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Body, Mind, Spirit: Strike A Balance

Ancient Indian sages have said that human beings are composed of both matter and spirit. Our physical body, mind and intellect are the matter components while our soul is the spirit — the real Self — that radiates and drives the matter components.  

We have been blessed with the capacity to discriminate. We are equipped to take decisions using our intellect and by applying acquired wisdom. We have vast potential, but because of our ignorance of Self, these potentials remain largely untapped. That is why all wise men have exhorted us to try and attain Supreme Knowledge of the Self.  

Today, we strive for perfection in every field. With the evolution of mind and intellect, worldly knowledge has become easily accessible. So, we have achieved a certain measure of excellence in the physical sciences. We have created for ourselves many facilities that make life more comfortable.  

Our scriptures proclaim that the true nature of human beings is absolute tranquillity and peace. But today, we find that with so many worldly possessions at their command, our lives have become far more stressful and unhappy than ever before. We have become totally materialistic and self- centred. 

No one has time for either themselves or their families. The so-called industrial and scientific advancements have failed to bring human beings closer to one another.  

Many of us have become IT-savvy. But how many of us smile? In fact, we are increasingly isolating ourselves, creating a vacuum around us. In mindless pursuit of worldly possessions, negative emotions like greed, jealousy and hatred have overpowered our minds, creating tensions. 

In order to combat stress and tension, we tend to over- indulge ourselves. Some try to find solace in substance abuse. One reason for this could be: Scientific advancement has not travelled beyond the physical level. We have achieved excellence in the physical sciences, but at the spiritual level, we lag far behind.  

Physical experiences that are bereft of spirituality fail to connect with our true Self. The stress starts from within; the solution also lies within. The physical body functions with the hidden Spirit, which is the real Self. So it is important for us to gain knowledge of the Self. 

Once we are able to do this, with the help of a guru, our hidden inherent potentials come to the fore.  

The seed of the large Banyan tree is tiny, like a mustard seed. It is so small that it can be blown away by a gentle breeze. The seed is however unaware of its hidden inherited potential. But when it is sown, it submits itself to growth — with the right inputs of water, air and sunlight, it grows to become a great big Banyan tree. But even the Banyan tree has limits to its growth.  

Jiva or soul is a fragmented part of God or the Supreme Soul; it is, therefore, infinite. When we submit ourselves to the guidance of a spiritual master, we have an opportunity to gain knowledge of Self through which we can fully realise our hidden potential. 

Great men are not those who do big things, but those who do small things with perfection, and the perfection comes from within.  

Brahma gyan or realisation of truth alone will bring about a reformation, helping to establish lasting peace. Our sages proclaimed that the whole world is a family and they wished everyone well. Let’s take the cue. 

Let us attempt to know more about our inner Self, by striving for excellence not just in the field of physical sciences, but also in the field of spirituality. 

(As told to K N Sawhney)









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