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Sri Krishnaprem Vairagi (1898-1965) was a Foreign Guru:    

wpe23.jpg (5303 bytes)It is rare to find a foreigner accepted as a guru by native Hindus. First of these was the man who became known as Krishnaprem. Born Ronald Nixon in 1898 in Cheltenham, UK, he studied classics and science at Cambridge and served as a fighter-pilot in World War I. He later came in contact with the Theosophical Society. He became the disciple of Yashoda Ma, and began to lead the very austere life of a Vaisnava vairagi (renunciant). He studied Sanskrit and Pali and wrote several book, appreciated by scholars and seekers alike. He died in 1965. Hundreds came to carry his body to the burial grounds.

He used to say
'I have won Him, my Krsna!'.

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