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India's Gift to the World 
By Robert Arnett - author of the book India Unveiled 

India's spiritual heritage is legendary. Throughout the millenniums, India has been blessed with more masters (rishis) - persons who during their lives on earth have merged their souls with God - than any other country in the world. There are many well-documented stories of their miracles. 
The famous master Trailanga Swami, who lived in Banaras during the late 19th century, displayed miraculous powers that cannot be dismissed as myth. Until recently, there were living witnesses to his amazing feats. Many persons witnessed him drink the most deadly poison with no ill effects. thousands of people saw him levitating in a sitting position on the surface of the Ganges for days at a time. He would even disappear under the waves for long periods, finally to reappear unharmed. Though Trilanga seldom ate, he weighed over 300 pounds. The yogi never wore any clothing and was arrested by the police for his nudity on several occasions, and locked in a cell. Each time, even with posted guards, he unexplainably escaped and could be seen walking on the prison roof, his cell still locked. The police had no clue as to how he did it.

For over 2,300 years, travelers from the most powerful countries on earth have come to India in search of her priceless spiritual wisdom. When Alexander the Great returned to Persia after his unsuccessful invasion of India, the most valueld treasure that he brought back was not gold, jewels, silks or spices - but his guru (spiritual teacher), the yogi Kalyana, callled "Kalanos" by the Greeks.

On a designated day in Susa, Persia, the sage Kalanos gave up his aged body by entering a funeral pyre in view of the entire Macedonian army. The soldiers were amazed that the yogi had no fear of pain or death and never once moved from his position as he was being consumed by flames. Kalanos embraced many of his close companions before leaving for his cremation but refrained from bidding farewell to Alexander, to whom simply remarked: " I shall see you later in Babylon." Alexander died a year later in Babylon. The Indian guru's prophecy was his way of saying that he would be with Alexander both in life and death. 

When the Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang attended a huge religious gathering, the Kumbha Mela, in Allahabad in 544 A.D., he recounts that Harsha, king of Northern India, gave away the entire wealth of his royal treasury to monks and pilgrims attending the event. When Hiuen Tsang prepared to return to China, he declined Harsha's offerings of jewels and gold. Understanding that his spiritual development was more valuable than worldly wealth, he accepted, instead, 657 religious manuscripts. Likewise, through the science of yoga, India has given the West a far more valuable gift than all the material wealth or technology the West could give in return. Even today, India offers great inspiration to those persons who are seeking a oneness with God, and through yoga anyone can find the direction he or she needs to succeed. 

That is India's gift to the World




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