Dear Visitor, this page is dedicated to my personal artwork. It showcases various drawings I have done as a hobby over several years, some of which contain Indian imagery, others which I drew simply for their artistic value.  I do not have any formal training in art, but I would like to share these images (thumbnail) with you. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I have enjoyed making them. 




                                              Rajasthani man with turban                                 Rajasthani girl with jewelry



Maharashtrian girl with traditional Tanmani jewelry - in pastel

South Indian danseuse



                                                Face of India  - colorful Rajasthani clothes                    Young sadhu with trishul



                                                     sad puppy                                                       bird on bark



capitol building                                                  playful rabbits



                                               lady in pastel                                                        Old Connecticut House 



                                                    antique car                                                          antique gasoline truck 



                                      American model                                                 American model 


                                                       five year old girl                                    two year toddler


                                                        bird on one foot                                                            teapot and candle          


                                                              English model                                    African American girl                  


                                                         deer                                             fish feeding                                                                



                                                 Jacqueline Kennedy                                       man in regiment



                                            wine decanter                                                               apples with barrel



                                      marine one                                                                     marine two                                                                       



young man                                                   Sikh priest



                                                face in pastel                                                Man and his music in pastel 



                                                        Afghan refugee girl                               old man on park bench






                lady with shoes                                 boy in brown pastel 




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