slavery -

Watch An Invasion through Conversion -  

South America

Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970) was a British philosopher, logician, mathematician and advocate for social reform. In 1950, Russell was made a Nobel Laureate in Literature, "in recognition of his varied and significant writings in which he champions humanitarian ideals and freedom of thought".  

He had said:

"The [Catholic] Spaniards in Mexico and Peru used to baptize Indian infants and then immediately dash their brains out; by this means they secured that these infants went to heaven."

(source: and Has Religion Made Useful Contributions to Civilization? - By Bertrand Russell Published 1930).  

Indian Chief Hatuey was a Taino from the island of Hispaniola who was a witness to the atrocities the Spaniards were committing upon his people. The Hispaniola Tainos had received Columbus and his fellow Europeans with open arms, and the Spaniards had brutalized the Indians in return.

The Indian chief Hatuey fled with his people but was captured and burned alive. As they were tying him to the stake a Franciscan friar urged him to take Jesus to his heart so that his soul might go to heaven, rather than descend into hell.

Hatuey replied that:

"if heaven was where the Christians went, he would rather go to hell."

(source: American Holocaust and


Brenda Ralph Lewis, English author of several books has written:

“The darkest days of the papacy was when Christendom was gripped by a hysterical fear of witchcraft or any dissent from the path of ‘true’ religion as ordained by the popes and the Catholic Church. Some of the most heinous crimes ever committed in the name of religion – all of them with papal sanction occurred during the five centuries or so during which a ferocious struggle waged over Europe to eliminate ‘error’: any belief, practice or opinion that deviated from the official papal line. Virtual genocide, for example, eliminated the Cathars, an ascetic sect centered around the southwest of France , who believed that God and the Devil shared the world. In 1231, the first Inquisition was introduced to deal with them. Inquisitors used horrific tortures such as the rack and thumbscrew to extract confessions. The end was often death in the all-consuming flames of the stake. As well as heretics, thousands of supposed witches, wizards, sorcerers and other ‘agents’ of the Devil died in the same horrific way.”  

“During the so-called ‘Papal Pornocracy’ of the early tenth century, popes were being manipulated, exploited and maneuvered for nefarious ends by mistresses who used them as pawns in their own power games. With some justification, this era was also called the Rule of the Harlots.”

(source: A Dark History of Popes – By Brenda Ralph Lewis   p. 1 - 11).

Pope Benedict in a speech to Latin American and Caribbean bishops at the end of a visit to Brazil , the Pope said the Church had not imposed itself on the indigenous peoples of the Americas .

They had welcomed the arrival of European priests at the time of the conquest as they were "silently longing" for Christianity, he said. "Christianity was not imposed by a foreign culture" drew a sharp reaction from the native leaders.

"Christ was the Savior ( America 's natives) silently yearned for," the pope said. Benedict also called the resurgence of pre-Columbian religions "a step backward," offending native peoples as far away as Mexico .  

(Note: Perhaps the Pope is not aware of the legacy of Western civilization to the world - Dark Ages, Crusades, The Inquisition, Witch Hunt, Slavery, Colonization of Africa, Asia, America and Australia, Imperialism, World Wars, Holocaust, Bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Conversion and destruction of Native cultures to Christianity, Drug Addiction, School shootings in American schools, Gun violence, Racism, Clergy Sex Abuse, Viagra spamming Capitalism, quest for individualism, Iraq war …. ). 

Refer to Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust - By Kevin Annett and documentary Unrepentant and Canada's Genocide Refer to Loot: in search of the East India Company - By Nick Robins and How India became poor -

Refer to Roman mayor vows purge of gypsies - The new mayor of Rome promised yesterday to purge the Italian capital of 20,000 illegal immigrants and to raze 85 Roma Gypsy camps. Gianni Alemanno (50) a firebrand neo-fascist and the first rightwing mayor of the city since the Second World War, vowed to make Rome "secure" as he was sworn into office after his election at the weekend.

Millions of tribal Indians are believed to have died as a result of European colonization backed by the Church since Columbus landed in the Americas in 1492, through slaughter, disease or enslavement. They said the Indians had suffered a "process of genocide" since the first European colonizers had arrived. Priests blessed conquistadors as they waged war on the indigenous peoples, although some later defended them and many today are the most vociferous allies of Indians. Many Indians today struggle for survival, stripped of their traditional ways of life and excluded from society.

"It's arrogant and disrespectful to consider our cultural heritage secondary to theirs," said Jecinaldo Satere Mawe, chief coordinator of the Amazon Indian group Coiab.

(source: Brazil 's Indians offended by Pope comments - Also refer to The Business of the Catholic Church – By Bill Maher - Huffingtonpost. Refer to LA church to pay $600M for clergy abuse - BBC news and Exposing Scandal in the Church: Key Players - by   - Watch Sex crimes and the Vatican - Refer to Pedophiles and Priests: Anatomy of a Contemporary Crisis - By Philip Jenkins.

Destruction of the Inca Empire: The Conquest of Peru

Lust for gold made the Spanish conquest of Peru one of the bloodiest episodes in the history of empire. It was in 1532 that a motley collection of Spanish conquistadors first appeared on the Fringes of the Inca empire, the largest and most powerful empire in South America had ever known. Francisco Pizzaro (1471 - 1541) would march to the heart of Peru and brutally seize control of the Inca throne. Within a decade, a glittering Andean world would be firmly in the grip of the Spaniards, its glories stripped and its people virtually enslaved.  Few historical events have been as dramatic or cruel as the conquest of Peru . Lack of principles and greed – By the time the Incas realized the ruthlessness of their foes, it was too late.  

Christians on the march  

The early 1600s saw a far-flung campaign against idolatry, spurred on by a revival of native religion in 1565. The renewed religious zeal of the Catholic Church led to a push to stamp out native religion once and for all.  Priests visited outlying provinces, collecting information on cults and sometimes torturing villagers to reveal the whereabouts of idols and huacas.

For more refer to chapter on Pacific Waves


The Europeans, through book burning and bayonet, successfully, "converted" Native South Americans, leaving very little trace of their noble civilization.  




An auto da fe is literally a “judicial sentence or act of faith,” usually ending with the public burning of heretics.  In June of 1680, the largest auto da fe of the Spanish Inquisition took place. 


Autos de fe also took place in Mexico, Brazil and Peru: contemporary historians of the Conquistadors such as Bernal Díaz del Castillo record them. They also occurred in the Portuguese colony of Goa, India following the establishment of Inquisition there in 1562-1563. 


Mexico, Brazil and Peru would enjoy the delights of the auto-da-fé long after it lost its charm in Europe. Mexico witnessed its last auto-da-fé as late as 1850. Did wonders for the conversion of the natives.


Countless cultures, rich spiritual traditions and ancient way of life have been destroyed and tramped upon in the name of the “One Jealous God” of Monotheism.  

(source: and Refer to Things They Don't Tell you about Christianity

Refer to Christianity’s criminal history – By Karlheinz Deschner and Refer to The Aztec Account of the Spanish Conquest of MexicoWatch video - Christian Missionary Misdeeds in India



It is in South America that the missionaries are at their most destructive. During the conquest of the "New World", beginning in the 15th century, Catholic priests and friars, accompanied the invading armies of Spain and Portugal. All kinds of coercive methods were used to subjugate and evangelize the Indians. 


The Indians were exploited, enslaved and made to work for the settlers in return for protection and religious instructions. A total of up to 15 million Indians were reported to have died due to such brutality.


(source: MissionariesBy Julian Pettifer and Richard Bradley  p 133). For more European atrocities and conquest refer to chapter on European Imperialism and Pacific and Christian Missionaries.

Discrimination in the rest of the World

Racism in Israel

For many Indian Jews, however, their arrival was not so rewarding. In the '50s, Indian Jews were among the darkest of all the new immigrants and experienced racism. As Reuben Raymond, a community leader, explained, the reality of life in Israel from what they imagined it to be was a shock to many Indian Jews. "In India, we never had to fight for our rights but in Israel we did, and this was something new for us," he says. "In the early '50s, people had a problem because of their colour. They were subjected to differential treatment in everything. In employment, they got bad jobs and had less money. One group even returned to India in 1952."

British imperialists ravaged Africa, says President Mbeki

President Thabo Mbeki has made a withering attack on Winston Churchill and other historic British figures, calling them racists who ravaged Africa and blighted its post-colonial development.

He said British imperialists in the 19th and 20th centuries had treated Africans as savages and left a "terrible legacy" of countries divided by race, colour, culture and religion.
He singled out Churchill as a progenitor of vicious prejudice who justified British atrocities by depicting the continent's inhabitants as inferior races who needed to be subdued, and pointed out that Kitchener and Wolseley had waged ruthless campaigns in Sudan and South Africa.

"To some extent we can say that when these eminent representatives of British colonialism were not in Sudan, they were in South Africa, and vice versa, doing terrible things wherever they went, justifying what they did by defining the native peoples of Africa as savages that had to be civilised, even against their will." Mr Mbeki said this attitude conditioned the behaviour of British empire-building in South Africa, including the crushing of the Zulu people and the scorched earth policy and concentration camps of the Anglo-Boer war.

(source: British imperialists ravaged Africa, says leader -

South Africa - Preaching white supremacy in South Africa

Almost 10 years after the end of apartheid, far-right religious groups in South Africa appear to be growing. With a message of white supremacy, they find converts amongst some Afrikaner people who feel increasingly insecure in the new multi-racial democracy.

Reverend Willie Smith founded the church of Lewende Hoop (Living Hope) five years ago and preaches that Afrikaners are God's chosen people. He says he now has 30 congregations, and thousands of followers all over the country. "We know that we are God's people, he forbid us to mix with other nations, to marriage with other nations, to live on the same level as they are. We see this ANC government as punishment [for abandoning apartheid]," says Reverend Smith.

(source: Preaching white supremacy in South Africa - BBC Apartheid is not a new thing. Ever since Dutch colonists landed in 1652, "Blacks" and "Whites" have lived apart in South Africa.  Apartheid is a system of racial laws devised to "Preserve and promote a white majority over a black majority."  

For more refer to The History of Apartheid in South Africa). Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel

Africa - Rwanda

But when the Belgian colonists arrived in 1916, they saw the two groups as distinct entities, and even produced identity cards classifying people according to their ethnicity. The Belgians considered the Tutsis as superior to the Hutus. Utilizing the classic strategy of "divide and rule," (much like the British did in India with their Aryan/Dravidian theory) the Belgians granted preferential status to the Tutsi minority

When 800,000 of their countrymen were killed in massacres that began 10 years ago this week, many Rwandans lost faith not only in their government but in their religion as well. Today, in what is still a predominantly Catholic country, Islam is the fastest growing religion.

Roman Catholicism (Roman Catholic 56.5%, Protestant 26%, Adventist 11.1%,) has been the dominant faith in Rwanda for more than a century. But many people, disgusted by the role that some priests and nuns played in the killing frenzy, have shunned organized religion altogether, and many more have turned to Islam.

Since '94 Horror, Rwandans Turn Toward Islam - By Marc Lacey - New York Times March 7 2004 and Refer to movie Hotel Rwanada -

Catholic Nun sentenced to 30 years for genocide

A Rwandan traditional court sentenced a Catholic nun to 30 years in prison for helping militiamen kill hundreds of Tutsi hiding in a hospital during the country's 1994 genocide. Theophister Mukakibibi was sentenced by the traditional gacaca courts on Thursday for working closely with Hutu militiamen to kill Tutsi hiding in Butare hospital where she worked. She was also accused of dumping a baby in a latrine. "She would select Tutsi (and) throw them out of the hospital for the militia to kill. She did not even spare pregnant mothers," said Jean Baptiste Ndahumba, president of the local gacaca court in Butare town.

(source: Catholic Nun sentenced to 30 years for genocide - Also refer to English Royalty brazen genocide in Africa under the aegis of World Wildlife Foundation and British Royalty heads the Commonwealth as well as the WWF and Refer to Take a look at Slavery -

Communism and Human Rights  

Watch Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion. Watch the Bloody History of Communism -


Carnage in Tiananmen Square in Communist China

Beijing Death Toll at Least 300; Army Tightens Control of City But Angry Resistance Goes On. It was clear that at least 300 people had been killed since the troops first opened fire. The bloodshed stunned Beijing and seemed to traumatize its citizens. Normal life halted as armored personnel carriers and troop trucks rumbled along debris-filled roads, with soldiers firing their automatic weapons in every direction. Smoke filled the sky as workers and students vented frustration and outrage by burning army vehicles wherever they found them separated from major convoys,in side streets or at intersections

(source: Beijing Death Toll at Least 300; Army Tightens Control of City But Angry Resistance Goes On - New York Times June 5 2004).  Refer to Christian groups plan for 'spiritual harvest' during Beijing Olympics. Refer to Humanizing China - Images

In the West, the concept of Human Rights is used more as a political instrument. For instance, when Communist China abuses Human Rights in it brutal genocide against helpless Tibet, the western opinion is muted, as China is a powerful nation and an important trading partner.  

But western powers are ready to pounce on India if any impression of violation of Human Rights emerges. Clearly apart from Hinduism, and to some extent Buddhism, none of the other religions have any concern with Human Rights of those who belong to other religions as seen from the time of the Crusades and present day Jihads. It is wrong therefore to take a limited view of Hinduism's all pervasive recognition and acceptance of Human Rights. It is true that certain perversions like the caste system have entered in the Hindu society. But the caste system was never a tenet of the Hindu faith. 

(For more refer to:
). Refer to China from Inside: Freedom and Justice -  Refer to Humanizing China - Images


The Burakumin - Portraits of Japan ’s outcast people

The Burakumin are a nearly invisible (yet identifiable) group of Japanese people. They are the remnant of a caste system that formally passed away long ago. Despite being racially and ethnically Japanese through and through, the Burakumin still face discrimination and struggle together under the weight of their shared history. The roots of Buraku discrimination come from feudal Japan, when the Buraku were areas separated from the other social classes. The people there lived under tight restrictions in every part of their lives, such as clothing, jobs, and home, due to the feudal class system formed by a variety of political and social factors. These historical areas are the origins of today’s Buraku, people who are still the target of discrimination due to the influence of subsequent social systems. This discrimination is what Japanese call, “Buraku issues.”  

During Japan 's feudal era, a strict caste system was in place. The lowest class, called the "burakumin," were ethnically identical to other Japanese but were forced to live in isolation because they did jobs associated with death, such as working with leather, butchering animals and digging graves.

Officially, castes have long been abolished. But the burakumins' descendants-- approximately 3 million, according to rights groups--still face prejudice, based almost entirely on where they live or their ancestors lived. Moving is little help, because employers or parents of potential spouses can hire agencies to check for buraku ancestry through Japan's elaborate family records. An employee at a large, well-known Japanese company, who works in personnel and has direct knowledge of its hiring practices, said the company actively screens out burakumin job seekers. "If we suspect that an applicant is a burakumin, we always do a background check to find out," she said. She agreed to discuss the practice only on condition that neither she nor her company be identified. Lists of "dirty" addresses circulate on Internet bulletin boards. Some surveys have shown that such neighborhoods have lower property values than surrounding areas, and residents have been the target of racial taunts and graffiti. But the modern locations of the old villages are largely unknown to the general public, and many burakumin prefer it that way.

(source: Old Japanese maps on Google Earth unveil secrets - and Japan ’s caste challenges - Hinduism Today).

Caste among Indian Muslims:

The caste system is so pervasive that it has become a feature of life of all religious groups that live in India . The Muslim caste system is a result of Hindu influence; the Indian Muslims have acquired the system, …, from the Hindus through constant and continuous culture contact; the system of caste groupings itself resulted in the concept of social distance between the two communities, the Hindus and the Muslims.

(source: Caste in Medieval India : The Beginnings of a Reexamination - By Dileep Karanth - Refer to Death by Hadith- Banality of Islamic murder and Islam's compulsive aggression and profanity

Alain Danielou, (1907-1994) son of French aristocracy, distinguished Orientalist, musicologist, and linguist states:

"Islam, which in theory and doctrine recognizes no social or racial distinction in religion or state should, by definition, be the most democratic. In reality it has been the most intolerant and destructive. Wherever Islam has passed, only ruins and deserts can be seen and whole peoples annihilated. Of them it may be said what Tacitus said of the Romans: " They create a desert and say they have established peace." 

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar (1891 - 1956) wrote:   

“It is said that Hinduism is said to divide people and Islam is said to bind them. But this is only half-truth. For Islam divides and inexorably as it binds. The brotherhood of Islam is not universal brotherhood of man. It is brotherhood of Muslims for Muslims only. Another defect of Islam is that it is a system of social self-government and is incompatible with local self-government because the allegiance of a Muslim does not rest on his domicile in the country of his residence but on the faith to which he belongs. Wherever there is a rule of Islam that is his own country. In other words Islam can never allow a true Muslim to adopt India as his motherland and regard Hindus as his kith and kin.”

(source: Secular Politics Communal Agenda: A History of Politics in India from 1860 to 1953 - By Prof Makkhan Lal   p. 59).

He also wrote that: " The social evils which characterize the Hindu Society, have been well known. The publication of Mother India by Miss Katherine Mayo gave these evils the widest publicity. But while Mother India served the purpose of exposing the evils, it created the unfortunate impression throughout the world that the Hindus were conservative, the Muslims in India were free from them, and as compared to the Hindus, were a progressive people.  

Take the caste system. Islam speaks of brotherhood. Everybody infers that Islam must be free from slavery and caste. Slavery stands abolished by law, but Caste among Muslims has remained. An example one can take a look at the conditions among Bengal Muslims. 

The Superintendent of the Census of 1901 for the Province of Bengal records the following interesting facts regarding the Muslims of Bengal: 

Three groups found in Indian Muslims of Bengal:

  1. Ashraf or better class Muslims – The Sainads, Sheikhs, Pathans, Moghul, Mallik, and Mirza.
  2. Ajlaf or lower caste Muslims – Cultivating Sheikhs, and others who were originally Hindus, Darzi, Jolaha, Fakir, Mallah, Kula Kunjara, Kasai, Kalal, Dhunia, Abdal, Bako, Chamba, Dafali, Dhobi, Hajjan,  etc.
  3. Arzal or degraded class – include Bhanar, Halalkhor, Hijra, Kasbi, Lalbegi, Maugta, Mehra.

(source: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Writings and Speeches. Reprint of Pakistan or The Partition of India 
Education Department. Government of Maharashtra
1990 Vol. 8. p. 225-230).  Refer to Dhimmi – Muslim religious apartheid.  
Refer to Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits - And the World Remained Silent - Movie

Ali Anwar, a Muslim author, maintains in his book "War of Equality" that it's a myth that Indian Islam is caste-free. "Neither the Muslims' ruling elite nor the religious leaders have so far made any meaningful efforts to remove the disease of inequality that has made Dalit Muslims suffer for centuries," he writes.

The same goes for Christianity, according to a 1992 study by a Dalit Jesuit, the Rev. Antony Raj, showing separate chapels, cemeteries and Communion ceremonies for Dalits in southern Tamil Nadu state, and a bar on their becoming altar boys and lectors. Last Christmas Day, more than 250 Christian Dalits were shut out of a Mass in Manjakuppam, a village about 1,100 miles south of New Delhi where caste has long divided Dalits and Vannia, high-caste Hindu converts to Christianity.

(source:  Refer to Kashmiris in exile and Human rights abuses in the Islamic world -Secret torture tapes revealed in UAE - and Taliban gunmen shooting couple dead for adultery caught on camera

Utter Hypocrisy of Indian Media and Politicians - Refer to the Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits

Dalit Muslims

Despite their conversion to Islam, the social, economic and educational status of the Dalit Muslims remains pathetic. Under centuries of Mughal rule they remained as neglected as their Hindu counterparts. The Mughals were interested in ruling, not in improving the conditions of the Dalit Muslims. That is why you find that while they built hundreds of massive palaces and forts and the Taj Mahal, not a single school was set up by any Muslim ruler for the education of the Dalit Muslims. Under the British the situation remained the same, and it still continues to be the same even after 1947. Hence, we felt the need to set up an organisation to struggle for the rights of the Dalit Muslims which are even today being denied to them.  

Varsha Bhosle writes:

"So what went wrong in this Utopian scenario that had so "visibly" impressed the downtrodden amongst Hindus...? Why and when did Muslim turn against "lower caste" Muslim?

I'll tell you why: it's a fat load of cock and bull -- there never was any such equality to begin with, and there never will be. In ancient India, the weaker amongst the Hindu populace converted to Islam, not to escape Brahminical oppression, but to avoid the three Ts enforced by Muslim invaders -- torture, taxation and tyranny. In fact, those who chose to remain Hindu tightened the till-then-fluid Varna into an ultra-rigid system, the likes of which hadn't existed before the advent of Islamic invaders: Maharshi Valmiki was a fisherman, as was Maharshi Ved Vyas; Chandragupta Maurya was from the Muria tribe, which used to collect peacock (mor) feathers; Samrat Ashok was the son of a daasi, and so on. This strength of purpose -- ie, halting the depletion of Hindu numbers and the dilution of Hinduism, by any means fair or foul -- made Hindus survive the waves of foreign attacks and foreign rule."

Muslims and reservations - Caste Muslims?

The Muslim forward castes, including the Sayyads, have become vocal in demanding reservation for Muslims in Government jobs and educational institutions. The high caste Muslims, or Ashrafs say that if religion-based reservation is not possible then the entire Muslim community should be declared backward and given the benefit of reservation. . Caste-based reservation under Mandal Commission recommendations has been given to both Hindu and Muslim backward classes.

(source: Muslims and reservations - By Sharfuddin Ansari August 11 2004 Refer to    

Indian children smuggled to camel races to six GCC countries

Hoodwinking authorities in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, eight-hundred children have been smuggled to six GCC countries for the notorious camel races next month. The camel races patronised by Arab sheiks for centuries thrives on underage, lightweight child jockeys who are often tied to the animal and their shrieks of terror pace them faster, and this has often resulted in the death of children from falls or fear. The six GCC countries notorious for these races are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the UAE, and Bahrain, and in the present smuggling of children, all were flown out of a third country, Indian children taken to Bangladesh or Pakistan, the Pakistanis going to Bangladesh via India, or the opposite way, and officials say the children were sold to slavery for between $2,000-5,000.

(source: Indian children smuggled to camel races to six GCC countries -


Higher caste Mastoi tribe in Pakistan

Don't tell me that the vile traditions of Evil Hinduism still exert so much influence on Pakis! According to the last published head-count, in 1991, Pakistan had 1.6% Hindus, while the statistics for 1941 and 1948 are 25% and 17%, respectively. It won't take a genius to surmise that in the last decade, the numbers must have dwindled further. So what's with the "Hindu concept" of caste in that Islamic nation??

I'll tell you what: the caste system never was restricted to Hinduism. Where there is Man, there are social divisions -- some institutionalised, some not, some seething under the surface, some not, but all enforced in actual social interaction. That's why you have the Boston Brahmins in the US, the Zaibutsu in Japan, Parisian aristocracy, the Communist Party of China, and what have you. There's no truer book written than Animal Farm.

(source: What's Hinduism got to do with it?! - By Varsha Bhosle - Refer to Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits - And the World Remained Silent - Movie 

Silence about Pakistan's Dalits

Yoginder Sikand, an expert on Wahabbism, has made a detailed study of the terrible conditions in which more than 2.5 million "Dalits" in Pakistan live, ignored not only by Pakistan's friends the US by India.

As Sikand says, of the 3 million officially classified 'Hindu' population of Pakistan, 80 per cent are Dalits. There are 42 different Dalits castes in the country, the most numerous being Bhils, Meghwals, Odhs, and Kohlis. Most Pakistani Dalits live in Sindh, with smaller numbers in southern Punjab and Baluchistan. They are "pathetically poor and largely illiterate and eke out a miserable existence mainly as agricultural laborers, menials, and petty artisans". As Sikand says, in Sindh a small class of landlords owns most of the land, and some estates run into tens of thousands of acres. The conditions of the Sindhi peasantry or haris, who include both Muslims as well as Dalits, are pathetic. Many haris do not even own the mud huts in which they live. Much of the land is owned by absentee landlords who live in mansions in Hyderabad and Karachi, Sindh's largest cities.

According to Khurshid Kaimkhani, a Leftist activist from Sindh, and author of what is probably the only book on the Pakistani Dalits, local landlords prefer to employ Dalits instead of Muslim haris because the former are less vocal and more docile. Hardly any Dalits own any land, he says, and they are entirely dependent on the landlords for their survival.

But, one wonders, where is the human rights brigade? Where is the UN? Why this silence on the conditions of the Dalits of Pakistan?

(source: Silence about Pakistan's Dalits - By M.D. Nalapat - Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard Zinn. Refer to Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits - And the World Remained Silent - Movie 


"A true telling of "caste-based" behavior of South Asians would show that it cuts across all religious lines, and can be found in churches as well as in masjids. Thus upper caste Syrian Christians advertise specifically for their own types in matrimony, as do other Christians. Goans and other Indian Christians still refer to themselves as Bamon (Brahmins), Bhandaris, Kolis, Prabhus, etc.  

A recently published book, The Christian Clergy in India, Volume 1: Social Structures and Social Roles, written by sociologists T. K. Oommen and Hunter P. Mabry states that Christianity in India (which represents 2.3 percent of India's one billion citizens) is primarily a "church of the oppressed" with Dalits (low-caste people) accounting for 40 percent of church members, under-developed communities 30 percent, and tribal people 20 percent. Only 10 percent of Christians are from India's powerful upper castes. But the upper castes hold most positions of power in the churches, while the Dalits and under-developed communities are grossly "under-represented" among clergy. Further, a table in the book shows that Dalits and lower castes constitute 70 percent of non-Catholic Christians, but account for only 25 percent of the heads of their churches. But the upper castes, who account for one tenth of non-Catholic Christians, provide 42 percent of church heads, 31 percent of theological teachers and 36 percent of "theologically trained women."  

Muslims are also divided according to caste - Sayyads, Ashrafs, Ajlafs, Jolahas, Rajputs, etc. Marriages are disallowed between the high caste Ashrafs, Sayyads, Sheikhs or Pathans and the low caste Ansaris, Kunjras or Qureshis. The founder of the Aligarh Muslim University, Sir Sayyad Ahmad Khan, denied backward Muslims entry into AMU and kept its door open only for the Ashrafs. Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi wrote a book in which he said that the Sayyads are the highest caste! Dalit Muslims don't even come into the picture as yet."



Sikhs have observed caste rules as much as Hindus have. After all, caste continued on both sides of the borderline between Sikh and non-Sikh. Marriages took place across that borderline, but within the caste (Sikh Jats with non-Sikh Jats etc.) Khushwant Singh himself admits that caste has continued to exist within the Sikh community: “Christian missionaries had….an amount of success in converting Sikhs around Ludhiana. These were mainly Sikhs of lower castes.” 

(source: Negationism in India: Concealing the Record of Islam – By Koenraad Elst p. 159.

Caste in Buddhism

Sir W. W. Hunter has written: "It would be a mistake to suppose that Buddhism and Jainism were directed from the outset consciously in opposition to the caste system. Caste, in fact, at the time of the rise of Buddhism was only beginning to develop; and in later days, when Buddhism commenced its missionary careers, it took caste with it into regions where up to that time the institution had not permeated. Many others among the early Orientalists have confirmed this from different angles. 

D.D. Kosambi, points out that in the recruitment of monks, the candidate's social position was not entirely disregarded: "..savage tribesmen, escaped criminals, the chronically ill and the indebted as well as aboriginal Nagas were denied admission into the order." In Kosambi's Marxist opinion, the spread of Buddhism had nothing to do with a liberating social message..."

More recently, i.e. after the political myth of Buddhism as an anti-caste movement became internationally popular, the Dutch Buddhologist Prof. Zurcher has written: "In modern popularizing writings, one often reads that 'egalitarian' Buddhism was essentially a 'protest movement' against the Brahminical caste system......But neither the Buddha himself, nor any pre-modern Buddhist teacher after him has combated the caste system.

Buddhism's non-interest in social reform is also demonstrated by its career outside India. After centuries of profound impact of Buddhism, Tibetan society was in such a state that the Chinese Communists could claim in 1950 that 95% of the Tibetans were living in slavery;...the fact remains that Buddhism had not rendered Tibet's traditional feudalism any more egalitarian than it had been in the pre-Buddhist past.

Outside India, a number of independent sources confirm that Buddhist monasteries employed slaves: "There are numerous references to prove the existence of slaves in the Buddhist monasteries in China.

Prof. Rhys Davids has given details about caste practices in over 100 Buddhist communities. 

(source: Indigenous Indians: Agastya to Ambedkar - By Koenraad Elst p. 440-445).

Dr. Koenraad Elst has pointed out:

"The Buddha never said :"Down with the Brahmins ! Break Brahmin tyranny !" On the contrary, he taught about how to be a true Brahmin, as against having the outer attributes but not the inner qualities of the Brahmin. Many of his disciples were Brahmins. The myth of Buddhist social revolution against Brahmin tyranny can be disproven on many counts with the Buddha's own words. 

If Buddha wanted to reform society, he would have remained a prince in his palace, because the seat to power is the best place from which to organize reform. The seat of power is the first target of people who want to re-create society, such as the Communists, and it was the first thing which Buddha renounced."

(source: Ayodhy and After – By Koenraad Elst p.141).

The Dalai Lama has said: “When I say that Buddhism is part of Hinduism, certain people criticize me. But if I were to say that Hinduism and Buddhism are totally different, it would not be in conformity with truth.” 

(source: Who is a Hindu? – By Koenraad Elst p. 233). Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard Zinn. Refer to Loot: in search of the East India Company - By Nick Robins and How India became poor -

Skeletons In The Church Cupboard!

About 1,000 Dalit Christians armed with lethal weapons had barged into the "Conversion Victory Mela" on July 13, 2002 at the Chengalput St. Joseph's Church shouting slogans such as "Down with untouchability among Christians!" and "Don't dupe Dalit Hindus by promising equal treatment!", etc. That conversion mela ended in a fiasco. This incident had been covered by section of the media, exposing the pseudo - catholicity of the Church thoroughly, It is common knowledge that segregation of Dalits inside churches is going on in Tamilnadu.


Hindus are amused at this turn of events. All along, the Hindu society was berated by all and sundry for practising the despicable untouchability, which, they claimed, justified the quitting of Harijan brethren, over the years from the Hindu fold. But that is all old and stale by now. Now it is "poverty"! Comparable to the "Whiteman's Burden" humbug, Church forces have now switched to playing the poverty card as a cover for their proselytization activities.

(source: The August 24 Madurai Mass Conversion Exposes - By Sankara Mahadevan Media Centre, Chennai - August 27, 2002). Refer to Pedophiles and Priests: Anatomy of a Contemporary Crisis - By Philip Jenkins - Since 1982, 400 Catholic clergy (out of a total of 50,000 American priests) have been accused of sexual misconduct with minors.  

Caste in the Same Mould? Even in Matrimony?

Just sample these familiar insertions in the Sunday matrimonial pages of any newspaper:  

* CSI Nadar Christian invites alliance...
* CSI Adi dravida wants ...
* Roman Catholic ants...except SC/ST..
* Protestant Pillai seeks...

Welcome to the 'casteless' egalitarian world of Christianity. Or at least, that is what the board outside Evangelists Inc claims. Then what do the above advertisements that routinely appear in very secular newspapers point to? Well, they reveal what really one confronts behind the facade, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but unfortunately kept captive by an army of lies.

Frankly it does not need much effort to nail all these self-evident bluster regarding 'a casteless' Christianity, nor do they qualify as a closely held secret. As they say, everyone knows. But there is certainly a crying urgency to brush up the facts, for, the key weapon brandished by the champions of conversions is the 'oppressive caste-system of Hinduism 'which is deemed as justification enough for people to migrate to Christianity. And the orchestrated indignation and self-righteousness with which these paragons sermonise from the roof-top make one almost believe for a moment that they are right after all. That is the power of lies, told repeatedly and at high decibel levels. And couched as it is in holy attire, it would make even Goebbels feel shy.

And therefore it is common knowledge that, even in Christianity, salvation for a Nadar lies only with a Nadar, a Pillai gets invariably wedded to a Pillai, and Dalits continue to be 'untouched' by the 'Caste Christians', with the healing touch of the new order remaining a pipe dream. All these happen by conscious choice as is evident from the 'detailed' specifications that prospective brides and grooms take special care to mention. In fact, with several sects and an equal number of churches dotting the Christian landscape, there is also a strong tendency to remain within those folds also. Thus the system of castes, clans and sub-sects thrives merrily in the promised land too.

Of course, diligent conversionists have been quick to point out that casteism is a legacy of Hinduism and Christianity cannot be blamed. What an untenable excuse! Sure, but did they not promise to erase these evils when swallowing the hungry multitudes into their flock? Again, by saying so, are they not conceding defeat in their 'fight against casteism'? Or was it that the fight was never intended to be fought in the first place and was just a lure to attract those in anger and distress? We all know, and make no mistake, they all know too. It is just that these torch bearers of the 'true faith' somehow feel most comfortable riding on falsehood to reach their destination of 100% harvest. And little wonder they keep tripping. That's the fate of all those who rely on lame horses. Now to the question on everyone's lips, be he an intellectual or an imbecile: If Christianity, as they themselves confess albeit in defence, has failed to address the scourge of casteism and instead solidifies it even more, then why at all should the oppressed classes be made to change religious colours? Elementary, Mr Evangelist!

Let's now move on to the pride of Indian Christianity, the Dalits, for whom, incidentally, the 'casteless faithful' are vehemently fighting for the same SC/ST benefits that are available to their counterparts in 'caste-ridden' Hinduism. These are the people who, owing to their sheer numbers and greater distress (what arithmetic, what altruism!) had been 'identified' as 'ideal' targets for conversion to Christianity by the 'founding Fathers'. And in a true measure of the success of their time-tested techniques, the Dalits, according to some estimates, now form a mammoth majority of the Christians of India. These children of Hari - harijans -, as Gandhi used to refer to them, became children of Jesus - let's baptise them as Jesusjans - in great numbers and with greater hopes of economic prosperity and more importantly, social emancipation. Now do we know for sure, if Jesus had succeeded where Hari failed? I quote below from a Letter to the Editor published by a national daily a few years back:

"Any one who is aware of the rural social scenario will agree with me that Dalit Christians get the same treatment as Hindu Dalits. Adding salt to injury, they are also looked down upon in their own religion. Is it Christian that a few upper caste communities corner all the benefits under the pretext of minority rights and corner power? Is it Christian to seek funds from abroad under the guise of evangelism and social uplift by selling Dalits' shame and helplessness in the West? Is it Christian to keep the Dalits off the power structure and manipulate funds?

Is it Christian to attach caste surnames to their Christian names and identify themselves more with the caste than Christ? Is it Christian to allot separate places in the Churches, separate chapels and even separate graveyards for their Dalit bretheren? Is it Christian to deny self-respect to the less privileged members of the congregation? Let us face things. Dalit members are being exploited in every way by the power wielding upper caste Christians. To plead for the Dalits in public posing as their protectors, and to kick them in private has become the order of the day in many Churches." 

Amen! Need I say anymore of the fate of the Jesusjans?

It is doubtful if these type of letters will find a place in the 'suddenly secular', 'minority sensitive' national dailies of today.

(source: Caste in the Same Mould? - By T W Jawahar - Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard Zinn  

Some Thoughts on Caste System

All developed social systems are stratified. No society is a mass of individuals. European society was organized along class, guilds, and religion (Jews and gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, etc.) India had castes, or more properly, jatis.

As a political category, caste is a British invention. The British introduced the category of caste for purposes of counting population in the census that began in 1871. The British began to rank order castes by status and economics. Many petitions were filed by new resurgent groups to seek higher ranking. Caste began to be organized as political movement. In a similar fashion, the counting of people by tribal identity in Africa led to tribalism. Sikhism was defined as a separate religion by the British, and it became so. These points are elaborated in an excellent book by Nicholas Dirks, Castes of Mind: Colonialism and the Making of Modern India, 2001.

Castes in India are different than classes in the West. Castes are not economically structured. Each caste has its own rich and its own poor. There are rich Brahmins and poor Brahmins. As a general rule, Brahmins were among the poorest section of society. This observation runs counter to the prevalent view that Indian society is Brahmin dominated and Brahmin exploited. Different castes in India are like different ethnic groups within the United States. There are rich Italians and poor Italians, rich Irish and poor Irish. Also like caste groups in India, till recently the ethnic groups in America married in their own community, i.e. Jews would marry other Jews, the Polish would marry other Polish, and so on.

The caste system in ancient times was not static. Castes rose and fell. Castes became static and rigid during extended foreign rule. Under Muslim rule, some caste groups that fought against domination were pushed to the outer edges of the social system. I have been told that among the sweeper castes in India, one finds many Rajput gotras.

Why is caste denied in the West and replaced by 'class'? Why are dowry murders denied when husbands in the West shoot their wives more frequently than dowry murders in India? (Refer to Killings of new, expectant mothers mount in USA) Why is idolatry denied when Westerners worship celebrities and money and brand names as their idols? Is the American flag not an idol that is worshipped by the Pledge of Allegiance? The third world non Christian phenomenon is always given a separate term so as to be able to demonize it whereas the western equivalent is spared by saying the term does not apply.

This is linguistic sleigh of hand.

(source: Collected thoughts about Caste system - Refer to Defending the Caste System -

"The European colonizers wanted to impose their ideal of equality so profoundly contrary to that of liberty, that the Western peoples sought to impose their ideas, culture, religion, language, and ways of living and thinking on the people of their empires who preferred to live and think differently. Whole races and civilizations have been destroyed by the European conqueror so that he can preserve the illusion of living in a world of justice, equality, and democracy."  

(source: Virtue, Success, Pleasure, & Liberation : The Four Aims of Life in the Tradition of Ancient India - by Alain Danielou - p. 157-159).

“The moneyed elite in the United States have long coveted their neighbors' land, resources, and cheap labor forces. Eager to invade, annex, and exploit, the plutocracy began to disseminate the warped notion of Manifest Destiny in the Nineteenth Century. Purporting to have the unwavering support of the Almighty, the "superior" Anglo-Saxons rationalized slavery, the Native American Genocide, the conquest of half of Mexico, the annexation of Hawaii, and their eradication of over 300,000 "savages" in conquering the Philippines.”

(source: Hell Awaits, America -

Racial and Social inequities continue to plague modern Western industrial societies who claim to be the beacon of Human Rights. 

Historically, nations in Europe and America have had a similar structure: the class system. A Westerner who has had occasion to witness the rise of the new castes in industrial societies, or status-oriented thinking and bureaucratic hierarchies would not praise the modern or industrial culture. Exploitation exists in all societies - in India, it is caste, while in the West, it is based on class. Casteism in India is a terrible injustice. No thoughtful person will deny that. So is crime, homelessness, social inequality and racism in Western nations. Ancient Hindus have never discriminated against people based on their color or race. Hindus worship God Krishna and Goddess Kali. Both, Krishna and Kali, means black and are depicted as such as well.

"In Europe and America, which are said to be the most democratic and highly individualistic, individual life is least regarded. In the land of liberty, fundamentalism, Ku Klax Klan, and Nordic assaults on all other races and cultures prevail."

(source: Kalki or the Culture of Civilization - By S. Radhakrishnan p. 29).

Conversion: Sin or Sincerity?  

The Papal call for the Asian Harvesting of Souls is no exercise to swell the coffers of the Church losing ground in the opulent West as many would like us to believe. It is based more on the notion that Christianity alone is the true religion while other religions are condemned to error. Even in a multicultural world, the Christian leadership does not wish to pluralize its dogma and offer it as, one more instead of, the only way to God! For the Pope, all religions may be equal but Christianity is more equal than others!  

Apologies for Evangelism  

Many clichés about conversion are kept alive by vested interests that prevent an evaluation of the evangelical agenda. The foremost being that conversion controversy is not a religious issue but a vote-catching device. It is projected as a Hindu Conservative Right versus Progressive Left confrontation. But time has shown that proselytization is not a battle for votes, but a battle for souls with a long history of cultural beliefs and behavior patterns that goes far beyond the smaller fortunes of the Nehru or the Sangh Parivar.  

Another cliché is that conversions have always been a result of the low caste Hindus turning to other faiths to escape the oppression by higher varnas. Christian and Muslim evangelists are never tired of projecting their faiths as truly egalitarian and democratic based upon the ability to provide equal opportunities to all their adherents irrespective of their birth or social class or caste.  

Refer to Merchant Thomas to Saint Thomas  - By Sandhya Jain and The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple - By Ishwar Sharan, Voice of India, Delhi

As a matter of fact, caste has little to do with conversion. No Muslim or Christian convert of low caste forgoes his caste and gains a status of even workable equality with upper caste Christians or Muslims. If it was so, Churches of all denominations would not be demanding reservation for Christians on caste basis. The motive to become Muslim or Christian was seldom freedom from caste hierarchy. For vast populations it was always either force or allurement.  

When Christianity arrived in India in the first century, the caste-system had become quite rigid. If Christianity was such a relief for the underdogs why did it not grow in leaps and bounds from its very arrival?

In early centuries, let alone in India , in the Mediterranean as well, Christians were not focusing upon the destitute entirely to multiply their fold. They influenced the highly placed sections of the Roman and Greek bureaucracy and their great expansion came only after the baptism of Constantine, the Roman Emperor.  

In India , Christianity remained in isolation till the Protestant British gave it an impetus, keeping at bay even the older Orthodox Christians. Similarly, Islamic rulers did not target the lower-caste Hindus who were incapable of effectively supporting the Turkish, Afghan and later Mughal elite. They left these poor neoconverts to the Sufis whom they seldom patronized and often persecuted as potential spokesmen of the poor. An unabashed instigator of proselytization, the historian Ziauddin Barni (1285 - 1357) advised the Sultanate to target the Brahmin intelligentsia and the big Hindu landowners and merchants to be cowed into submission and conversion.  

The ruling Muslims in India never objected to the varna-jaati hierarchy as they themselves believed in social status by birth, distinction between lord and slave, ashraf, arjal and ajlaf. The elite class belonged to the royalty and military eminence were ashraf that included Qureshi, Jafri, Hussaini, Alvi, Osmani, Farooqi, Siddiqui, Moghuls, Naqvi, Zaidi, Kazmi, Rizvi, Hashmi, Abbasi, Arabs, Pathans, Sherwani, Shairazi, Isphani, Timizi, Bukhari, Qazi, Mullick, and Mirzas etc. They were originally foreigners and some of them even boasted of ‘blue blood’ as they were able to import Central Asia women. During the days of the Islamic rule in India , they were the high and mighty and even when they married the Hindu princely women whom they converted to their religion and manners, they were known as torch bearers of the clans they originally belonged to before settling in India . The converts to Islam from the Indian artisan, trading and agricultural classes were called ajlaf and were the new middle class of Islamic population in India, who were semi respectable like the Ansari, Mansoori, Mirasi, etc. The lowest category that converted from the Hindu shudra classes were called arjal and did not take any Arabic caste names and continued to be known by their professional  such as dhobi, halal khor, dhuniya, dom etc. To this day the matrimonial columns of the Muslim community reflect this divide.  

Conversion for Colonization  

It is not totally true that the primary motive of Christian missionaries of any denomination is to improve the standards of life for the poor, the marginalized and the aborigines. If this was so, vast populations of the South American and the African continents would not be living even after conversion in poverty and exploitation by the rich Christian West.

(source: India: A Cultural Decline or Revival? - By Bharat Gupta p. 32 - 37).

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